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I have made a pages-document of 8 pages ... I want to add a page between pages 5 and 6. In other words, I will create a new page (which will be

page 6 and the former page 6 will become page 7).


I have tried everything to create a page within the document.  When I click on the create-page or whatever it is called and click on it, then

the blank page appears way at the end of the document (where I do not want it).


In the thumbnail section to the left side there is a yellow rectangular box which encompasses all of the pages which does not allow me to delete individual pages.


I have tried putting at the end of each page a Space/and/or page Breaker but that has not worked (under the insert tab). Perhaps I am not doing that correctly ?


I am sure there is an easy solution to this because this must be such a common problem.


Please help !  I need to finish a report soon and I need to add some pages within the completed text and to delete a few also.  Many many thanks. I need a Mac Angel      Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA but can anyone in the world solve this simple problem for me.

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    Menu > Insert > Page Break x2


    or simply keep typing at that point till it makes the aditional page. It is text that fills and creates pages.


    To get rid of a page that you don't want, get rid of what is causing it:


    Menu > View > Show Invisibles


    Delete the return, space, tab, Page Break, Section Break etc



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    Thanks so much ... I will try your suggestions and get back with you as soon as possible.

    Thanks again.

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    Peter, I tried all of your remedies but I am afraid I could not get them to work. Perhaps part of the problem is

    this :  I use the entire page by coloring the entire page (by making a text box and filling that in with

    color) that extends all the way to the top and bottom and sides of each page. Would that make it any more or less difficult to add a blank page within an already created document or to delete a page within an already completed document.


    Also, when I added invisibles, then I reduced the size of my 'color text box" ... and then a blue horizontal line appeared on a white page ... but then -- poof -- all of my other pages below completely disappeared ...


    Also, I did not follow what you meant by menu>insert>page break X2 ... I went to Insert and saw page break but was not sure what you meant by X2 ...  also, I was not sure what you meant by Delete the return, space, tab, etc.


    There surely must be an easy way to add or delete pages within a document. Would this still be a problem if I created the document not on the Word Processing mode but on the other mode ?  I am even ready to try

    Keynote but can I change the landscape orientation of the page on Keynote to Portrait. If so, then I could perhaps use Keynote and export my doc in a pdf. (which is what I do in Pages).


    I have looked through the Help section in the Iworks manuel and nothing seems to address my problem ... or if it does then I don't understand it ...


    Many many thanks ... I am not sure what time it is in Australia now ... all the best and I hope to hear from you soon .. I will keep trying now ... and perhaps I will crack it ... but I fear I need more instruction .... '

    best, Don

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    x2 was times two, I assumed you want a blank page.


    So now we have a colored text box on the page!


    If you want to tint the page you have to make sure that that object has wrap turned off as it will otherwise push text away from itself.


    It also sounds like you have been hammering away at returns to make pages fit where you want them. You use formatting and breaks to do that, not insert rubbery things like returns, tabs and spaces.


    Click on my blue name and email me the document and I'll fix it for you.




    PS +10 GMT

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    Are you using word processing or page layout document???

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    Thanks for your querry (Fruhulda) and your kind and able assistance (Peter) ... however, I tried playing with Page Layout format (and not WordProcessing format) ... and bingo !  It's the program for me !  It does everything so easily. Each page behaves itself and I can delete individual pages, add them where I want ... etc. It's as easy as Keynote.


    I fear that WordProcessing format is for Computer Pros ... and I will never use it again -- only Page Layout.


    Many thanks again to Peter and Fruhulda and all those seeking support, worldwide,  appreciate your skilled assistance.


    Don in California (now Sunny California now that I am using Page Layout) ....

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    You are welcome!

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7 (33,200 points)



    Glad you are happy, but you do realise Layout is just WP but with a list of things that don't work?


    It is not what I would choose for a wordy report, which has lots of text that flows from page to page.


    In Layout documents you will need to create textboxes on every page and link them. Once you have linked them, you will encounter similar problems to those you had in WP.


    Reports usually need footnotes, endnotes, bookmarks and Table of Contents, none of which are available in Layout.


    The concept of a WP document being a river of text that flows through the pages, from front to back, is not a difficult one.


    Word Processing on the computer is not like a typewriter where you just shuffle the pieces of paper (out of order). If there are logical (section) breaks that make sense, then you can drag and rearrange the pages in WP anyway.


    Just as in any manuscript you cut and paste text to where you want it, or use the Outline view to organise and rearrange the content in an hierarchical method. You don't drag off a page midsentence and stick it somewhere else.



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    To add to Peters description(I prefer WP docs too) I now like to respond to the first few lines you wrote "I have made a pages-document of 8 pages ... I want to add a page between pages 5 and 6. In other words, I will create a new page (which will be page 6 and the former page 6 will become page 7)."


    In a WP doc you do not first add a page and then write. You insert you cursor where you want to add the new text and start writing or Paste text from another part of the document. Any already existing text after the cursor will be pushed further down and Pages will add pages as needed.

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    Peter ... I can easily, intellectually, understand the advantages of WP over Layout ... however, I find WP too frustrating when I want to do a basic thing like delete a page or add a page .. basic tasks which I have been unable to do, after clicking every clickable thing I could find.


    Also, my reports generally do not need a table of contents or standard footnotes and bookmarks (whatever those are).


    I also see that Page Layout, with its wrap around features in the Info tab., allows me to introduce jpgs which "moves" the text in a wrap around fashion (which I like and of course is also a feature with WP).


    I like WP and my ONLY problem is the huge issue of adding a simple blank page within a pre-existing doc or deleting a page or moving one page to another location within the doc (basic features, it would seem). If I could be told how to do those basic things and it were not too complicated, then I would be happy to use WP.


    In some ways it's much like camera-use. For most people the point-and-shoot works fine, forfeiting the capabilities of a SLR camera. I think for my projects I am happy to settle for the point-and-shoot simplicity of Page Layout, although of course I would prefer WP, that is, if I could cope with its complexities.


    Thanks again for all of your assistance. I really appreciate it. Apple phone support, as you know, is non-existence for Pages.

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    Fruhulda (and Peter) ... I will try again to fiddle with WP but I cannot understand how one can start typing if a page is not added, as Fruhulda suggests.


    Independent of that however (1) how does one in WP delete a page within a document. Deleting all of the elements (photos, text boxes, etc.) will leave a "page" ... which I have been unable to delete in WP.


    Or, (2) how does one move one page or two, etc., from one part of the document to another ?


    Or, (3) How to add a page within a document.


    Can WP do these simple tasks ?  Those are the 3 issues that concern me, since otherwise I am quite happy with WP. However, those 3 issues make it impossible for me to work in WP.


    Have you an easy step by step solution to these issues, for beginning users like myself ? The answers that have been provided to me probably work but I am too much of a beginner to make them work.


    All the best. Time to go to bed in California. Tomorrow I will redo my WP document in Page Layout.


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    Entering a section break or page break, where you want one, is not that hard surely? You type returns to divide paragraphs.


    It must be a very odd report that every page stands on its own and has no text that flows from one page to the next, nor does it matter what order the text it goes in. You may have noticed that all of Apple's Report templates are WP.

    Mr. Seek Help wrote:


    Apple phone support, as you know, is non-existence for Pages.


    If you have AppleCare you have telephone support on everything to do with your Mac, including Pages.



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    bilden 2011-11-24 kl. 13.57.20.png

    Next image will show added text in red and how the black text got pushed to a new page. This is word processing. If you really need a blank page in the middle of a document you add the section break but most of the time you do not need it.

    bilden 2011-11-24 kl. 13.57.52.png

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    Many thanks. I will try your suggestions and get back with you.


    Perhaps my problem has 2 sources.

    I start each page with a text box which I fill with color; this text box extends beyond the edges of each page(top, bottom, sides). I then add photos and text boxes which I fill with text. This works perfectly but does this create a special problem when I try to delete pages, etc. ?  Also, my text boxes (with typed text) sometimes goes to the very bottom and top of the page (below the blue line that appears when I click on Show Invisibles).


    For your solutions, do I need to restrict my text boxes to those Invisible margins at the top and bottom and sides of the pages ? This would not work well for my reports which I want to go to nearly the bottom of the page and for which I want to color the entire page with a text box filled with color. 


    My main tasks are these (which have caused trouble) : (1)  deleting an entire page (I can remove text and photos, etc.) but I am still left with a blank page that I cannot delete  (2) moving a page from one spot to another (with I can do with Page Layout and Keynote slides) but cannot with WP and (3) removing any blank pages created at the bottom of my Pages document.  Unless I can at least easily do the first two tasks, then I am afraid WP is not for me. I need that flexibility.


    Many thanks again.  Don

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