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When we use the iPhone Configuration Utility (either the latest version or previous versions) to create a config profile with APN info, then install the profile to an iPhone4S, we noticed that MMS (multimedia messaging) was no longer working. This means we could not send or receive MMS messages. And this is MMS going over the MMS protocol (and not iMessage). We had not seen this before. We routinely do config profiles with APN info and have done for all iPhone models and iOS version before the new iPhone4S. Never had a problem with MMS or anything else. This is for iPhone4S devices in the AT&T network. It is easy to reproduce and you don't need an enterprise APN for that. In fact just a config profile with AT&T's APN settings will still break MMS when installed (other than the MMS, everything else works fine).


It does not appear an iOS 5 issue. iPhone4 (or iPhone3GS) with iOS 5 do not have this problem. It appears to be tied to the new iPhone4S hardware. The same configuration profile (with the APN info) works fine on iPhone4 with iOS 5 (MMS works fine), but when you put the very same configuration profile to an iPhone4S, MMS quits working.


Doing a network reset does not solve the problem. Only removing the profile fixes the MMS

Any ideas, explanations or workarounds?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    Have you found the solution to this?

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    No, unfortunately not. It is up to Apple to fix. I am checking every new release, beta or commercial, from Apple, hoping for a fix. It is a big deal for us. Have you experienced the same problem too?

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    HI - just got two new iPhone 4S for my adult children for Christmas - neither one would allow sending or receiving picture texts outside of AT&T network.   Spent 1 1/2 hours on phone with AT&T to no resolve.    The fix came from searching the internet.    ROOT CAUSE:  Our Cellular Data setting was OFF.    To turn on, go to Settings, General, Network, Cellular Data, tap ON.    Hope this fixes it for you like it did for us!

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    I'm having this issue plaguing my iPhone 4s as well , and it's quite annoying!! We have used apn profiles for some time now, but have never had issues with mms.


    As soon as we remove an apn profile, mms works flawlessly. But when reinstall the apn profile, mms functionality quits working again. I have confirmed that this issue is only present on the iPhone 4S, not any of our ip4's, or 3GS'.


    Apple please fix! We miss our MMS!

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    Just also wanted to also add that cellular data is ON, and working.

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    cellular data is of course ON. This is not the problem. MMS works fine when you remove the profile (MMS would not work period, profile or no profile if cellular data was OFF). Putting the APN profile back to the device makes MMS stop working again. Cellular data setting is not the problem.

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    I completely agree with onecount.  This issue only happens when an APN profile is installed on a 4S.  I have confirmed this not only on my phone, but 3 other phones now as well.  The problem is specific to the way that the iPhone 4S handles APN profiles. Put simply, it breaks MMS capabilities.

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    After 1.5 hours on the phone with Apple support on this issue, they are denying that this is an iPhone 4S issue, despite the fact that this issue isn't present on the iPhone 4, 3GS, or 3G, and want $700 to look into their own issue.  Needless to say, this is very dissappointing.


    Any neat ideas on what to do with a $650 paperweight?

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    Using the iPhone configuration utility's console view tab, this is the log of what happens when I try to send an MMS while an APN profile is installed.


    Dec 28 18:22:09 iPhone[15] <Notice>: told to send sms 42630

    Dec 28 18:22:09 iPhone[15] <Notice>: adding piece: type:[image/jpeg] partID:[0] previewPart:[-1] duration:[0]

    Dec 28 18:22:09 iPhone[15] <Notice>:        data:[0] [/var/mobile/Library/SMS/Parts/a6/06/42630-0.jpg] contentLocation:[IMG_7539.jpg]

    Dec 28 18:22:09 iPhone CommCenter[17] <Notice>: queuing mms message with id 42630

    Dec 28 18:22:10 iPhone CommCenter[17] <Notice>: MessageCenterModel is telling PDP context 2 to go active.

    Dec 28 18:22:10 iPhone CommCenter[17] <Error>: Error (204) activating PDP context 2 that supports types 4: ???, last_auto_trigger: [no]

    Dec 28 18:22:39 iPhone CommCenter[17] <Notice>: MessageCenterModel is telling PDP context 2 to go active.

    Dec 28 18:22:39 iPhone CommCenter[17] <Error>: Error (204) activating PDP context 2 that supports types 4: ???, last_auto_trigger: [no]

    Dec 28 18:22:39 iPhone[15] <Notice>: internalID: [42630]

    Dec 28 18:22:39 iPhone[15] <Notice>: notifying clients of event: 3 (recordID: 42630)

    Dec 28 18:22:39 iPhone MobileSMS[93] <Warning>: _SMSMessageSendError

    Dec 28 18:22:39 iPhone MobileSMS[93] <Warning>: _SMSMessageSendError

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    Yes, I had seen the exact same log indicating clearly a problem. So, you actually talked to Apple about this. Did you have to pay to get the support team on the line? It is very strange they are not seeing this as their bug. Did they say whose problem it is? The carrier's? the user's?

    I bet the dual mode hardware (GSM/CDMA) has something to do with it. But Apple should be able to provide a software solution to the problem.

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    I am using Blackberry plan in my iPhone. Previously I was able to change apn in 3GS and everything worked. But with 4s mms doesn't work after you change apn. I changed my plan to iPhone and everything is working.

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    I called the Apple care line, and eventually got to 4th tier support, where they declared that there must be an issue with the APN I'm using, regardless of the fact that none of the iPhone 3G, 3GS', and 4's in our office are experiencing this issue while using the same APN.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised about this, afterall who'd expect Apple to actually admit there's a "bug" in one of their products, especially since this is hapenning to a very small number of users on the 4S.  Getting to 4th tier support was free, but to be able to talk to someone who can actually investigate this issue will cost $700.


    I offered to give them access to our private APN for testing, but they were "unable to do that sort of testing".  Additionally, we have tested using a public APN from AT&T (wap.cingular), and still experience the same issue.


    Lastly,  I did some further digging, and I think it has something to do with PDP Context 2 not getting an IP address.  As a disclaimer, I have no clue what a PDP Context is, what it does, what it's for, but obviously MMS needs it.  Going into field test mode on the phone will allow you to see the PDP Contexts, and is where I got this info from.



    On the iPhone 4S, without an APN profile installed, the PDP Contexts are listed 0-3.  These 4 contexts have values for an APN, and an IPv4 address, although context 0 and 2 are the only ones that have values in them.


    When an APN profile isnt installed, MMS' can be sent, cellular internet doesn't work., the values are:

    Context 0

    IPv4:    ip is blank

    APN:   phone (this is the default APN for the iphone 4s on att).


    Context 2

    IPv4:     has a valid public IP address

    APN:     wap.cingular



    When an APN profile is installed, MMS's can't be sent, but cellular internet does work, the values are:

    Context 0:

    IPv4:     Valid public IP address is present

    APN:     Our enterprise APN


    Context 2:

    IPv4:     ip is  blank.

    APN:     wap.cingular


    It appears that when Context 2 has an IP address, MMS' are able to be sent.  One other interesting fact, on the iPhone 4, only 1 PDP Context is listed, while the 4S has 4 listed.


    Hopefully this issue will be resolved in the 5.1 update, as this update contains a baseband update for the 4S, updating it from 1.0.14 to 1.2.01-1.  Unfortunately I don't have access to a 5.1 beta, otherwise I'd test this my self.  If anyone has access to the beta, and wants to test APN profiles/MMS send status, we'd greatly appreciate it!

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    very interesting information. 5.1 beta 2 still has the issue.

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    Having same issue with apn as well. Thought I was the only one. Can't mms unless apn is removed on 4s, but then data is terminated. Must be some update or patch on way. Help apple!!!

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