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Hello everyone - I need some help.


I signed up for Match last night, and it matched/uploaded just about all of my music. I've been messing with it today trying to figure out how it works, and ran into an error that I can't figure out - play counts.


I downloaded a new album (CAMP by Childish Gambino, if you're wondering), imported it into iTunes, uploaded it to iCloud/Match, and it was listed as "Matched." The album showed up on my iPhone and my iPad. Perfect!


I listened to it a few times on my phone, rated a few songs, etc, then opened up iTunes to see what it did. It pulled down the ratings from the cloud, but not the play counts. I plugged my phone in and synced (wifi sync wasn't connecting due to an unknown error) in hopes that an itunes sync would pull the play counts down, but no luck...


Anyone else tried this or have a similar experience? I have a few playlists built around play counts and would really like to have my play counts updated. Thanks!

Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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