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I just found the Hindi keyboard on iPhone but I noticed that a lot of the letters are missing. For example, the full version of the vowels (which is necessary if I want to start a sentence with one) and the aspirated characters like ch, bh, ph, kh, gh, th, etc ... I was really excited that Apple finally added this to the list of international keyboards but it's sort of pointless if I can't even type properly with it. Is there just something I'm missing here or is it an incomplete keyboard?? It's funny, I would think with all the Indian developers working at Apple that someone would have taken more care when creating this keyboard!


Anyone else who has used this please let me know your experience. Thanks!




iPhone 4S, iOS 5
  • Rothrock Level 4 (1,450 points)

    It looks to me like the full vowels are on the shift characters as are the aspirated consonants. Is that not what you are seeing?


    Also I only get an INSCRIPT layout (vowels/matras on the left, consonants on the right) regardless of which keyboard I choose in the preferences. Are you seeing that behavior as well?

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    Omg i feel so dumb! I never even tried pressing the shift key.. i just wasn't thinking about it since it's not necessary in Hindi.. haha.. yes, now they all appear! But ya, i also get the INSCRIPT layout and i noticed it doesn't change regardless of the keyboard option I choose. Thanks for your help!

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    I tried to type 'varsha' as in 'nava varsha' (new year) and there was no correct matra for that half 'ra' sound between 'ra' and 'sha'.

    Same with getting the 'gra' sound using the half 'ra' matra on 'ga'

    Are thise also hidden somewhere?

    Please help.


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    It will give the correct matra if you type the halant key after typing 'ra' then type 'sha' .. it's the third key from left in second row. Hope this helps.

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    I'm trying to write Shree. Any idea hwo this can be done?

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    If you type "sh" and then the halant character (its the dash mark which will go below a letter -- it's by the "i" letter on the keyboard) followed by "r" it will create the "shr" conjunct. This is how you have to do it to make any conjuncts.

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    Hi, Do you know how to type words such as prabhu and suprabhat?

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    Is that प्रभवः and सुप्रभात?


    What part are you having trouble with? To combine consonants you use the halant key ् which is third from the left in the middle row. All the non-aspirated sounds are represented by the consonants on the right half of the keyboard and all the matras (short vowel forms are on the left side).


    You press shift to get the full vowel forms and the aspirated consonants and a few of the other sounds (I'm not sure exactly what to call them).


    Any of the signs and marks that combine with other characters will have a round dotted circle to indicate that they are combining marks.

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    Hi Rothrock,


    I was unable to make the प्र symbol. I was punching in प > र > ् but realized that it should be प > ् > र. Now it works. But thanks anyways.




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    Does anyone know how to type word NADKARNI

    This is how the word should look like नाडकर्णी

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    ना ड क र् णी ----> नाडकर्णी

  • PrinceVegetto Level 1 (0 points)

    Ooh i see

    Thanks man!

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    Thank you for all the hints. They were very helpful. But still I'm missing a letter. I want to write "sukriya". But i can only find the conjucts ऋ and ॠ but not right letter.

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