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  • ramara23 Level 1 Level 1

    i have the same issue :'(

  • GyZmoNet Level 1 Level 1

    Hey guys,


    This did the trick for me:



    I did it, did several calls and the audio didn't drop a single time.

    However I did it only one hour ago and can't confirm if it will stay working, but you can always try it if you're desperate

  • GyZmoNet Level 1 Level 1

    Grrrrrr forget it... yesterday everything was working with this fix but today the same issue is back.

    My only option will be a paid swap otherwise I have a perfectly working phone without call functionality

    **** you apple!

  • wallzack Level 1 Level 1

    GyZmoNet: if nothing works for you and a paid swap is the last resort, check the solution I described: a multiplexer component replacement. I describe it few pages back. It cost about 100$ and fixed the issue for me. No no-audio-bug since June or so. Maybe it'll save some bucks for you.

  • dianuj021 Level 1 Level 1

    What the **** 175 pages thread. I use 3 UK. I have been using my Iphone4 for last 3-4 months but from yesterday having this problem. No audio on calls from 3 UK. Calls from other apps like skype viber is working fine. Sim works fine on other phones. power reset and restoration didn't work, now will visit apple lets see.

  • Rivii Level 1 Level 1

    with Iphone 4 it is quite simple as it is IC audio compiler that can be reballed in any phone service.

    problem is with 4s that I have the Ic audio compiler is fused with some kind of glass I had mine reballed 3 times and it did not solve the issue, I would need another boken phone to swap components to see if that changes anything. It looks like software problem but it must be hardware related issue phone works microphone works for recording and playback only during calls there is no incomming nor outgoing audio that would indicate that there is separate component on the phone that does the job which is faulty. So if any one would downate broken iph 4s for parts I would keep working on the issue.

    Best regards

  • mjsmit Level 1 Level 1

    I have my iPhone 4S for almost one month now.


    today, out of the blue, I had no sound anymore on the ear speaker during incoming and outgoing calls.


    In the morning I had my last normal call when calling somebody. (At that moment the switch on the side was switched to silent.)

    I tried everything,

    checked the latest version of software,

    restarted a few times,

    made a hard reboot,

    went back to original factory settings and then installed latest back-up again.


    Nothing works.

    the sound on big speaker (not the one near the ear) is working fine.

    the sound on ear phones is OK as well.


    I am afraid this is a hardware issue and will have to send in the phone for a couple of weeks, very unfortunate for business.


    The strange thing is the phone has not fallen or anything, so how can there suddenly be a hardware problem?

  • tahoerafter Level 1 Level 1

    Did anyone notice if IOS6 fixed this issue?

  • Rivii Level 1 Level 1

    I've upgraded to IOS6 and still nothing has changed, I'm still looking for a faulty motherboard to swap components in order to pinpoint which element is faulty.

  • OB1.Kanobe Level 1 Level 1

    I too experienced the exact same problem with my brand new iPhone5 after completing a restore from my computer. What I did to fix this issue was under the general settings I disabled siri, rebooted my phone then  re enabled siri and made sure the function worked by simply asking "What movies are playing." Once I received a valid response I new siri was working so I then made a test call and the outbound ringing function worked perfectly.  I have no idea how the two functions are related but this fix definitely worked for me.

  • kristalno.jasna Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunately, this did not work for me.

    Tried update, restar, fast turning on and off speakerphone, turning Siri on/off... etc.
    I am getting really frustrated about this. I am able to make calls only if speakerphone is on!

    My phone is 1 month old, never dropped it or damaged it in an other way.


    When is Apple going to do somethig about this!? What happened to customer service?! We paid a lot of money for this product and we are not able to use it!!!

  • Leah Mac Level 1 Level 1

    Well, sounds like I'm not the only one having sound issues with the iPhone. I have an iPhone 4S and  never had any problems with it until today. I actually began hearing a lot of static while speaking on the phone, playing videos and with Siri since a couple of days ago but I figured it had to do with all the NEW iPhone owners using their phones so I did not give it any importance. Today my phone has absolutely no sound, it will not ring with in-coming calls, Siri has no sound, YouTube vide has no sound, tried playing voicemail messages and no sound (you get the picture). I treat my phone like a precious baby and there is no reason for the sudden malfunction, other than, the possibility it is related to the release of the new iPhone. Could this be a software issue? Too many people experiencing the same issue at the same time. Even the people that just purchased the new phone are having issues with the sound.


    After noticing the sound issue with my phone, I decided to update the software ( still loading) and I hope this will resolve my issue. Otherwise, I will try one of the suggestions I read here- compressed air in charging dock area-


    I'll keep you posted with my results. Hope everyone having issues decide to post their experience here so that Apple takes note of this. I'm almost certain this is a software issue.

  • mjsmit Level 1 Level 1

    Since my posting September 14th, i had one day again the same problem.


    For no apparent reasond the problem emerged again and disappeared again just the same.


    Therefore I wonder if this is a hardware problem or a software problem.


    Now it seems to work fine, but for how long.......?

  • Motagaly Level 1 Level 1



    this is my first post here, and i just wanted to share the solution that worked with me.


    the problem of not hearing anything during calls happened with me 5 times in a year, 4 times after connecting the phone to a bluetooth speaker, and the last one happened just a few minutes before this post (with no bluetooth involved).


    Here it is:


    1) Take the sim card out

    2) Insert a different sim card to your phone

    3) do one phone call (and surprisingly you might find that you are able to hear everything)

    4) take the sim card out and reinsert your old sim card

    5) the problem is gone.


    I don't understand the technical reasons, but after pulling all my hair out and reseting, hard reseting, jailbreaking, etc .... it was the only solution that worked every time since the first time i tried it. (at least for my iPhone4)


    Just wanted to share this with you, and please let me know if it worked for you as well.


    Kindest regards,

  • Fadx Level 1 Level 1

    I've got a problem with the speaker for calling, after update to iOS 6 on iphone 4S 32GB now the volume is too low and i must use earphones!