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    Any news with iOs6? proximity sensor work now? Thank you

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    I can't believe how many people are having problems with the proximity sensor in the iPhone 4. Initially I had this phone back at the Apple store in Australia several times where they replaced it for a new phone. Each time telling me that they had never heard of this problem before. After the 3rd phone I gave up and just kept the phone I had. It wasn't too bad, it was about every 4th or 5th call that I had the problem. The phone is about 12 mths old now and the problem has got progressively worse so I took it back to Apple again, where they pretended they had never heard of such a problem before but as my warranty had expired there was nothing they could do except restore the settings. So I agreed but since then the proximity sensor doesn't work at all - ever. I now have to use the phone on loud speaker all the time or use a headset.

    I understand that the warranty has run out but surely because it's a fault with Apples iPhone 4 they should be rectifying the problem or giving their customers a new model. Is there any sort of come back on this.

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    ok guys i have solved the problem.
    1) make sure you have a passcode set on your iphone
    2) when somone calls or you call press the "speaker" button
    3) then lock your iphone
    4) unlock your iphone once
    5) press speaker again
    6) lock screen and works perfectly fine


    to end a call unlock iphone "touch to return to call" click it and hang up.
    hope this helps

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    Try switching off Facetime in Settings.

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    THIS WORKED THIS WORKED THIS WORKED...........Thank you soooooooo much fam. This issue was driving me bananas and this was the first thing that ever worked.  Thank you thank you thank you

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    Cut off the works!!!!!!

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    Thankyou.  My skin actually had that section pre-cut and I left it intact thinking that must be for a different model as there's no speaker there! Such a simple thing lol.  I've been muting pretty much every call since I got my 4s a couple of months ago and complaining that everything else is great yet I can't use my iphone for it's primary function! Now it actually works properly.  Thankyou again

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