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  • ka-tsang Level 1 (0 points)

    I am experiencing thesame problem... the wifi is just horrible on the iphone 4s... please fix it...


    how ive found it that its the wifi and not other problems? well ive been trying to dosome online gaming... and the lag was really terrible... fortunately with the same game i could also connect with bluetooth and so we tried... and the result was... NO LAG.


    I am pretty convinced the problem lays on the wifi... please fix it!

  • nyhunter77 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also having these wifi issues.  I've tried all the solutions here, replaced the phone once and changed sims once.


    Nothing seems to work.  cellular speeds were slow as well but I think that's att which has had speeds come back up here in chicago in certain places little by little.  I'm hitting 4.5 mb down in some areas now.


    BUT, the wifi still stinks. I should be getting 5 to 7 at home yet i am only get 0.5 to 0.7 mb down!!!


    The Iphone4s is also too slow to use on wifi for any siri or voice to text features, as soon as i go back to 3g/hspa+ it's fine.  I can't believe it, it's crazy.

    Slacker radio also couldn't cache my stations without losing connection on wifi. Thank god I remembered they have a switch to allow caching on 3G which worked!



    1. I don't want to be using 3G, i want to be using my wifi.

    2. I still have unlimited data but my wifi is supposed to be much faster.


    The update ios 5.0.1 came out yesterday and it didn't help at all. (although they didn't specifically say they were fixing any antenna / data issues)


    I hope someone in the Apple dev team and in public knows we are having all these issues and puts out a fix or at least some sequence of things we can change to improve our wifi service.


    FYI, so my iphone 4s, ipad, and my girlfriend's ipod ALL have this issue so it must be iOS5 ... Can't get any data speeds over 1 mb down (checked using app)


    This is really irritating and annoying. I hope we get a resolution soon!


    Edit: I went so far as to order a new wireless n router but it's not here yet. I get slow wifi speeds at the college / hospital i am usually in though as well since my iphone the last week so I'm not expecting this to fix the issue.

  • nyhunter77 Level 1 (0 points)

    Eureka!!! I think I found the answer, at least for me. Like a good troubleshooter, I took the time and made single router changes to my router over the last hour.


    Usually, I don't think people have to change the broadcast channel of their router but when i made the change from 11 to 7, I found my speeds shot up to where they should be!


    It worked for all my i-devices and I hope it stays that way.  I'll confirm that in a few hours and if all is well, I'll let u guys know.


    For those who have time and know how to get to the channel settings, change that and see if it works.

    I'm guessing someone in my building got a new router and has recently started interfering with mine.


    Make some single changes one by one and keep testing ... hopefully you'll find the answer too (it might just be your network)

  • nyhunter77 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just an update, a day later and my home wifi is still going strong!

    Looks like this solved my home issues, life is much better now.


    Strange thing though, now my ipad is getting faster speeds than my iphone4s, you'd think it'd be the other way around.

  • alexbird Level 4 (1,230 points)

    Well, your post 1/2 helped me.  There was some interference with my router and my other electronic devices so I placed it somewhere else in my home.  Unfortunately, I didn't see a difference in changing the channel.  Our iPhone 4 is still twice as fast as the 4S when it comes to WiFi download/upload speed, though.  Hopefully Apple issues an update that fixes this.

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    Thanks for posting this work around, while it probably works fine when connecting to your own router, as you can manage the settings yourself.  What about public wi-fi hot spots where you cannot change settings?

  • nyhunter77 Level 1 (0 points)

    So far, I haven't been on a commercial network like mc donalds att or anywhere like that but I've tested at another home network and an educational network which is open w/o security.  That works just fine.


    I'm looking for the next opportunity to test out other networks.  I'll post an update if i find any that give me problems.

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    Saw this on another thread and it worked for me.......


    (I did a "forget" of all my networks and started from scratch.  So far things have been stable.  Two networks that I used for test purposes at work had the same password.  Not sure if that caused an issue or conflict.  I can't imagine why it would as the SSIDs were different.


    Anyway, I haven't noticed any problems since yesterday.)

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    I have a few questions:


    What speeds are you paying for?

    What app are you using to test your speeds?

    What time of the day are you testing your speeds?


    I'm using my 4S (5.0.1) with:


    Apple's new AirPort Extreme

    Motorola's new SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

    Cox Communications High Speed Internet Premier (20 Mbps / 2 Mbps)


    Using the SPEEDTEST.NET App, the Las Vegas, NV Server, my best speeds are in the high 40s Mbps / 8s Mbps.

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    Same problem.  Extremely slow wifi connection. Safari loads ok...but YouTube streaming is absolutely horrible.  Many people have been complaining about this.  Can we get an office response to this Apple?   Jesus Christ.  What a waste of money

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    My God. It seems every time Apple impresses me with a product, they make me angry two times with another product.

    I have had the IPhone 4S now for about three weeks. It is BY FAR the worst iPhone I have ever purchased, and I have had every iPhone since the 3G. I am horrified by this phone, almost as horrified as I have always been with stupid iTunes, seriously the worst program to ever touch any of my computers!

    I use my iPhone 4S for about 35 minutes of phone calls a day, (screen off the whole time) and three hours of Pandora, (screen also off the whole time). I have EVERY other application shut down not running in the background. I work 10 hours a day. Usually by the time I get home I am in the red or almost red, obviously leaving to work with a full charge. My iPhone 4 would have at least 3/4 charge when I arrived back at home.

    Wifi = Horrible!!!!! Simple videos not running without stoping many many annoying times!

    SIRI = stubborn program who works when she wants. She would be much more useful if you could just say her name and she turned herself on then prompted you to continue with your request. By the time I walk over to the phone I might as well just physically do what I want to do.


    Strike 2 on a functional antenna system. Also, I don't think this phone is any faster at running functions with its new fancy chip.


    Lucky me, I already sold my iPhone 4 that performed amazingly!!

    I'm pretty convinced I will be visiting the only Apple Store in my town soon and begging them to take this phone back and downgrade me back to the iPhone 4 that worked perfect!!!!

  • Tom Stazer Level 1 (10 points)

    OH!! I should have come here before wasting 3 hours with my ISP; I really feel bad because i thought it was an ATT Uverse problem. And really lit into their incompetent script-reading "tech" support. But after reading this channel scan discussion, went into Uverse modem and tried channel 7. No dice. But setting router wifi channel to auto, and getting a channel "0", all my speed rertuned to wifi devices.
    How can things get so bad at Apple with updates? It really does feel like this is their problem, something in the last update seemed to break all my wireless and AppleTV is practically bricked.

  • Tom Stazer Level 1 (10 points)

    Reading more, I guess it is possible that my neighbors all got wifi christmas gifts and all are on channel 11 and swamping the channel? I am not savvy on the details of how wifi channels work.

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    I had similar problems. My iphone 3GS works fine with home wireless (comcast cable, Netgear N150 WNR1000v2 router), but my son's iphone 4 did not.

    I read other threads and some suggested a security issue so I changed security options from WPA-PSK[TKIP] + WPA2-PSK[AEC] to WPA2-PSK[AEC]

    and now iphone 4 is faster than my 3GS - both aorund 10 Mbps

    Hope that helps

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    I have now had 3 diferents iphone 4s's and the same problem continues, here is what happen:


    In new or already know networks, iphone 4s is ALWAYS slower, poor signal, comparing with my old iPod Touch 4gen.


    I have filmed the problem, i have showed the problem at an apple store for a "genius" in it hasn't been solved, after 3 tries, i am returning my phone and waiting to get maybe an update.


    At coomon networks such as att wifi from macdonalds and starbucks, the signal is always less, and at my house, if i put both on the side, one get full bar, other will not even connect.