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After installing the update make sure you reset all setttings. I have done a few updates now  and  have had much better  sucess after settings reset all. Standby drain has been virtually eliminated from 2-4% hr before update. It is located in settings/reset//reset all settings. You loose some wifi and desktop settings, but data, apps, etc remain intact.

  • davidch Level 1 (5 points)

    One other note. After the phone reboot just go through the default setup ( i.e lang, wifi, Siri, etc) and choose "setting up new phone". Don't restore. That will just reinstall potential corrupt settings. Your apps and data will still be there as before.  Really hope this helps some folks. My personal 4S is sitting @58% after 14hrs and moderate use.

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    System settings are the following


    mail: push for iCloud, hourly on imap account


    iCloud: mail, reminders


    notifications: phone, messages, reminders, calendar, cnbc, mail, twitter, find friends


    location: maps, siri, weather


    sytem services: all on but location based iAd and setting time zone turned off

  • davidch Level 1 (5 points)

    day 2 ... stil seeing very good performance.  i charge overnight and after two hrs of mostly standby and one quick phone call this morning, the battery is still holding 99% charge.  the only other recommendation, i have for folks still having issues in addition to the steps above, is to do a full discharge of battery after the 5.0.1 update is installed.  i did this once shortly after i received the phone, but did not need to after the update.  however, i have seen on some other forums that this resolved the issue after the update.

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    Cool, i read on other blogs to "restore as new phone as well" im in the process of letting it drain completely then full charge. I will add "restore as new phone" into the full charge


    thanks for the updates

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    you don't really need to completely restore as new phone, but reset all settings in my experience and do a full drain and recharge.  it is located settings -> reset -> reset all settings.  this clears all the basic settings (i.e. wallpaper network, etc) back to default, but still keeps all of your apps, email and data as they were.  when it reboots though choose "setup as new phone" after you go throught the basic questions (i.e. lang, location, siri ) setup.  your apps, data will still be there as before.


    still midway through my second day (east coast) and after nearly 5 hrs of standby and 30 minutes of data usage, battery is at 93%.


    ps: does the mk5 refer to a golf... i have a mk6 tdi

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    Aloha Davidch!

    I did the very same thing and my battery is GREAT!  Getting same results as you are.

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    aloha and great to hear this worked for you.  i am very pleased so far after a day and half.

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    ok cool, doing it now.......yep MK5 (MKV) is my lady. MK6?, how is it?


    im kicking around the idea of maybe trading in for the Golf R

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    Thanks Davidch...I'm doing a reset.   BTW....I noticed my calendar is not syncing anymore!  ARGH.  I had called apple about this and spent 5 hours on the phone with the high level tech guy.  he had manually fixed something on my computer so it would work and thanked me for identifiying a bug.  Now that I've updated to IOS5.1 (or whatever number it is), it's not syncing anymore.  UGH!

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    Nope.  This thread got my hopes up and just wasted more time.

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    sorry to hear that.  you are the first out of 7 that i have helped that were having the standby drain that did not work using this specific process to fix.  i would suggest trying the reset-all again and be sure to drain the batter completely and do a full recharge.  if that does not work, i would suggest taking it into apple store for review.

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    Oh, well I still have to drain the battery and do the full recharge.

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    update end of day 2


    my personal iPhone 4S has held a 71% charge  after 10.5 hours of standby and and 2hrs of data usage.  it has definitely appeared to have fixed the problem for me.  another one of the users that i help do the same process early yesterday, has also confirmed similar performance for day 2.  they are down around 65% but had another half hour of data usage over me... so very similar overall.  it now seems to outperform both of my previous iPhones at the point (Original, 3GS) when they were new.

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    Try turning off location. I only turn it on when I need it and my battery life is good now.

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