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Hi there,


haven't been able to find any solution for this issue yet:


I want to sync my iCloud Calendar with Mozilla Lightning (w/o using Google Calendar). Does anyone know where I can get the web address of my iCloud Calendar from? CalDAV, ICS, whatever.




iPhone 4, iOS 5
Solved by erusa on Feb 20, 2012 7:13 PM Solved

I found the solution yesterday after trying the methods mentioned here and in a couple of other places.


1. In your browser, login to iCloud and open Calendar.

2. Click on the little greyed-out "Share Calendar" icon beside the name of any calendar you want to view in Thunderbird/Lightning.

3. There are 2 options - Private and Public. Select Public.

4. A URL will be provided for anyone you want to share your calendar with. It starts with "webcal" instead of "https". Select and copy this URL.

5. Go to Thunderbird/Lightning and create a new calendar. (File->New->Calendar or just right-click an existing calendar and select "New Calendar" from the pop-up menu.)

6. Create the calendar "On the Network" and click "Next".

7. For "Format" select "iCalendar (ICS) and paste the sharing URL from #4 into the "Location" box. Click "Next"

8. Give your calendar a name. Select the colour and update frequency that you want. Click "Next".

9. Click "Finish".

10. Repeat for each calendar you want to view in Thunderbird/Lightning.


Publicly subscribed calendars are supposed to be read-only. I haven't tried to add any events on T/L yet (am having issues with clearing reminders that keep popping up and slowing things down, which I'm going to investigate next) but even though it's possible in T/L to unclick "read-only" in the calendar's properties (right-click) , a little lock keeps reappearing beside some of the calendars on my list so I'm not really expecting to be able to do so.


I hope this works for all of you too!



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