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Hi there! I've just bought a 2nd hand MacBook Air (current model MC965T, still under warranty until 31st Aug 2012).

The previous owner reinstalled from scratch OSX Lion, but installation was made of course with his Apple ID.

Now, I'm not able to download from Mac App Store the iLife boundled SW beacause it says they are not linked with my Apple ID, even if I registered again the HW with my Apple ID and I'm currently able to see it under my products into express lane support page.

I'd like to install Mac OSX Lion on my MacMini, but it seems that the only way is to buy Lion from AppStore.

Any idea? Is mandatory to have a former "Transfer of Ownership" from previous owner in order to move Lion SW license to my Apple iD? Can Apple support help me in any way? Unfortunately for now no luck with the Italian phone customer support

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • SP Forsythe Level 5 (5,380 points)

    It gets a little complicated. You see, he purchased a license for all his Macs, when he upgraded to Lion. If he has another Mac computer, it may not be reasonable at all to "transfer" the license at all. I think that the seller would have to make an inquiry as to release it, if it is possible at all. So in that sense, you may be right that some formal agreement may have to be in place, if it possible at all. Nonetheless, the only people who can really sort this out is Apple. I presume that the unit in question did not come with Lion, and since you say it is still under warranty for almost a year, the "warranty" must be AppleCare. (for if it wasn't AppleCare, that would mean the computer is only 3 mos old, and comes with Lion anyway) I would contact Applecare and see if they can offer some insight. Make the contact under the premise that you are wanting to transfer the AppleCare ownership.


    If you don't get a satisfactory answer abou the Lion transfer, I would reinstall the OS that the MBA originally shipped with, and buy the upgrade to Lion. $29.00 will buy the upgrade for yourself, and your Mac Mini, and you won't have any hassle with ownership interests. It will be all yours. I understand you are in Italy, so $29.00 may be a meaningless figure I have mentioned, but regardless, the cost in my opinion is rather nominal under the circumstances.

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    Hi Forsythe, thanks for replying.

    The HW we are speaking about is a MacBook Air, so OSX Lion is pre-installed and "strictly boundled" to the HW itself (no reinstall DVD or USB media) so the "upgrade option" You suggest is not available, and this is why I suppose that the OSX Lion SW license should go linked to the new owner/Apple ID.

    Of course the 29€ is a cheap coin to pay, but I will loose alse the iLife'11 boundle that comes with the original laptop.



  • SP Forsythe Level 5 (5,380 points)



    That changes things considerably. If the MBA came with Lion, then the license for the OS that came with computer is now yours also. As well, you should be able to re-install iLife should you start fresh with a reformat and reinstall of OS X.


    You may want to contact Apple Tech support to make sure that if you do a complete recovery, using your Apple ID, that there won't be any problems or conflicts.


    Here is the Apple Document that describes the reinstallation of Lion, on those machines which came with Lion originally. Also included is instructions on how to re-install iLife from the App Store.

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    Hi, unfortunately I have followed that Apple document and tried both OSX Lion reinstall (from internal recovery HD and Internet recovery) and in both ways what I get it's the same:

    going to Mac Apple store, I see the 3 iLife'11 Application with "Accept" button (and notice that notes says that "A unique HW identifier from your computer must be sent to Apple to verify eligibility"). Clicking on it, I'm requested to insert my Apple ID, and then the system says "These apps cannot be accepted by Your Apple ID" " need to purchase these apps"

    As far as of now, no luck also with Apple support :-(

  • aleponzo Level 1 (0 points)

    Is there anyone from Apple able to help this issue?

  • JasonFear Level 5 (4,935 points)

    Hi aleponzo,


    There isn't unfortunately. This is a user-to-user discussion board and not a formal channel for arranging service, discussing policy, etc. If you require Apple's direct involvement you'll need to contact them directly via telephone, email, etc.

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    I know Jason, but isn't there anyone with a 2nd hand MBA or MBP that is facing the same issue with the iLife package?

  • JasonFear Level 5 (4,935 points)

    I'm sure there is, but you asked (and I quote):


    aleponzo wrote:


    Is there anyone from Apple


    Not, is there anyone else on here. I was just trying to set expectations properly for you. You indicated no luck with Apple Support, what exactly did you do? I recently sold my 13" i5 MBA and with it my licenses. The new owner ran into the same issue that you did, he contacted App Store support (via email) and within 48 hours received detailed steps on how to resolve the issue. I never followed up with him further but he did acknowledge the issue was resolved with the assistance of the App Store support group.

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    Hi Jason, thanks for replying.

    I've opened different cases with Apple:

    - MacAppstore Support is replying that I must re-buy the licenses, but of course I can't just simply because I always see "Accept" button for each application (case still open)

    - Tried to contact also legal dept regarding SW license transfer, but no answer yet (after 3 days)

    - Tried to contact iTunes support, but no answer yet (after 3 days)

    Not sure if they all converge into the original AppStore case.

    If You can forward me any email exchanged between Apple and the user You sold the MBA to, it would help.

    Thanks You so much in advance, I will keep You informed.



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    I had the same problem here with a second hand MBA.  Did a fresh install of Lion and was unable to "accept" the iLife applications.  Additonally,  you are completly unable to "purchase" them as well.  I contacted support where they verified that I was the "registered" owner but I was still unable to complete the downloads.  Apple had no real answer but speculated that the previous owner had never completed the install process of the iLife suite and that was causing the problem.  Apples first soloution was for me to use the original owners itunes login info, login as them, and download the suite.  I told them that was not acceptable as I would not be authorized for future updates according to the dialog box.  They ended up sending me a iLife on disk which I was able to install easily.

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    Hi glfrgnbad, thanks for posting! I will try to submit Your input to Apple Support  and see what happens :-))

  • aleponzo Level 1 (0 points)

    I'd just like to inform You that I'm now able to Accept and then Install the three iLife'11 applications from MacApp Store. Not sure what is changed (of course nothing from my side), but that's it. I suppose Apple has reset information related to HW and Apple ID info. Cheers.

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    I can report the same problem with the new (customer return) discounted macbook air. No luck with contacting any support in Finland. I will be traveling soon and will try from Poland. Fingers crossed that sth can be done.

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    I am haing the same issue as of tonight.  Can you tell me what it is you did to finally get your iphoto, imovie, garageband, ilife,etc...  ?


    Thank you so much for any info anyone can give me! 

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