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  • M J Akin Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It appears to be a common issue.  My guess is that people just like to complain than to read far enough in for any real solutions.

  • Rubco Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, I had the same problem yesterday. After reading here I did the double tap on the home button entering the multitask menu, went to music and the volume cursor appeared and that was that. No problems since.

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    Hey Guys if your iphone 4S stops playing any sounds without the use of your headphones, go to your local car mechanic and ask him if you could use his air-compressor machine. Blow the compressor in all the holes of your iphone for about, less than a minute. After that test any sounds on your phone and I guarantee you it'll work.


    If you have an air-compressor, then just use it.


    Good luck.



  • epegoraro Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi, guys. Had te same problem and, after reading some of te comments here, I simply blew with my mouth some air inside the place in the botton of the phone (where we conect the charger) and its working again! Probably had grains of sand in it. Everything started while I was at the beach :)

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    I have the same problem exctly, I have tried every single suggestion mentioned above, but nothing seems to be able to concore the issue, I still until this moment need to plug the earbudds to hear my music or watch videos or hear anything other than phone calls .. Apple should take this issue more seriously its seem its been happening to large percentage of thier loyal users!

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    I am in the same situation as this, i have tried blowing air through every possible place as well as brushing it out and still i have no sound.


    If i go into the volume setting for my ringtone and i can move the slider on screen and it will play the tone, but only for the ringtone all other tones (message, alerts etc) are silent.


    However if the ringtone is playing in settings and i touch either the + or - button on the side it all cuts out and everything is silent.


    Its driving me mad now as this isnt the first time it has cut out of sound and previousley just cleaning out the ports worked however now its just not working.

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    Same problem! i just got this phone today too. My old 4s didnt do this :/ Sooo frusterating

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    Well i took my phone into the shop today and had it checked and they ended up replacing the charger port as it was faulty and now i have a fully functional phone with sound.


    So that may be something to get checked

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    I had the same exact problem. Volume and sound works fine when listening to iPhone using the headphone. But volume would disable when I unplug the headphones. I tried your suggestion to connect iPhone to sync to iTunes Then dial my iPhone with my landline Disconnected while it was ringing And Shazam my volume control in iTunes music came back.  STRANGE VERY STRANGE BUT IT WORKED!!

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    Initially this didn't work for me, so I inserted the head phone jack, turned the jack back and forth in the socket a few times, redid the air compressor, and all is good again. This is obviously a headphone jack and dirt issue.

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    My sound went out suddenly (except through the ear phones) and had nothing to do with settings, so I tried running the corner of some construction paper in the dock mount connector. It worked immediately--all the sound is back!

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    This worked for me too. After going insane for hours - had reset a number of times, cleaned every orifice of the iphone with a pin, resynced, restarted, etc. Finallly the air into the headphone and dock connector worked it just came back like a miracle.

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    If your speakers obviously work, but sometimes you stop getting audio alerts for calls and other activity, then it is a problem with crud in the audio or docking ports. You may notice your volume button controls seem to quit working properly at these times too and have no effect on your mysteriously muted phone.


    You can clean the mic and docking ports by blowing into them with compressed air or your mouth. The sticky end of a post-it note can be worked in there to remove fluff and dust. Sticky tack/poster tack/tick tack putty also works very well since it can be shaped and pushed in to fill the entire cavity, catching whatever is in there. Just be careful with softer kinds of tack (it softens more as it warms) because it will come apart more readily and stay inside the port. If that does happen, it's not too hard to get it back out by poking more in after it.


    I had this problem across 3 different iOS upgrades so it is definitely a hardware issue where junk in a port sends a little extra voltage to the wrong place with screwy results. The phone is not in mute mode, it doesn't think it is docked or the headphones are in. It just refuses to play most operating system-generated sounds on the speakers while apps and music are unaffected.

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    Same as everybody else - tried bullet11300 folded paper solution and worked perfectly!!! Awesome. There was a bunch of lint that came out.

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    For cleaning the ports a vaccuum cleaner with a narrow (or makeshift) extension may also help, or a dry toothbrush if you don't have tools for cleaning keyboards and other computer hardware. I would avoid using anything hard, inflexible and metal (conductive) like a pin or small screwdriver to proble into the ports even if you wrap them in a thin cleaning cloth. A toothpick or small, thin plastic rod would be better you really need to dig some crud out.


    The partial audio shutdown has to do with models before the iphone 5 switching the phone's speakers off when the audio ground pin is connected to ground. Enough lint, dust, etc. in the port can cause this to happen. Worn, damaged or non-OEM docking cables might cause it as well.