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I recently purchased a Canon MF4570dn multifunction printer, to be installed on my network at home. It works very nicely with my wife's Windows 7 box.


On the other hand, I cannot install the driver software on either of my Macs (iMac i7 running 10.6.8 or G4 running 10.4.11). The installer fails when it gets to the point of running its internal scripts, and provides a proposed "solution" of "Call the software provider."


Canon technical support is unable to help. I have reset printers in the system preferences, I have downloaded the installer package multiple times from their web site, I have repaired permissions, all to no effect. Their final suggestion is "Call Apple Technical Support and have them perform a 'profile reset'." (I've never heard of such a thing, in 27.5 years of owning Macintoshes. Has anyone else????)


So my question is this: If you have one of these on your system, did you have any issues getting the drivers installed? If so, how did you overcome them?



Rich Alderson

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