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    Don't know if this has been posted in the 175 pages of this thread, but this fixed my "I can hear them but they can't hear me" problem.  I dropped my phone 2 weeks ago, had to get the antenna fixed (weak signal), but didn't notice the audio problem until later last week when I attempted a call.  Anyhow, watch this video, very simple to do, just need a very small screwdriver, a thin piece of cardboard, and scissors.


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    mine worse! first they can't hear me. now I also can't hear them.


    question, does it relate with 'connected line presentation'. dial *#76# and this will come out..

    "setting interrogation succeded

    connected line presentaion


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    OK, a week has past since I got the multiplexer replaced. No audio bug experienced since then. I think I might say that the problem with my iPhone has finally been fixed... but still keeping my fingers crossed everytime I'm maiking a call, hoping it doesn't get back :-)

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    Same here....4s 5.1.1 16gb. I replaced the first one with another brand new one, and after 7months... Sound is out... Its comming back on only when plugging an earphone. Calls and siri work just fine, but on anything else like video/music/app i have NO VOLUME BAR, no sounds at all. Just sometimes for 3 secounds, then the bar dissapears again, and i hear nothing aymore for 3-4 minutes. But in few days like this, neighter with headphones im getting any sound anymore. I allways have to unplug and replug them to wake the sounds again... For 1 minute atleast. I'm extremly dissapointed by apple.

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    For ppl in general having issues with audio on the phone.

    The issue is resolved. From user: amyw716

    Re: iPhone 4S sound problems

    Nov 25, 2011 10:25 AM (in response to unowen57)

    I was having this same problem, and I just figured it out.  I'm new to the iPhone, and I never noticed this button before.  Check the little slider button above your volume buttons.  If it's flipped towards the back, I guess that means your phone is silenced.  Once I flipped that switch forward, I now have everything "clicking" again!


    I seriously NEVER noticed that button there!  And have NO idea how it got flipped.  Hope that's just the case for you, and it's a simple fix!   


    Wish this stuff still came with manuals, right?!?!



    I tried this. It actually worked. Thanks to this

    Person I didn't end up returning my iPhone.

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    This seems to be an iPhone 4S bug.  The microphone in my iPhone 4S 16GB stops working or becomes disabled if I answer a phone call while listening to music/npr/etc. using non-apple headphones.  They work fine for listening to music, but I cannot answer a call while using them without removing the headphone jack from the phone.  Removing the jack seems to disable the microphone, because the caller cannot hear me, even though I can hear them.  If I touch the speaker phone, I can communicate with the caller, but only on speaker phone.  I need to reboot the phone in order to re-enable the microphone. 

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    My iPhone 4 microphone doesn't work with calls, I have already restored the phone and it didn't work. The microphone works with facetime, skype and the voice memos. What just doesn't make sense is that when I use my earphone's microphone when calling, it doesn't work either. If it was a hardware problem the earphone's microphone would have worked I suppose.


    This is the second iPhone 4 I have. The first one shut off after 9 months so I got a replacement phone. The replacement phone lasted 10 months when the microphone stopped working. I went to the apple store and they just couldn't give me a solution. They understood my situation and told me that it was very weird but all they could offer me was that I had to pay for a replacement. This is absolutely unjust, why do we costumers have to pay for the companies mistakes.

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    During a call, when no outgoing audio is present try poking your device on its back and see if it gets better, if so it might be a problem I had: a multiplexer component needs replacement.


    I got mine fixed almost a month ago and no audio problem present since then and I can cherish my time with iPhone again. Still think Apple ***** big time for assembling devices with this obvious fault and perform as nothing happened.

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    I have just received my new 4s yesterday, my first non hands free phone calls were this evening, the ear speaker only worked once out of 3 calls made!


    As I write it is being updated via iTunes, will this fix it? I am on O2 UK, I have read posts on here, 170+ pages, what is going on!??


    Is there a fix? I have a Griffin military approved case on m phone? Is this a cause?


    Please help!!

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    I bought the i phone 4s on 10th march and last week audio problems started , i make a call no ring sound and counter starts running , no sound on music videos or games, but i can hear an incoming call !!! Left my phone into 3store where i bought it and they had to send it to repair people , i had a problem with this as phone is so new !! But was told it was formality and when they confirm audio problem (of which sales guy said there were a few ) they would replace my phone.

    Then i get a report from 3 that my phone is water damaged !!!!! My phone has NEVER been near water , dropped or ill treated in any way shape or form , can anyone tell me if i phone 4s was water damaged surely other elements would seize to work and i would have a lot more problems than just audio ??? help...

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    For what it is worth I get this problem on my black 32gb iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 frequently enough to be very annoying.  For me there is no earpiece audio for any outgoing call, it happens on every call until I solve the issue, and switching on and off Speakerphone never solves the issue.  One or more of these (usually requires all) tends to solve the problem for me, but not super reliably (sometimes I just have to carry around headphones in my pocket for a while and wait).  I clean out the headphone jack, the charger area, blow in the earpiece for a while, hold pressure over the earpiece and upper part of the phone, toggle on and off silent mode, reboot the phone one or two times.  I don't know if this really adds anything unique to this thread, and I definitely don't know if it's all just voodoo that kills enough time for the problem to resolve on its own, but I thought maybe this could help someone. Honestly, this problem is a real pain, its getting very irritating, and Apple would do well to recognize it officially and find a solution.

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    i bought iphone with my one months salary

    it was one thing to be cherished about!!...


    i have been reading thousands of posts to find a fix for are some of my findings-


    hit at the flipside (back panel) while call is muted....(it works)
    play a song on music played, stop it...close and restart ur phone...

    the button above voulume buttone (i.e general to silent mode) it causes viberation...thus helps in retriving call volume...
    tap loudspeaker button....



    banging my phone was the most reliable 100% effective option.

    i went yesterday to iphone service centre, they were charging 33% of the actual phone value to replace it..
    why should i give that money when i have'nt even let my phone rest on a table

    finally a mobile repairmen asked me :
    "Friend sell this off ASAP"






    My question apple really expect i would be looking good banging my phone to talk to a person??


    Steve's gone n now no one seems to b bothered about solving this issue.


    All i have is an gaming device with an music player and a camera!!..


    n will be shifting to nokia 1100.....frustrated!!

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    I recently fixed the problem of no audio for outbound or incoming calls. I am a computer technition who also does Apple repairs.


    The client had audio on the phone itself, could hear ring tones, text tones, etc,. If you recorded your voice usuing the voice recorder app, the phone could pick up the audio and when you played it back, you could hear it. The problem was related to ONLY CALLS.


    The iPhone must come apart. Diss-asemble the phone ( or take it to a tech or someone who can). You must take it apart enough to get to the logic board. When you take the logic board out. On the back, you will see the EMI shield, it is a silver plate. Carefully and gently pry this cover off. Next to the processor chip, to the will see a very small chip. This is the audio compiler chip. The problem is caused by bad conductivity. Cut a few very small squares of electric tape and cover this chip. The tape provides a good, not too thin, not too thick layer.

    Put the EMI sheild back in place. Put the iPhone back together. Turn on and try it. You should now be able to have audio on outgoing and incoming calls. I know this sounds like a long shot but trust me, i was VERY skeptical. But this actually worked perfect. The customer was pleased and the phone has been working fine ever since. Apparently this is a common problem with the iPhone 4.


    Make sure to BACK UP the iPhone in iTunes before you take it apart, power it off and remember to take the SIM card out. When you turn it on after its taken apart, you will have to connect with iTunes and restore the phone. It will ask you if you want to restore from a backup in iTunes, say yes.  Just as a pre-caution, I always copy the folder on the PC that iTunes bcks up to, to the desktop...just in case.  TRY THIS.

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    Hello Apple.


    I am sure there is a fix for this one-way audio issue on iPhone 4Gs phones. The problem is really annoying when the call is critical or urgent.

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    Another one bites the dust...


    After 2 years my iPhone 4 has the same issue. The person at the other end of the line is not able to hear me.

    At a local shop they have replaced my microphone. Now it works for 2 minutes; then the audio gets dropped during the call. Everything else works perfectly!


    Too bad I can't find any solution here.

    I'm looking for some alternatives now... Apple you need to look into this!!