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    I think the reason for rapid discharge from 4s in intellectual antennas, cellular in Russia is very bad and the iPhone constantlyswitches between ..

  • NyVetteGuy Level 1 Level 1

    Im going to try the backup the phone, set up as new and then restore the backup routine...hope it works...


    I shall report back once I have done it...

  • cvsat Level 1 Level 1

    The update went fine and my iphone 4s 64gb battery performance was good  - it lasted about 1.5 days from 100 to zero. But today, its performance is not that impressive. I have narrowed it down to the problem of push enabled outlook office mail. On weekdays the performance deteriorates as I get a lot of office mails but its about 100 and I dont read all of them on Iphone - I use my office pc to read and clean up the mailbox. Changing Push to manual and 15mins is not something I want to do as I am using iphone specifically for this auto push feature. The whole point is that 100 mails should not nuke the battery - its a smart phone and an Apple product; the development team should look at this scenario in details in their next fix.


    5.0.1 has improvement but I think we need a 5.0.2 now and put a nail on this drain coffiin !



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    Well i tried what others said had worked for them. I reset all data on my iPhone 4s. On Saturday I let my 4s die and left it unplugged all night and gave it a full charge first thing in the morning. This had apparently worked for others. After the full charge I used my phone normally throughout the day. It was Sunday so I made like 1 call that lasted a minute. And my phone was dead by night.


    I charged my phone all night and unplugged it this morning at 7:45. It is know 8:20am and it's at 93%.


    This is nuts. After 30 min iv dropped 7% battery life. This is highly annoying.

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    Ive tried everything that everyone suggests on the web and my battery life has not changed since the update. its still horrible and Im beginning to wonder why i upgraded and when Im going to give up on the iphone

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    I noticed problems after updating my Iphone 4 to 5.0.1. Both my ipad and iphone were just shutting down as if they ran out of battery life.


    I plugged my iphone in all night, went to use it this morning and it was dead. Bricked. would not respond to a charge in the car.


    I got DFU mode when I plugged it into my PC and then did a restore factory settings and then I did a restore from the cloud from backup one day before the IOS 5.0.1 update.


    Works fine now.

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    I updated it to 5.0.1 had a test after 100% battery charged. But what I saw was the battery problem wasn't solved, and it was even worse. I was on Safari and Settings for 20 mins, battery drops 14%. This was worse than 5.0. I haven't used restoring after the update, but I will try to see if it will solve the problem. But at the moment, 5.0.1 is so disappointing.

  • wickedme91 Level 1 Level 1


    I hate this phone. Didn't use gps, email, just plain browsing on wifi with screen brightness at quarter. How much worse can the battery be?

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    Have some faith all .. They will get it right !

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    I'm experiencing the same problems.  The battery issue still not corrected.  It seems like apple engineers didn't QA the issue very well.  I just bought the iPhone Saturday, upgraded to iOS 5.0.1 and have recharge it 3 times aready.

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    Last night went to sleep with iPhone unplugged, charged 100%. This morning was at 19%. It seems Wi-Fi was working all night with something, and I agree, it should be related to iCloud sync services. Some syncing contacts problem in my case, I guess, that I mentioned on another thread.





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    I've upgraded to 5.0.1 and now Siri doesn't work "as to try back later". Battery seems to be worse now then before the upgrade. As a point of interest I'm using a iPhone 4s 64. I really like Apple products even brought Mac Pro notebook, (2) iPads 2 a 16 and 64 and (3) iPhones 4s 16, 32 and 64. Apple please correct your problem with the Software or whatever and come clean.

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    After reflecting on the day that was yesterday, I started to think closely about the update and my battery from the point where I noticed the nasty "stand-by drain". I updated to iOS 5.0.1 on Friday night. I did not notice this drain matter until yesterday, I'm meticulous with my tech gadgets and am always checking or holding them, I notice the second anything odd happens, my OCD won't let it go. To have gone from having no issues over the weekend to having it suddenly happen at work yesterday doesn't make the lleast bit of sense. So my plan today was to charge fully, and let stand-by all day (other than checking the battery %). Here are my day 2 findings.


    At this time yesterday 9:43 am my battery was at 75% after unplugging at 100% at 6:30 am.

    Right now at  9:49 am, my phone has been in stand-by for 4.5 hours, with 9 minutes of use. My Battery is still at 100%. I did NOTHING that was suggested by other forum users other than reset my network. I did not reset my phones settings or do a hard wipe, I just don't think its appropriate anyway considering how Apple seems to be ignorant to what is going on, wheres the adressing of the NEW ISSUE?


    My phone was fine Monday, awful yesterday and now with what I have seen thus far, is fine again. I have not attempted to use the new iTunes Match that I just bought, because I had thought this was the cause of my drain, but in stand-by, it didn't make sense so I still feel and certainly hope that iTunes Match won't put any more stress on my phone than Pandora or TuneIn Radio do.


    I have already seen a difference in the stand-by drain, but can't be sure if its temporary or because I have hardly touched the phone. I will make an update later in the day.

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    Unfortunately, the same thing as everyone else.  I update my 4S to 5.0.1 and I can't even get a half a day out of my battery before it dies. Worse than before the update.  C'mon Apple......get this fixed NOW!!!

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    I had no problems with my prior verision with this new iOS 5.0.1 I can literally watch my time tick down to 0% in a matter of hours!!!! So P O'd