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    If your Btinternet runs under either an Outlook or Windows Mail account on your machine, then simply plug in your phone with the USB, click on your device when it appears in itunes.  Navigate to the device's info page and put a tick in the Sync Mail Accounts From box.  Select whether you use Outlook or Windows Mail and a list of that email and associated email addresses will appear in the box underneath.  Select the association you want with a tick, then in the advanced section at the bottom of the page put a tick in the Mail Accounts box.  Hit sync and your settings are transferred.



    Next go to the Settings\Mail,Contacts,Calendars section of your idevice settings page, select the account and then insert the password for the account for both the incoming and outgoing servers.  In the advanced section, move the slider for SSL to the position your email provider recommends.  for my NTL account the off position is selected, for accounts it should be on.  So check your providers help pages for the correct set up.


    Delete from server options should be set to never, if you prefer just to use your idevice as an email check facility, or if happy to manage from the idevice entirely, select an option as appropriate.  At this point you should read the differences between Pop3 server and iMAp or exchange server behaviours.  The Delete from server when moved from Inbox, is the one to watch if you wish to retain copies on server so you can reaccess your mail from a different location.  If this option is set to delete, then remember to forward any emails you process on your idevice back to another email address so you can pick it up elsewhere.  The authentication method leave blank.  Anything labelled as optional in the server pages under advanced or outgoing server can normally be left blank too.


    Hit Done to then verify.  If unable to verify after a few attempts, check in the help pages of your email provider and Apples support pages for tips and advice on settings.  In some instances there could be problems with the servers so patience is sometimes required.


    When everything is as it should be and you can access your BTinternet from within the phones mail programme let me know and we can then finalise settings.  Regards. Nick

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    I have read the articles you suggested and thnk I can follow them ok.  I must now go through the steps you gave me in the last post.  Have not found enough time today to do this and would hope to get back to you tomorrow morning.

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    Hello Nick


    I have checked my btinternet account and all settings are as you advised except one.  The authentication does not allow a blank.  The options are "password-AppleToken-MDs Challenge-Response-NTLM-Http MDS Digest".  Mine is set with a password and seems to be working.  I can send email messages to and from my Desktop PC, Sony Laptop and iPhone so I hope we are now set.

    iTunes has not been updated on the PC but is installed on the laptop.  I hope after all your efforts we can now find those notes.

    At present I am running btinternet mail and Yahoo mail on the iPhone.  This duplicates mail received and I would prefer to only have one running.  The laptop is backing up from iCloud succesfully.  Although the Apple technician told me I could not use Windows XP for iCloud backup, iTunes seems keen to backup up from the PC if I am signed in to iCloud, which I am.  At present iCloud is still turned off as you advised.


    Regards, Guy

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    So, just clarify for me, open Settings\icloud\account  which email is listed for apple id, which iemail is listed in advanced for the default icloud mail.

    what were they before you added yahoo.


    Now open Notes from screen and in top left corner, is there an accounts tab. if so tap it and see what's listed.

    If not, can you confirm whether there has ever been an accounts tab present.

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    The btinternet mail is listed in the icloud\account and this uses the password I normally use.  In advanced is my e-mail and this requires my apple password.

    I am afraid I had not taken any note of these settings before my btinternet account was deleted by the technician at the Apple Store and he set up the yahoo account.  My btinternet mail settings, as far as I recall, were set up by myself  by copying the settings I had on my previous phone. When I signed up to the account to use the cloud I just followed the instructions on the screen.  At the moment the btinternet account is getting the same files as the yahoo account and some appear as duplicates when I go to all accounts, but seem to differ slightly if I look at each individual account.


    Opening Notes there is a tab in the top left corner labelled "Notes". Clicking on this brings up other pages of notes, at present three.  There were at least 6 pages of notes, if not more, before they disappeared and I had to recreate from memory.  There has always been this "Notes" tab present and I have not had one called accounts when using notes.

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    Open iTunes, plug in phone by cable.  Dont sync or back up. On phone go to Settings\icloud\  if notes is on, turn it off,or, if already off turn it on.  If a message comes up on your pad to keep the notes on phone select yes.  If dialogue comes up in iTunes to keep notes on iphone select yes.  These dialogues may or may not appear dependent from which state you are starting.  When you have done this, wait a minute then close iTunes.

    Go to Notes App on iphone and tap a few, they might change order or some may vanish, this is normal and nothing to be alarmed about.

    When done, open your mail App, dependent on your new setup you will either have a folder called Notes listed in your account or not, again dependent on which state you are now in.

    If your notes now appear between either of these states fine.  if Not, then make sure you have backups filed of your current notes, perhaps email them to a spare email of phone, or copy to another writing or docs programme.

    Next step if required will be to check your backups using restore.  Please see the section in Apple support - What gets restored when restoring from Backup.  Take any necessary steps to preserve existing Data.

    You could be a while sorting this out, but at this time I do not know any other way of making this procedure any quicker.

    Hope we have a success. Nick

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    Thanks Nick,


    I should be able to get round to this in a couple of hours time



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    I have been slow in replying as things do not seem to be working as planned and I wonder if I should wait before using restore.


    Firstly when I open iTunes on the PC I get a message to say "iTunes not properly installed. If you wish to import or burn CDs you need to re-install iTunes". As you advised not to update I wonder if this is the cause of things not going ok.  I have not tried updating recently so do not know why I am now getting this message.


    When I went to the iPhone Notes were turned on, so I turned them off and waited a minute before closing iTunes.  I did not get the dialogue you expected in either the iPhone or iTunes.  Tapping on Notes I still got only the four pages I have recently opened.  As you said the notes vanished and I was left with empty pages.


    I then went to look at my account.  This does not exist with my other emails and I do not think Apple uses accounts any longer. It created one for me when I went on the cloud.  I tried creating an account but was told it already exists.  I then looked at the iCloud account which is listed with Yahoo and BT. There was a notes folder here and when I opened it my four recent pages appeared as if they were four separate emails.  I was able to manage them as emails and have forwarded them to Outlook on my PC and saved them in a folder in my e-mail Personal folder.


    I do not know how I now get them back into the Notes folder I was using on the iPhone, so think it is time to stop and let you review the situation before trying restore.  I seem to be almost back to square one and wonder if you feel I am taking up all your time and I should accept the loss of my original Notes.





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    happy to carry on with this.  However, it may be a good idea to check on whether the backps we original copied do in fact contain your missing notes.  You can use notepad for this to look in the files concerned as they are saved in plain text format.

    For your vista laptop, with folder view settings set for access to system and hidden folders as detailed earlier, go to

    Home drive [c]:\Users\[your user account]\AppData\Roaming\AppleComputer\SyncService\Local\TFSM\

    right click the <data.sync.db> file and select Open.  At tthe prompt that windows cannot open this file, click on the option <Select a program from a list of installed programs>. and then click OK.

    Make sure on the next dialogue box that opens you take the tick out of the box where it says <Always use the selected program to open this kind of file>

    Select Notepad from the list.  If it is not in the list, select the Browse Button and navigate through the folder list to Windows - which is where Notepad.exe resides.  Click on Notepad.exe and then click on Open, this returns you to the previous dialogue box with Notepad now highlighted.  Click OK.

    The first part of the file in view is the Coomand reference in SQlite format3 - which basically tells the database how to format the contents.

    Your notes will be easy to spot under this.

    Compare this file with previously saved copies you made to indicate if any changes have been made, I think they might be different as you said cloud had been on and it will sync data to your devices while active, including notes etc.


    As a little Easter Egg to aid with your future productivity, thought you might like this little tip I picked up some years ago.


    In Explorer window and folder options set to view system/hidden files as before navigate to the following

    c:\Users\[your user account]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo

    Click on SendTo and in the pane on the right that shows the SendTo options such as FaxRecipient, MailRecipient,Documents etc right click an empty area.  Select New and then shortcut.

    In the Type the Location of the item: click browse and locate the following.

    Word.Exe. Excel.Exe, Notepad.Exe,  etc etc  Click OK in the Browse for Files or Folders box, then click Next - give the shortcut a name to recognise it with, IE Notepad, then click Finish.


    If you now right click a file in explorer and navigate to the option Send To, you will have the option to send the file direct to the application of your choice.


    I have all my everyday application EXE files listed in my sendTo folder and this helps speed things up.


    This is worthwhile for you if only to add Notepad and Write, and Word, since most sqlite db files can be read to a large degree with any of these.  When using Word ensure the encoding if asked for is set to US-ASCII under Other Encoding Option.  Word is better to use for very very large DB files say over 1 meg.  If on closing you are asked to save any changes, because you inadvertently changed something, just select No.


    Obviously if you do this with the Notes files I have directed you to, then you can extract what you want directly with this method and copy them to say the Notes folder in Outlook by having two windows open side by side.


    I am not aware of any other locations at present for the storage of Notes, but have been trawling the hidden Files and folders over the last few weeks trying to see what is where.  I will update you if I find out anything else. 

    Best regards as ever.  Nick

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    Oh and yes, nearly forgot, go ahead and update applications etc, since you have saved backups elsewhere I cannot see any other reason not to update now.

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    Really good progress now.  My latest Notes made after loosing the originals I have restored from the e-mails I stored, copying and pasting the necessary text into the Notes on the iPhone.


    After following your instructions I have found my original notes in the backup of the XP.  The backup of Vista only has one page.  I can open the file in Notepad but have got a bit stuck after that.


    I followed the Easter Egg as far as I could but found it difficult to find more than Excel when it came to creating the shortcut.  When I click and browse having reached Type the Location the files are not showing the .exe.  The Excel file I guessed from its icon but I cannot find Word.exe or Notepad.exe.  I suspect there must be a way of altering the display to show which files are .exe.  I found Excel by navigating to C:/Programs/Office12, but expected to find Word there as well.  Notepad is in Accessories, but I could not navigate to it in the browse window of Type the Location.


    If I have the notes on the Notepad after navigating to data.sync.db can you give me a bit more instruction on how to get the text back to Notes on the iPhone in the correct format.  I have tried finding the file using Word but when I get to data.sync.db no files are visible.  You mention changing the encoding when using Word but when I did this I only got the heading of the SQlite format3.  Seem to be so close now and look forward to your further advice on the last stage.





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    Ah, some <good>news at last. 

    I will start with the reading view for your files.  In windows explorer, go to the Tools Menu item, Folder options, View Tab.  Scroll down and there is a box normally ticked by default in XP <Hide extensions for known file types>  untick it, click Apply to all folders, then close out and close explorer.  Open a new Explorer window and navigate to find the file under the folder as before.

    I would hope that on opening the file in notepad you can simply highlight each note  by clicking at the start of the text to insert your cursor and then either using the shift key and cursors to highlight, or hold the left mouse button down and drag.

    The keyboard shorcuts for copy and paste IE, [CTRL] + [C] and [CTRL] + [V] are usable in notepad as they are in Word.


    But first lets try the quick method.


    Connect your phone to your Vista laptop with the USB data cable, open iTunes, then on the Summary page, check in the section marked Backup, that it has a dot in the Back Up to his Computer indicated - you dont want icloud syncing/backup operational while we do this next section.

    If back up to icloud is indicated then please see your manual or previous posts to take steps to ensure iCloud back up and syncing is off.


    If all is well, then proceed to back up your iphone to iTunes.  Right click your device in the pane at left where it is listed and select Backup from the listed options.


    Now go to the Info page (selected at top next to summary) and ensure no ticks are present in any of the boxes in either the Other or Advanced sections.


    Finally go the Menu\Edit\Preferences\Devices tab and check that the box Prevent ipods etc from syncing automatically is unticked.  Then on the advanced tab click on the button marked <Reset warnings> next to the type Reset all dialogue warnings:

    Close the general preferences box out.

    Right click your device icon in the lef hand pane and select Sync. - Please make sure this sync is completed successfully  before proceeding further.

    When finished close down iTunes, your Vista, and disconnect your phone.  PLEASE SWITCH YOUR PHONE OFF


    Start your Xp desktop and when logged in, open iTunes, navigate to the Menu\Edit\Preferences\Device tab and check that the  box for preventing devices syncing automatically is unticked here as well, go to the Advanced tab and reset dialogue warnings here too.

    With this done, navigate to the Store option on the Menu at the top and click on Check for available downloads.

    Update iTunes etc as required.

    When finished reboot your machine and log back in.  Any problems with the update break here and let me know before proceeding further:-------


    ---------: If all is well with the update

    Open, iTunes, now SWITCH YOUR PHONE back on, connect to the PC using the USB cable, select your device by right clicking it when it appears. Select restore from Backup.  You may get a warning indicating that iTunes has detected the iPhone has been in use with a different library, and proceeding will erase the iphone with data from this library, accept the warning and proceed.

    PLEASE NOTE --  that this will overwrite just about everything on your phone, including <<settings and passwords>>  So if you attempt to log into email after the process has finished you may need to use old passwords and, or old passkey combinations to access your phone.  Passcodes etc can be overcome with a settings reset, the emails etc will be locked to any account passwords used previously.  However where you are accessing your email from your iphone the association is allowed through your Apple ID, so there should not be any problems, unless requested for an old Apple password.


    Now I hope you understand why i wanted to copy all the folders right at the start - just in case we hit a snag :)


    With the backup installed, your notes will be accessible in two possible ways.

    1)  With the Notes option in icloud settings turned on - in which case the notes will appear under your notes app itself

    2)  With icloud notes option turned off and a sync to the cloud performed, your notes will appear in the folder of your emails.  Note that if you have to sync your notes to the cloud in this fashion it may take a few attempts at opening and closing your mail app for the sync to go through on the servers, but they will show up eventually.  Also note that if you have to switch options in icloud settings you will have to confirm them with a sync in iTunes too. (Xp machine only).  It will also be best to ensure your Vista laptop is off throughout this process so the cloud cannot attempt a wireless sync  to it.   When finished locating your notes can you please take the time out to once again check that Backup to iCloud is off.  If the restore from backup hasd this option cached in the settings file, then backup will be active again and we want it off all the time.


    Copy all notes found to a secure location.  From which you can retrieve them later.  Disconnect your iphone from XP.


    When you are sure you have all your notes secure.  Return to your vista laptop, plug in your iphone and restore from the backup there to return everything back to its original state.

    HOPEFULLY job done!!.

    The iphone/ipad calendar setups are broadly similar I understand, so when everything else is finished, if you would like to open a new thread for Calendar syncing and avoiding duplication, we can have a look at that next.


    P.S. Excuse the capitalised text, but I cannot find a bold option - still trying to get the hang of the advanced editor.


    Regards as ever. , Nick

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    Have just printed out your latest and will follow it through tomorrow.


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    I carefully went through the instructions yesterday but when I came to the Notes retrieval all I could find were four pages I had created recently, but not the same as four I created within the last few days with similar but different names.  After creating the new ones I deleted the other four as I had merged information from them into the new ones.  I went through the  instructions again to see if I had missed a step or entered incorrectly, but could not find anything.  I then restored the backup previously made to the iPhone.  After glitches with the e-mail you warned about my iPhone and Vista machine are back to where they should be.


    The file containing the previous notes is still present on my laptop data 11/02/2012 17.18 SYNCDBFile.  I also have the copy accessible from the laptop of the file copied onto my Seagate GoFlex disk. This is also in/TFSM/data dated 03/03/2012. Is this a folder that should have been navigated to during the above procedure?


    I have tried the slow way to recreate the Notes, which is very slow!.. Some of the notes are in normal text, but the ones I am really after are buried amongst what appears to be SQLite format 3 and html.  Is there a way I can get this into Word in a readable format?

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    Yes.  Notes file under TFSM.  These files are updated during back up if any information  has changed.

    Not sure about the reference to html - can you paste an example of the mixed code you are referring to?