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  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    Did you really think after 18 months and 28 pages of posts that no one answered their question?

  • koosvanrij Level 1 Level 1

    No Deggie,  I didn't, the answer was aimed towards people like myself who discover only now that they own an ipod that might explode, that they can trade in, and then are wondering what they would get in return, and look in the internet for answers. I can tell you, there are not many recent answers out there, so i thought i'd be helpful. This thread pops up on google searches, so answering on this one  would be seen, or so i thought

  • impulse_telecom Level 3 Level 3

    Up to now, Apple has been issuing 6th generation iPod Nano with 8G memory as replacement.  At the very least you're getting an almost six year more recent design, brand new, device with a lot more storage as a free replacement.


    Of course, only Apple knows what they're going to send you as a replacement.  Apple is not obligated to do anything at all.   This recall is way beyond the the time limit of normal warranty coverage.  Keep in mind that this is a good will gesture.  Maybe you'll get lucky if Apple runs out of its supply of 6th generation devices and you'll get something newer; maybe not.


    If you do get a newer replacement iPod, I am sure the readers of this discussion would be eager to hear about it.


    Either way, there is no reason (unless you want to keep shuffle by album, which is curiously absent from the newer iPod) not to send your aging iPod in for a better replacement free of charge.  Let us know how it goes!

  • Jakals Level 1 Level 1

    I visited a iStore today, and the technician told me the replacements program is over. It didn't make sense to me. Was he lying?

  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    He probably was just guessing. It is not over.

  • Julietxo97 Level 1 Level 1

    Whatever your ipod is, whether it's nano/touch/shuffle. Apple will 1st check to see if the damage is fixable or not.   They will fix it if they can. If not, they will replace it with the same exact model. I know this because my 6th gen ipod touch stopped working after 2 months due to a hardware issue. I took it to the apple store where they were able to replace it with another 6th gen ipod touch right then. That is what they will do at the store and most likely through the mail, as well.

  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    You've misread this thread, it is specifically dealing with Apple's recall on some 1st Generation iPod Nano's due to a battery fire hazard. The current replacement for qualifying 1st Generation Nanos is an 8GB 6th Generation model.

  • Br0nxM@c Level 1 Level 1

    Wierd story.. I tried for the replacement progrm back in September 2012 and received the same response, saying my ipod was actually 2nd generation.  Here we are today.. digging through my drawers, I decided to try again.  This time, the shipping information screen came up and it looks like I'm eligible.  My advice, try again.  But seriously thinking about it.  My nano is charging right now, and would hate to see it go.  Good luck

  • Bookiej Level 1 Level 1

    Where is the link for the 2nd gen iPod? Thanks

  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    What link?

  • luvsdaheat Level 1 Level 1



    FWIW, I just wanted to let y'all know that the 1st Gen Nano Replacement program is still going strong as of today -- I received the return shipping box just 2 Business Days after submitting my claim!  :-) 


    It is odd, though, (and I admit I've not gone through all the threads) that I didn't receive anything from Apple advising of the battery issue -- neither Email or snail mail.



  • ollieheath55 Level 1 Level 1

    What generation did you receive? 6th gen or 7th gen? I just sent my 1st gen nano in and I'm hoping for the 7th gen model!

  • stormcooper Level 1 Level 1

    I can't help but think they will eventually switch to the 7th gen nano as a replacement. Especially now that they are on the refurb store, and the 6th isn't. I'm hanging on to my 1st gen nano for a little longer.

  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    Maybe when the 8th Generation is released they will consider using the 7th Generation. Or about halfway into the run of the 8th Generation. But then again they may shut down the program by then.


    Have you also checked to see if yours if covered by the recall?

  • stormcooper Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I just checked it. It's covered.

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