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  • ReidKHesterPh.D. Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks. That worked for me.

  • eprice3 Level 1 Level 1

    I have NEVER docked my phone All I use is chargers and a 3.5mm jack to connect to my truck radio. I have everything when I have earphones plugged in, but only ringtone otherwise. I've cleaned everything to no avail. I cleared everything and turned it off for a minute and turned it back on. Occassionally I have sound clicks and unlock sound, but nothing after that. I've reset settings to no avail. I'm not doing a restore because I never can get it back to a restored backup. It always wants to put every app I've ever downloaded back on my phone, plus I have music that was free that I'll have to purchase if I do a restore.


    What gives, Apple? I'm about to get a Droid.

  • jefferyfromlittle rock Level 1 Level 1

    A little late but this worked like a charm for me.  Thanks!

  • DABbio Level 1 Level 1

    You're most welcome. Glad to see that someone reads the back posts.

  • Morfeus Level 1 Level 1

    I purchased my 4s from UK in December 2011 and everything was working fine but last month the volume problem started. I can only hear music, text messages, incoming phone calls or outgoing ones etc. through my headphones. My phone makes no sounds without the headphones on. When I unplug the headphones it doesn't stay in headphone mood.

    1. I've tried resetting settings

    2. I've restored the phone back to manufacturer settings

    3. I've tried taking the dust out the headphone jack with decompressed air.


    I am now in middle east(Oman). I tried to get the fone fixed under warranty from the apple local dealer here and they said they do not do repairs/services on fones bought outside the country. I tried getting the fone fixed from nearby middle east country(UAE) and they informed they do not do repairs/ service on "instore" purchased mobiles outside the country. They would only do service if the phone was purchased online..(ya i know CRAZY apple guys)


    The story doesnt end here...I couriered the 4s to my friend in UK, so that she could get it fixed from Apple UK. The courier charged me 95$ to sent it to UK. While the courier reached my friend was asked to pay 200$ as import tax to claim the courier. IT MADE ME GO NUTS.....I called up the UK apple guys and asked why should I bear the blunt of the useless phone they sold me for insanely high price? He juz coldy replied thats the apple policy....!!!!


    I asked my friend not to claim the fone and the 4s is back with me with BLOODY NO SOUND...!!! I WONDER HOW APPLE MADE SO FAR WITH THIS KINDA ATTITUDE!!! NEVER SHALL ANY APPLE PRODUCT BE PURCHASED!!!

  • Morfeus Level 1 Level 1



    i called up the "apple" store in oman and asked them to fix my phone. I said I wouldnt claim the warranty and just need my phone fixed. the apple guys(again so loving and helpful) said its their policy to not do any serviing for the hardware and only do softwares.


    I lost all hope on "apple"...headed straight to the "gery market"......The guy said I would have to replace my "ringer" and it would cost me 44 dollars.....paid thats ...and now my phone sounds sweet as "susan boyle"...!!!


    So its not dust accumulating in the headphone jack.....neither any software issues.....its all in the Hardware......Best of luck guys!!!

  • jTmKe Level 1 Level 1

    I just tried the solution to no keyboard/phone/music sound on my phone suggested by "myVZguy" by holding down both the on/off switch and home buttons at the same time (twice) and IT WORKED! thank you!

  • Potato Gem Level 1 Level 1

    cheers KWC  This worked for me, never even thought of checking that, what a duffer I am, I'd already done a soft and full reset,thinking it had to be the phone.

  • MolBink Level 1 Level 1

    I've had this problem twice in the past week I wasn't sure how I fixed it the first time when it happened again. I fixed it on accident the first time, not really knowing what I did. I just fixed it again and figured out the connection to what fixed it. Plug it in to your computer like you would to charge or synch, click play in the music app WHILE plugged in. Bingo. I hope this helps. Nothing else worked for me

  • Dkb3 Level 1 Level 1

    Youre going to love me if this works, I accidently fixed this issue.. if its not the settings, like mine, not the button, like mine. just stopped making keypad and game sounds.. take out the sim card and reinstall it.  This happened to me once before and I did a total reset which worked but was way more of a pain to reinstall everything. 

  • pind4070 Level 1 Level 1

    I found a way to solve the problem for me anyways.I had the same problem. No sound except for the ringer and I could not adjust the volume from the keys on the side of the phone. No apps, music, typing, texts, or new emails would make any sounds. It seemed like my phone was stuck in some kind of docked mode. Although it never has been in a docking station. I tried the reboots and resets. I really thought it was a software problem. I tried the headphones in and out of the headphone jack because all the sounds did work with the headphones. Then I decided to try and clean the charging port like some people recommended. I blasted it with a can of air that did nothing. Then I took a business card because it is kind of thicker paper and gently used the sharp corner to clean around inside of the charging port and voila my phone worked instantly. My sounds were back. It was a white business card and you would not believe the crude I could see on it and I have only had the phone for about 1 month.

  • pind4070 Level 1 Level 1

    Did the same thing and it worked instantly for me as well.

  • scopley8 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Apple,  I've got a similar problem after updating to IOS6 on my iPhone 4s.

    I have no sound from the speaker, but if I go to settings-Sounds and adjust the slider for "ringer and alerts" the speaker works.  Then I try to play my music and nothing happens.  I've been to 2 x "genius" bars and both have told me its a hardware problem, not covered by warranty, $240 for a replacement handset.  This is clearly a software issue, "not happy jan!".   Have spent many thousands on Apple products for the family over the years, the time I need support you want more money, but don't really know what the problem is.....not good enough.

  • ginamb Level 1 Level 1

    Boss's iPhone 4s lost all it's sounds too.  He couldn't move volume up/down with side buttons.  NOTHING for weeks.  He could, however, hear all sounds with earbuds in.  He could hear the phone ring but as far as alert tones for business email, text, voicemail...NOTHING.  I looked on this thread for hours and the fix that worked was BLOWING COMPRESSED AIR (Duster for computer keyboard) INTO THE DOCKING AREA AND THE SPEAKERS ON BOTH SIDES OF DOCKING AREA.  Thank goodness for this forum.  Talk about value added.  I was the assistant with the mostest today! 

  • ginamb Level 1 Level 1

    Thank goodness for this post!!!  I'm a country girl so I would've used an aircompressor if I had one in the office but I used computer duster!  The boss's 4s was having the same sound issues as everyone else here and it was driving him nuts.  So, I finally took the time and Googled and found this forum and this post.  Compressed air worked immediately. So happy we didn't have to send the phone out.  He's the President and being without his cell phone wouldn't be good.  So, thanks for posting this solution.  You made our day and I'm very happy to have been the "indispensible assistant".

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