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  • cameronfromcarmel Level 1 Level 1

    I was having the same issue on both my 3GS and now that I have a 4GS you would think this would be an easy fix for the iOS update. Here is what I did.


    I deleted the contact and then readded them. I haven't received a message yet regarding the Error 10 digit or short code required to send the text. Unfortunately if this is required for all contacts it is going to be very frustrating since the format is a little ridiculous in my opinion.


    I just received a text back from the person I had issues texting so it worked. Try deleting the contact and then putting them back in with the just the area code (since that is 10 digits)


    Good luck!



  • Ekii Level 1 Level 1

    I have exactly the same issue as chester_mand. The minus 1 (-1) and crashing back to home screen!!!!! Have you found a solution yet chester_mand?

  • chester_mand Level 1 Level 1

    Once I got the new phone back, i plugged into my mac and did a restore from back up! I did that for several times I was still experience the same problem, so I was why don't I try restore from iCloud "luckily I did a backup before handing my old phone back to apple" dada it works. So I figured out why, is because when I did my back up with my mac, I was using a third party data cable, so the backup wasn't done properly therefore don't use third party product when you are doing such an important thing...

  • 启富from贵阳 Level 1 Level 1

    I fix two 4s yestday ,one is HK 4s,one is from USA Verizon. the problem is can not sent sms and dial out ,but recive is Ok,only use cmcc network,cm unincom is perfect.the method is:switch your sim card's SMSC number,as general ,carriers offer two SMSC numbers at least for backup,just switch between them use the code: *5005*7672*FULL SMSC NUMBER#

  • Jeffery0321 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there!


    I bought an iphone 4s in NZ and had the same problem here in China Xi'an once I put my old SIM card into 4s it doesn't work and I contacted to CMCC they got no idea on it. I keep trying to fix the problem then I go to "setting"and go to "phone option" what I found is that my phone number was 0000000000 it was weird so I changed it to my current mobile number e.g. 136xxxxxxxxx and go back .Finally it works on my phone.Hope it helps you guys.


    Jeff Zhang

  • rachaeljayhawk Level 1 Level 1

    Hi All,

    I've got a iPhone 4s and am using it in France under the Orange network... I've also had the same problem that it will not send regular SMS.  It comes back with the "Message Send Failure".  I have two things that have worked for me... (one is better than the other.)


    1. Permanent Fix: (so far... crossing my fingers) I had my husband's number (not an iPhone) under the 'mobile' heading in his Contact page. I changed the heading from 'mobile' to 'other' and it works just fine now!

    (I think this has something to do with the network not recognizing whether the phone in question is a mobile or a landline.)


    2. Work-around Fix: If that doesn't work above, what has been working for me, before the above fix, is when I want to send a text message, I go to Phonebook, find the Contact I want to send the SMS to, press the 'Send Message' button, type my message (or paste it from before) and then the message sends.  But this needs to be done EVERY message that you send... even if you just got one from them 10 seconds before.


    Good luck to everyone... I find this problem quite weird and can't figure out if it's the network or the iPhone's problem.





    PS -- I had tried every other fix offered here and on the iPhone support site before finding this fix!

  • n1nja Level 1 Level 1

    Check also if your message box is full, erase some of the messages that u don't need to keep and try it.




  • iliasm Level 1 Level 1

    i got my new 4s few days ago, i had the same problem. Couldn't send any sms.

    I solved the problem by installing my sim card on a old phone and sending an sms from this device.

    It worked on the old phone. I reinstalled the card on my iphone and voila! Problem solved.

  • Yzlim Level 1 Level 1

    Same condition , I'm in Malaysia. AND THE MESSAGING JUST WON'T WORK !  Steve died and everything goes wrong ?  I should've buy a pear instead of an apple.

  • Gelinho Level 1 Level 1

    I had received texts from my carrier, AT&T, so I expected to be able to send texts, but kept getting the "Failed to Send" response when attempting to send texts/SMS and iMessages with my iPhone 4S.


    I turned my iPhone off and turned it back on again, but I still wasn't able to send text/SMS  or iMessages immediately. I'm not sure if I needed to wait longer after the restart of my iPhone, but I had my Cellular Data off as I had been at home on Wi-Fi, so I turned Cellular Data on and tried again. Finally, I was successful in sending the messages I had been trying to send. When I switched Cellular Data off again, I was still able to send messages, which is what I was hoping/expecting.


    So, I'm not sure if the restart did the trick and that I needed to wait a bit longer before attempting to resend, or if I needed to connect to 3G to send my first message, but I am able to send messages now, thankfully.

  • alimx Level 1 Level 1


    Had the same problem, i hope this helps.. Basically just changing ur sms centre number to your current operator.:


    Well this is the way how to change sms center on iPhone 4S


    Step 1 - Checking what number is set as your SMS service centre number


    Launch your iPhone keypad and type *#5005*7672# and Press Call/OK


    You will get a response that tells you the number that has been set as your SMS service Centre number.


    Step 2 - Erasing the incorrect SMS service centre number

    On your iPhone keypad, type ##5005*7672# and Press Call/OK

    You will get a response that tells you that the service centre has no address or something to

    That effect. It means it has been erased.


    Step 3 - Setting the correct the SMS service centre number

    On your iPhone keypad, type **5005*7672*+xxxxxxxxxx# Press Call/OK

    You should get a response telling you the number has been set. later there is a notice stating that the smsc successfully changed.




    how to change sms center on iPhone 4S

    How do I check or change the messaging centre (SMSC) number FOR telkomsel indonesia?

    To check the Message Center Number on an iPhone all you need to do is to enter: *#5005*7672#


    You will then see:

    settings interrogation succeeded

    service center address

    will then show:

    To change the Message Center Number enter: **5005*7672*+6281100000# (for Telkomsel Indonesia).

    You will get the same message but if you then check again you will find the new number.

  • juanitab Level 1 Level 1

    Same happened to me. 

    Go into settings

    Go to Messages

    scroll down to SMS/MMS

    mark MMS Messaging OFF

    This worked for me.


    Hope this help!

  • -SHAGY- Level 1 Level 1

    my sms/calling issue that I've had since Nov 2011 has FINALLY been resolved after upgrading to iOS 5.1


    everyone please try may help!

  • Weema Level 1 Level 1

    I was having this issue with my iphone 4s ios 5.1. I tried suggested fixes, remove 1 from # etc.

    I was on wifi when trying to send and cellular data was turned off. When i turned it on and tried again, msgs were delivered. Hope this helps others with this frusterating issue

  • Bobby73 Level 1 Level 1

    I just turned off phone removed sim and wiped it. Returned sim. Now sends sms's fine

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