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I get about 3-5 springboard crashes per day on my iPhone 4S and NEVER had this issue on my iPhone 4 running IOS 5.  What happens is at random times throughout the day, the screen goes black, the little sprocket starts to spin (just as it does when you power off the phone) and a few seconds later, I return to my pass lock screen.


Here is what is ANNOYING!!!  When I am on a call when this happens, I temporary can't hear any handset conversation from the person on the other end until the sequence I explaned above has been completed.  At that time, I can then hear my party speaking again.  Went to the genius bar and they ran a few tests.  Told me the music player, springboard, and mobileme were causing issues with my phone.  Yeah apple, no kidding!  They told me to erase all content and setup my phone as a new device, which I was reluctant to do but I did it anyways.  Needless to say, the problem still exists!  Frustrating..



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