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I went to bed last night and lost 24% in ~8 hrs. That seems wrong.

The usage, though, sticks out in a weird way.


Went to bed: Battery 100%, Usage 36mins, StandBy 59 mins

Woke up: Battery 76%, Usage 5hrs 47mins, StandBy 9hrs 37mins


What was going on for 5hrs when I was asleep?

All apps were closed.

Here's what I have on:

Notifications: Weather, Phone, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, Facebook, Mail, GMail

Location Services: Camera, Safari, Siri, Weather, Find Iphone

Mail: Push (Yahoo, Exchange for GMail)

Bluetooth is off, Wifi is on and I was connected

iCloud & Wifi Sync are On, but last Sync was when I charged before I went to bed.


I did the  "settings reset fix" (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3484755?start=0&tstart=0) three days ago.

(Reset All Settings, Update the settings, Drain Battery and Recharge).

The first day it seemed ok, but the usage is still abnormally high.

For instance, I was at: Battery 43%, Usage: 12hrs 24mins, StandBy 18hrs 39 mins

2 hours letter: Battery 30%, Usage: 13hrs 37mins, StandBy 20hrs 40mins


My phone was sitting on my desk at work doing nothing for those 2 hrs, but according to this it was "In Use" for over half that.


What is going on here? Why is there a lot of "Usage" when I'm not using the phone.




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    Same thing happened to me tonight... I've never had problems with battery before, usualy I lose 1-2% during the night. When I checked usage, it was weird: Usage: 8 hours 20 minutes, Stand By: 8 hours 20 minutes

    My phone was on flight mode during the night, as usualy.

    I haven't done anything about it yet, but if anyone has any idea why this is happening and what might help, please tell



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    Quick Update:


    I turned off a few Notifications and it seems to be helping.

    I turned off: Reminders, Gmail & Facebook.


    I bet it's "Reminders".


    Right now I'm at: Battery 82%, Usage 1hr 32mins, Standby 5hrs 46mins

    The usage was all on 3G. 2 10 min phone calls on bluetooth. A few texts and emails. Listening to a podcast for 30mins. Seems much better now.

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    I didn't really do anything about it yesterday but charge it to 100% to see what happens. During the night it was on flight mode again and in the morning battery still showed 100%... so that's strange but o.k.

    Battey is still dropping fast when I use the phone but that's another problem...

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    Well, I'm still having overnight usage for some reason.


    Last night as I went to bed: Battery 60%, Usage 4hrs 4min, Standby 9hrs 3mins

    This morning: Battery 43%, Usage 8hrs 29mins, Standby 17hrs 39mins


    So over 8hrs I lost 17% battery and increased usage by almost 4.5 hrs. ***??


    What is going on at night?

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    Another update:


    Put the phone in Airplane Mode last night. Battery didn't budge, was at 100% this morning.

    So it's obvoius that something is running when it's on the Network or on WIfi.

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    I think I figure out my battery draining / high usage issue overnight.


    Turning off all Location Services makes the battery last.

    Night 1: Battery 35%, Usage 3hrs 30mins, StandBy 13hrs 45mins

    Next Morn: Battery 27%, Usage 3hrs 42mins, StandBy 20hrs 31mins


    Night 2:  Battery 69%, Usage 1hr 57min, StandBy 11hrs 23min

    Next Morn: Battery 63%, 2hrs 10 mins, StandBy 20hrs 34mins


    The Location Services I had on were: Camera, Maps, Siri, Weather, Find My iPhone


    Pretty sure there must be a bug in Location Services or one of them that causes high usage and batter drain.


    This is bad. Thanks Apple for a good product, but fix it.

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    Another update. I think I found my "during sleep usage & battery drain" issue.


    I turned on Location Services like David has on. I left "Find my iPhone On", but went to "System Services" at the bottom of Location Services.

    I turned off everything except Traffic and Cell Network Search. And my battery is great, as is the usage.

    I'm guessing "Diagnostics & Usage" is the culprit.


    Last Night 11:58pm

    Battery 92%, Usage 26mins, StandBy 2hrs 31mins


    This Morning 8:15am

    Battery 86%, Usage 38mins, StandBy 10hrs 48mins


    So 6% over 8 hrs, which is my best so far. Yay!


    Email is on Push, Notifications are on (weather, phone, messages, calendar, mail, reminders).

    Location Services is on (camera, maps, weather)

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    The 4s has a LOT more going on.. and apple needs to tone down what's running on the os OR put in a better battery... LOL..


    plus you can't shut off 3G... I found a way to save batt life is to KILL all system based location services.. and they put my life back to normal... normal apps can still use location services fine... I then turn them back on when im on DC power.. I'm sure 5.0.2 or 5.1 will fix them..


    in the meantime you can kill the 3G switch to help save life too: