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    i have all the above issues!!!! don't know what to do.....

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    Check the mute button next to the volume buttons.

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    If you all check your alerts in the settings and you hear the sound test, likely it is the switch volume that needs to be flipped. That is what it was for me. I only heard sound when I had headphones on too and that is what needed to be changed.

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    Had the same and for some time, which didn't change with upgrade to IOS 7 so after reading all the posts, did phone reboot i.e. turned phone off, wait several minutes then hold top on/off button and screen button (bottom button in screen), the Apple icon came on, held both buttons until ican went out, then restarted. All works great including, alerts, typing clicks etc etc. Fairly pretty pleased with myself i did the same 'fix' on one of my colleagues phone (who had no alerts) and fixed that as well. Phew, wasn't relishing replacing my phone.

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    i have/had same issue, read post to restore iphone, well it made me turn off find my phone on icloud and that instantly fixed my issue, sound back...restore not needed, hope this helps someone!!

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    Check the "Do Not Disturb" setting.  As far as I can tell at this time, the on/off switch only appears in the control center in the shape of a cresent moon.  You can configure it from the "settings" page, but it looks like you can turn it on or off in the control center.  Anyway, my phone is back to normal after turning it off.

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    I have a 4s and have had the same problem. Ever since the 7.0.3 update, I was getting ringtones, but NO SOUND for games, texts, incoming mail, occasionally even incoming calls, etc. I had the phone on vibrate just so I could tell when it was ringing. Alarms worked fine, though. I tried folding a piece of paper (Bullet11300 suggested this), swiped it carefully into the slots on the dock connector at the bottom of the phone, and VIOLA! Suddenly I have sound. This makes nearly no sense to me, as there was no fuzz or dirt that seemed to come out when I swiped, but I'll be damned if it didn't work! I was about to try a full restore as a last ditch effort. I had tried the headphones, and the sound worked that way, but not without them, so I was willing to try anything. Thanks for the tip, Bullet11300!

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    I had sound issue as well, just done an update to ios7 on my 4S and had no audio on music or video unless I used headphones. No volume control for either of these, but ringer working, keysounds ok..... I tried the cleaning dock, earphone jack socket, resetting, turn on and off, mute, etc.... Nothing!

    Then I tried turning off icloud backup and hey presto I have my audio back........

    Weird, but going to try and turn it back on and see what happens later.....

    Looks like mine was a software issue.....

    Thanks everyone for some good tips and input on these issues....


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    Thank you it's working! :)

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    It's working too.. Thanks! :)

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    Dan Knauss wrote:


    "The partial audio shutdown has to do with models before the iphone 5 switching the phone's speakers off when the audio ground pin is connected to ground. Enough lint, dust, etc. in the port can cause this to happen."


    Pin #11 (switches audio to line out rather than iPhone speaker)

    Pin #21 (switches iphone into Dock mode)


    For me this is a Pin 21 issue.     But Cleaning the connector (over, and over and over;  alcohol, acetone, air.... makes no difference)     Even putting 3.3volts onto pin 21 doesn't bring back the sound.   


    Interestingly downpressure on the platform of the dock connector at the area of pin #21 can sometimes bring the sound back.   So this suggests that if there is an electrical connection problem it might be BEHIND the connector inside the phone, probably somehow shorting to ground (which is why the 3.3volts doesn't help).


    I still hold that this is more of a software issue.... ios7 is reading the resistance on that pin DIFFERENTLY than ios6, because it is ONLY the ios7 upgrade that brought this problem on.  It was not just coincidence.


    Has anyone replaced their dock connector to see if that resolves the issue?



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    I guess somehow explicitly cleaning the iphone connector in those areas brought back my sound (itunes player, videos, games...). thx a lot & good luck eveyone!

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    There is a buttion on the top of Sound Maximizer button on Iphone. If it is showing as RED then just move to other side. Your Phone would really ring now. I know this button get moved accidently or somebody does it innocently. Just now i did it successfully. Now my Iphone 5 is working fine with sound.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience. I was able to fix my phone with your tip. I knew the problem was caused by water corrosion because I run (re: sweat) with the phone and had a similar problem with a previous iphone. Taking a toothbrush dipped in isopropyl alcohol and gently brushing inside the docking port restored the speaker audio. Thank you!

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    So after trying numerous methods to resolve my issue ( couldn't hear incoming texts or alerts unless on the phone or if I had on my headphones) (also no video sound)..this is the one method that worked for me.  Thanks to the original poster who recommended this method (vna_cha) and erikdc!


    Things you will need



    Rubbing alcohol



    1st:Grab some rubbing alcohol, pour a small amount into the cap.

    2nd: Find a toothbrush new/or old (I used a new one from dollar store)

    3rd: Dip the tip of the toothbrush into the alcohol ( first 2 rows)

    4th: Gently rub the charging area with the toothbrush ( try faced up and faced down)

    5th: Allow time to dry, then test

    And your phone should be back working :)


    *** Repeat steps 3 & 4 if it doesn't work the first time.