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    iCloud back at 7:30am EST in Sydney Australia.

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    17 years in the business, and yes a little SNMP trap to web notification update is clearly not a very complex operation.  LOL.


    I feel like we're back in 1996 when end users called a help desk to inform them when systems were down.  Reactive support is never a good support "model".  The gentleman I spoke to at Apple support was very professional and nice, but checked the internal notification site (not customer visible) as well as asking his supervisor and his colleagues.  At that time, no one on that level was made aware of the outage or knew anything about it.


    Sadly, it's still going up and down for me.


    If the infrastructure I managed (mostly PBX/Telephony) went up and down as often as iCloud, me thinks I'd no longer have a job. :-)


    The only reason I'm not complaining too much is because Apple has me on an extended comp plan because of all the issues my account has had, yes, dating back to iTools days. It seems like RIGHT before one of the transitions I would experience a major issue with a feature, and they would comp me a year (ranging from loosing emails, to all my contacts...etc). As I review support cases, casually, online, most people who are "transitioners" from prior products appear to have the most challenges.  I rarely see (and today may be the exception) a new iCloud subscriber stating they are having issues.  Though we (past subscribers) may also be the most vocal because of how loyal we are and our expectations levels.


    I've suspected going on the last 6-7 years that there are issues with their databases and how accounts have been "rebuilt".  But that's just my opinion...


    If it was a server issue, the most complex server infrastructure (like Tandem COs) only take 15-20mins to reboot portions of what they have.  The worst was 2002, MCI lost a Tandem 4, and even that was operational within 3 hours.


    The problem with IT professionals and consumer products... They don't always live up to our expectations.  I CRINGED this weekend from every consumer product I heard mention saving things/using things "in the cloud" (not Apple specific).  Feels like 1998 and VoIP marketing all over again.

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    Even though the status page shows a 'tick' for mail it's still not right.


    I am receiving mail but displaying a message takes 3-4 seconds, deleting takes 5-10 seconds, and the system has kicked me out to the login page.



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    Issues are occuring again - about an hour now.  I have a ticket open with Apple.  Of course, the status page is not updated.

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    Almost makes me want to have an alternate email.....need icloud to work consistently. Will we ever get to that point?

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    I spoke to a woman help desk agent.  Again they had no notification that there were issues.  She's notfying the teams as applicable.  She stated that they believe it's a server capacity issue and that... get this...and I quote:


    "Outages are to be expected as we work the kinks from the system."


    My response:  "But that's unacceptable, I use this for work and everything, and other service providers don't have this issue."


    "We're doing the best that we can, and outages are to be expected."


    So there we go, she said give them a few hours.


    Same deal as yesterday, unfortunately.


    Same symptoms as yesterday as well. first was impacted, and now the symptoms are showing up on my iOS devices with iCloud server unreachable.

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    I love my macs and Apple overall, and I knew going in they would have growing issues with icloud....but I never anticipated it would slow down my work:-( I don't like having a full inbox that I can't respond to. Thanks for the update though....keeping fingers crossed and clients at bay!!

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    I still can't logon into my iCloud account, called customer support and they want me to pay for the service.. BAD APPLE.

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    Pay for what???

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    to troubleshoot the problem, they don't understand this is the iCloud issue and not hardware issue, I've been trying to tell her but she won't listen and unfortunately my iphone hardware is not under Apple Care protection so they refuse to help unless I purchase single insident service.

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    Wow! That takes nerve. I think as they are inundated with issues they'll be listening. I think it's part of waiting game as more people switch over to icloud. I figured I would get ahead of the game and change over at the beginning.

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    Totally unacceptable!  Still waiting for that friendly customer service email for yesterday's issues.  It takes so little to contact your customers and let them know that as a company, they find this as unacceptable as we do, and they're 'working in it' and thank us for our 'patience'.

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    I'd go along with the points and frustration, all but one.  The reality is that other service providers absolutely have this issue.  There isn't one in the world that doesn't experience outages, both planned and unplanned.  Sometimes these issues are in their control, sometimes not.  But if anyone thinks that they're going to sign up with another provider, any provider and not experience outages they haven't been around very long or they're just dreaming.


    With respect to getting personal service from another free email service provider, best of luck.  Try giving Google a ring about Gmail when it goes down.


    I agree, if this is about Apple's phenomenal growth it is frustrating and I wish I didn't have to suffer along with the rest, but having only one email these days makes no sense.  Set up another email account or two elsewhere and if Apple's service is unacceptable, switch.  However again, be prepared to be disappointed.


    I haven't experienced any issues since yesterday's outage.  I'm with everyone, I hope this gets ironed out sooner than later.

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    I agree's most companies, however, I think I have had uninterrrupted issues possibly 3-4 days in a row and then the shoe drops. I feel like I've been hijacked! I guess it's time to search for an alternative..any suggestions?



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    amiciphotography wrote:


    I agree's most companies, however, I think I have had uninterrrupted issues possibly 3-4 days in a row and then the shoe drops. I feel like I've been hijacked! I guess it's time to search for an alternative..any suggestions?




    That's too bad Giovanna.  I moved from Apple's MobileMe service (which was less than stellar) to iCloud the day it was available and yesterday's outage was the first I ever experienced.  Understand that others haven't been as lucky apparently.


    I see that you're in AZ (at least part of the time...snowbird?) and it so happens that there is a very reliable hosting and mail service there called MadRooster.  I get a weekly uptime report for some of the web hosting accounts I have there and they've hovered in the 99.5%+ range for years.  Anytime I've had an issue they get back to me almost immediately.


    A Gmail account is pretty much a no-brainer, but again, you get what you pay for....however it's worked great as a backup for me. 


    Otherwise there are a lot of providers and you can usually find reviews about the larger ones at least.


    Hope that helps!