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I changed my Apple ID and now I can't update my apps on the iPad because it always asks about the old ID. In iTunes I seem to be lost the credit that I had with the old Apple ID. So instead of just changing the Apple ID it looks like my Apple ID was deleted (?) and a totally new created! This is not what I wanted.... How to I get out of this mess?


Besides because I changed the Apple ID, the old one doesn't work anymore since it was changed. So there is no way to sign in with the old Apple ID since it doesn't exist.

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    Go to Expresslane.apple.com and tell them your problem.  You have to wait 24 to 72 hours to get a reply, but I think that is the only way you are going to get this resolved.

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    Apple Support is NOT helpful in my experience with this issue. I'm facing similar problems due to the ios5 update and my single-word AppleID which i have had for YEARS (not an email-based id), and they haven't sent me anything of use. Search the forums for Apple id and you'll find similar postings. Here's some threads to get you started:





    I was contemplating a procedure that would've included what you did, but now that I see your report of loss of functionality, I'm stumped again as to the best course of action.


    I am absolutely astonished at this experience with Apple. Right now, my iPad is an expensive paperweight.

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    Here's what I said to another person asking about Apple Ids. The first part may not apply, but read what I said at the end of my response:


    I got help with this from tech support. To make sure all works well together: in iTunes on your computer, log off the Store. Log back in with your first Apple ID and go to the store account info. Deauthorize all computers with this ID. Click Done and then go back and authorize under that ID. Back in tyour iTunes log off. Now log in with your 2nd ID. In account again deauthorize and re authorize again. Log off in iTunes.


    Now log back in with your preferred ID in your iTunes window on your computer. All content from both IDs should be able to play on your computer. I have 2 IDs and all my content works as I remained logged in to my current ID. This is how the tech person had me "merge" them.


    But as the other replyer said, in Apple's database cannot merge them into one. Stinks, doesn't it? I have founf that this worked for me and have had no issues. If you were using Apps with your first ID you will need to be logged in with that ID to get app updates. Log back off and in again with your current and they all work fine on your computer and devices. The App store didn't exist when I had my 1st Apple ID, so I don't have that issue, but my daughter does and that is how she "merges" all things on her Mac.


    Hope this helps.

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    Basically in my case the whole thing goes back to the fact that I changed my Apple ID, so there is no "older" Apple ID. It just plainly can't be found, because that is what was changed to have the new one. And because it can't be found I can't sign into it and update the apps etc. It's catch 22. On the other hand looks like a new account since I lost my iTunes credit as well


    It's an incredibly messed up account management system, can't believe that Steve was satisfied with this. You are identufied not by your account, or account number but your Apple ID. You would expect that when you change the Apple ID then it runs through the system and is autoamtically updated everywhere + that it wouldn't matter what your Apple ID is/was because what would matter is the Apple Account. I work in the corporate field in telco and there we have the same challene: 1 account and many phone lines. And the account is the major, "master" entity, not how we call the company. I wish I could show Apple how to od this... sigh...


    My confidence in them and iCloud diminished today by very much. It's not a good feeling...

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    Hi there.


    This is exactly, EXACTLY what happened to me when I switched to iOS 5.  The problem is now solved, so I thought I would suggest contacting Expresslane, even though I still don't know what they did to solve it.


    I was forced to create a new Apple ID (with an email address) when I updated my iPhone and as a result, was unable to update any of the apps I had previously purchased using my old account name.  So, for example, for years I'd bought songs, apps etc. with "emd" and now my account was emd@yahoo.com.  When I went to download a free update on my iPhone, I'd be prompted for the password for emd, which no longer existed, so of course my old password didn't work.


    I went to the Genius bar, where they tried to help, but did not. Specifically, they were unable to find my old purchase history or the Apple ID associated with it (they found only the new one, since October 2011).  So, the Genius bar guy submitted a request on my behalf to Expresslane.  Expresslane emailed me that night with a list of all my Apple IDs and information about which ID was associated with all of my old purchases -- it was one the Apple store did not discover and that I did not even know existed.  Let's call it emd@aol.com. It seems all my old purchases, back to 2006 and up to the iOS 5 switch were now linked to emd@aol.com, even though my iPhone was prompting me for the "emd" password


    I created a new password for emd@aol.com, signed into iTunes using that, and there were all my old purchases, including all the apps I wanted to update.  I updated them, synced my iPhone, and I'm all set, albeit now with approximately 5 million Apple IDs. 


    Moral of the story is that Expresslane can help and it's entirely possible that the Apple ID that comes up in a prompt is not actually the Apple ID that is currently linked to the purchase. 


    Good luck.

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    You should be able to sign in the old apple ID.  FYI you can update apps with the ID that you purchased them with.

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    Go to your settings page and change your apple id in the iTunes and App Store icon on the left hand side. You will need to this for a couple other items listed on the left, like FaceTime, iMessage, etc.

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    This worked great for being able to log into intunes under my new apple Id. Thank you

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    I was just helped out by apple support on this. Great service.


    What you should have done when changing the primary email address associated with your apple ID, is to sign out of your account on all your devices (remembering find-my-mac too), make the change on appleid.apple.com, and then sign back in on your device with your new credentials.


    Now ... I wasn't so far-sighted, so here's what I had to do to fix it: log into your apple id on appleid.apple.com with the current email/password combination. Temporarily change the primary email back to the old one (but keep you current password). It doesn't matter that you're not in touch with that email address any longer. You don't have to verify it, so just enter the email which you device thinks it's connected to. Then log out of appleid.apple.com. You can now sign out of your device (since the email/password combination is a match).  Log back in to appleid.apple.com with your old email/current password combination; Now that your are logged out of your device, you are on back on the happy path, and you can revert your primary email back to the new one you wanted. Verify that one via email. Log in to your device with the new email/current password combination and Bob's your uncle.

    Hopefully that helped someone out there.