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IddyK Level 1 Level 1

I am at the stage that I am HATING having spent £300 on a phone that messes up every week!


My iPhone was running absolutely bang on on iOS 4.3.3 but like an idiot I decided to update it to 5.0 !


Now that it has been updated it has been running fine for like a week, however last night when I put it on charge it keeps restarting every 3 minutes for no absolute reason!


I switched my phone off and on again and still does the same thing!


I connected my iPhone to iTunes on DFU mode so that I could try to restore it, however no success!


So I went online and checked for new updates, found out that the iOS 5.0.1 was out which could be why Apple is playing with me?


I again connected my iPhone to iTunes and went for the update (my iPhone is still in DFU mode) it downloads most of the iOS 5.0.1 684.9 out of 685.0 MB and gives me an error saying network connection interrupted?! I tried it 4/5 times! Always does the same!


I do not know what to do anymore!


Please HELP!

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5
  • IddyK Level 1 Level 1

    I have found out that its the Automatic update that is causing this!


    I go into setting>general>software update


    And the iPhone is automatically trying to update fro 5.0 to 5.0.1 even though my wifi is turned off as well as my 3G and mobile data ...


    the bar is near the end and says "Preparing Update..."


    When it gets to the end of the bar the phone restarts! And does the same thing over and over again!


    Please tell me how to cancel this auto update?!

  • meanhan Level 1 Level 1

    i have the same constant rebooting problem with my 3GS updated with iOS 5.0.1.


  • bboyskinny Level 1 Level 1

    I also have the same rebooting problem with iphone 3Gs. I updated to iOS 5.0.1. 2 or 3 weeks ago, and it just started rebooting today. It does it at least every 3 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • ninja.spirit Level 1 Level 1

    can you take it to an apple store? i'm sure a genius can fix it.

  • DreenHotdog Level 1 Level 1

    It's simple guys, it's not a hardware issue, it's a software issue. And I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take a genius to figue this out. It's just that apple has released a very glitchy operating system that isnt fixing very well. They keep claiming theyre going to come out with iOS 5.1, but I havent seen that for a while now and I am kind of doubting them. They should fix this an some other issues i expect. I also own an iPhone 3GS and now that you mention it, I am restoring my iphone because of this problem right now. Please if apple is out there, we need a patch soon. JUst wait for apple to release one, and please fix this bug!!!! Ive restored like 6 times now!


    P.S. You iphone owners out there, you cannot shut off your phones very often right now on ios 5.0 or 5.0.1, it will cause increased chances of this reboot loop. Just try to keep it charged 24/7.

  • JoseGR Level 1 Level 1

    Hi guys,same issue here.

    My Iphone 3GS was perfectly working with IOS 4.2 and I´ve just upgraded to 5.0.1 where the nighmare begins.

    Now it´s randomly rebooting, some aplications are crashing and I even see graphic corruption. Tried to restore it 3 times, 1 via DFU mode and no luck. I´ve also been able to downgrade it to 4.3.5 but the iphone was still unstable so I´ve just upgraded it back to 5.0.1, all stock firmwares.

    Doesn´t matter if it´s charged, on flight mode or without sim, it will reboot after a while.Don´t know what´s going on with this but Apple has really screwed my Iphone. If we don´t get an update soon I´m buying a new phone and guess what, It won´t be an Iphone

  • k_mattson Level 1 Level 1

    Here is a solution I found searching the web. It worked for me so i hope it will help you guys out.

    OK.........Finally I found the solution for sim problem with update 5.0.1 and the solution for fixing the iphone 3gs keeps rebooting or keeps restarting after 3-2 minutes?


    for fixing the sim issues with update 5.0.1 or the rebooting problem do the following:



    1. Take the     sim out
    2. enable     the 3G and cellular  date in network     setting
    3. than     insert the sim back
    4. the     netwok will register your sim via 3G not GSM
    5. than after     3 minutes turn off 3G and cellular  data


    congratulation………your problem had been solved?...Im not an expert…but its seems this update 5.0.1…is not suitable for 3GS phones as they have ( special tapfro turning 3g on and off)this update is suitable  for iphone 4?which enable automatically 3G.


    The apple should have warn all 3GS phone about that ………not waiting some one not expert like me to solve it out?


    Anyway……………have a nice day every one

  • bboyskinny Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the fix.


    Works fine now!

  • ausamah Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks. It seems to work so far. I'm very disappointed in Apple not taking initiative in saying anything about this issue. It is not like Apple. I lost two days worth of business calls. And I was ready to trash my iPhone.


    Many thanks.

  • airynboberin Level 1 Level 1

    k_mattson hit the nail on the head with this one. just updating for anyone whos having problems. i started having problems after i downloaded zynga poker and my phone would reboot for no reason even if i wasnt touching it every 2 mins or so not even long enough for me to restore or back it up on icloud. i did what he said and it is still on so thank you very very much cause i dont have insurance on this beast :/ lol

  • thorpede Level 1 Level 1

    Tanks for the tips!

    It s been working fine for 24 hrs, do you think this will solve

    the problem permanent?


    Thanks again!

  • k_mattson Level 1 Level 1

    I do not believe it is a permanent fix. For I have had to do this two more times since I have had my first my problems. With the hopefully close to being released new update, it should fix this problem. But if you ever have this problem again. Let the phone do its thing ( let it reboot a couple of times on its own ) and then follow the directions I posted. Hope everything works well and god bless.

  • thorpede Level 1 Level 1

    Well, now it`s not restarting every day. It s a progress..I`ve had 2 brand new iphone 3gs with the same issue..Let`s hope an upgrade will appear soon!

    Thank you for shearing this!

  • scoopdog Level 1 Level 1

    probably not,  Apple are marvelous at grabbing your money with there shiny products,  but when you have problems like this they run a mile


    I have my 3GS since the first week it was released and was running 4.0.1 for ages with no problems,  both Jailbroken and with IOS. 


    I decided to upgrade to 5.0.1 and the night mare begins,  its only when i completely power down that it starts rebooting.  Then i remove the SIM ,  boot up 3G and Data and re-insert and off it goes.  APPLE TECH SUPPORT ARE YOU GOING TO PATCH THIS ??????


    This is a joke and reiterates why Jailbreakers hack your product because your own Tech support is lowsy. 


      get it sorted you muppets

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