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    For things that "just work" I dread each and every update to IOS because invariably it just doesn't, requiring you to go through hours of trial and error resets, restore, set up as new, restore from back-up etc etc etc hoping to finf the essential combination that will rectify problems caused by Appple's latest botched release.


    5.0.1. is by far the worst I have experienced.  At least with other updates, if the phone was affected, the battery depletion would take some time.  This time around it seems to be that leaving my wifi on (3GS - sorry the advances with the 4 and 4S have not convinced me of the value of upgrade) will drain the battery completely.  Went from 66% on standby last night to completely dead by this morning.


    I suppose I could leave everything switched off (sorry Apple, didn't realise you couldn't actually USE all these features and connectivity) and wait for 5.0.2 (that's assuming THAT fixes it!!!!!) but I'd rather get the phone stable again.  So, it'll be back to, restore as new and restore from back-up after to try and fix the latest dog's breakfast served up by Apple. Thankfully I didn't update the iPad 2!!!!


    Great, as if I hadn't got better things to do!!!!!

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    I got my iPhone 4s the day it came out, and I had waited all day to get it. the Battery life was not an iissue for me but I had heard about the issues with 5.0.1 so I asked an Apple Store representaive if it was a good idea to update. He assured me that there would be no issues, and he seemed ver confident in his answer. So When i got home I updated....Now i hate apple. IF this is not fixed soon expect to see me at a store demanding a full refund.

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    Unshaven wrote:


    wickedme91 wrote:



    I hate this phone. Didn't use gps, email, just plain browsing on wifi with screen brightness at quarter. How much worse can the battery be?

    What are you complaining about?  Your stats work out to a battery drain of 1.46% per hour.  That is well within Apple specs for phone use.

    hey einstein! how did you get the1.46% p/h? as in how did you calculate that?    

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    hiii guys

    i was about to buy the new i phone 4s but now im so frustrated with the battery problems . shall i wait for a while to buy it ????/i dont know .i had i phone 3 gsbefore i like apple products too much . when apple will fix this??? im sooo confused plz apple fix it sooon.

  • awad abha Level 1 Level 1

    hiii guys

    any promising news from apple regarding battery problem? i hope they will fix it soon???

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    Thank you for this post. After resetting network settings, my iPad 2 actually went up 3 percentage points, believe it or not, from 95 percent back up to 98. In the last 15 minutes its only gone down one percentage point,  so hopefully that worked. If you double click the home button, there's a lot of background apps running, so be sure to eliminate those as well. I'm shocked it's been nearly a month and still no fix. Make that 2 percentage points....  :(

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    I'm glad it helped. Those setting changes made a huge difference for me. I can say with certainty that for the last two weeks my battery life has been great, and drops less than 10 % overnight.

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    Same here

    me a 3GS

    my wife on a 4

    we have terrible battery life.


    I have noticed that my phone is sometimes very warm, even when locked with zero apps running or on standby).  Other times it runs cool to the touch.


    I just changed my update from push to fetch, and I can tell even after a couple hours that this did nothing.


    I think it's icloud

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    Whatever it is, it's obvious there is a nasty bug in the code. I've had pretty terrible battery life on the iPad since the update. Like many of the posts here, the battery drainage fluctuates with the tablet feeling hot and using a lot of battery power at times, and other times, not having a problem at all. It comes and goes. I have to wonder if this lack of a fix will be a normal tendency now that Steve jobs has passed on. Apple was a failing company without him before and I hope they don't return to their previous behavior, though one has to wonder at their inability to fix such a ridiculous problem.

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    I'm reading through these posts, but I'm not going to be able to get the end before my 4S battery goes flat!

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    Same problem. Have drained bat, reset phone. Turned off loc apps and cloud. Result is highly erratic bat life . Some days it's burning , literally ver hot, with 10% left at 2pm. Other days I get two days out of it with same settings and usage. Very frustrating. I travel a lot on bus can't put up with much longer.

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    I have an iPhone 4 and have had no issue with my battery life until the weekend when I did a full restore to IOS 5.0.1


    Prior to this I had upgraded to IOS 5.0.0 and done a restore from an IOS 4 backup without any issues. 2 weeks ago I did an over-the-air update to 5.0.1 and still had no battery life issues. (I tend to leave WiFi on, have 3 email accounts - exchange, gmail, hotmail - with push enabled, and various apps running, as well as location services on.) I was getting well over 24 hours on a full charge with moderate use.


    However the over-the-air update had killed a couple of my apps, so i thought i'd give the phone a full restore to see if that helped.


    I did the restore to 5.0.1 and restored the backup i'd taken of the iphone on the 5.0.1 over-the-air version.


    The good news was that the affected apps now worked again.


    However I noticed an immediate problem with my battery life - it started using 20%-25% an hour! (The back of the phone was also slightly warm all of the time...)


    I tried various methods to fix this issue to no avail:- Reset Network Settings - Reset All Settings - A full discharge of the battery followed by a full charge - Turned off Auto Time Zone / Location iAds - turned off auto brightness and turned down the brightness to less than 50%.


    All those methods failed to stop the 25% per hour usage.


    The last thing I tried seems to have worked. I deleted my 3 email accounts, did a full reset and have now restored my email accounts. My phone is running at about 2% per hour since this morning when I restored the email accounts and is looking back to normal.


    I'm not sure why everything was fine in 5.0.1 after an over-the-air update, but a full restore caused the battery drain issue, but fingers crossed, it's all ok at the minute.


    Hope that helps anybody else with similar problems.


    By the way, for a complete list of 'tips' to try for this issue see:






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    Hi everyone


        I recently purchased and ipad 2 and proceeded to add the latest oz updates as many of you have....I also have seen a precipitous drop in battery level and even when not being used.   I can begin with a 100% charge and come back in a day or two to a dead battery...


    ...HERE IS WHAT I HAVE DISCOVERED......for some reason the ipad does not turn off the bluetooth and wireless when you turn off your must do that manually from your settings before you turn off your ipad.....I have done this and return after a few days to a 100% charge....also if you are not useing these features turn them off until you need them...Apple really needs to fix this problem but until they do, it is up to you....hope this helps those who have not heard about this yet...

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    I've found out something what causes the battery to drain:


    it's iCloud!


    Take a look at the mobile data trafific NOT using a WLAN-Connection. It adds approx. 1 kB of data traffic per second. This drastically reduces battery-life.


    Disabling the services (Mail, Calendar.. find my iPhone etc) in iCloud doesn't help!

    You have to delete the Account to stop this!!!


    Rememeber to disable WLAN and enable "mobile Data" to cause data traffic to use 3G that you can monitor,

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    Not true...


    I am using iCloud and I did a full iPhone restore to 5.1 (did not restore from a backup) and her are my usages:


    Usage: 4 hours and 24 minutes

    Standby: 1 day and 9 hours

    Battery life left: 30%


    Battery life under a fresh 5.1 install fixes the issues.

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