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edwardfrommoseley Level 1 Level 1

Signed up for itunes match with 2011 imac, latest updates of itunes and lion on mac and latest update on ipad 2.

Noticed during playback on ipad2 that LOTS of songs are cut off at the end...they end 15 - 20 seconds early, abruptly...not sure why?

Please help, thank you in response!

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, 2011 imac, itunes match
  • purplefred Level 1 Level 1

    I am having similar problem.  MacBook Pro with 10.6.8 and latest iTunes 10.5.3. 


    I've figured out that it can happen when I drag mp3s to the iTunes icon to import to the library.  Lately when I do this...say I drag a folder of mp3s representing one album...the first few usually play fine, but then some will start screwing up.  Some are simply cut off. Others get close to the end, and then abrubtly start repeating the audio from several seconds back (although the pointer does not visually back's as if some of the previous audio was written twice).  When this happens, the song may still cut off before the end. 


    Either way, if I re-import the messed up tracks one at a time, they play fine.  So it seems to be a problem with itunes corrupting the file during import.  The corrupt tunes and the correctly-playing re-imported tunes display no difference in playing time.

  • e5c4p3artist Level 1 Level 1

    I just noticed this happening on one of my albums yesterday. It had not happened up until then. On one ablum, on which all of the songs were "matched" by iTunes, every single song gets cut off around 30 seconds early.  Very annoying.  If I play the song in iTunes on my computer, it plays to the end.  But playing via iCloud on my iPhone, all songs get cut off.

  • Diaphanes Level 1 Level 1

    This is extremely annoying. It seems that only the songs purchased from iTunes are cutting off on my laptop, iPod, and iPad. Nothing on the song "info" indicates anything out of the ordinary. Neither is there any explanation or solution offered by Apple or iTunes that I've found anywhere. What is even more peculiar is that the latter portions of songs that were cutoff are in the iTunes store under my "purchased" category. Huh? The first part of songs are on my devices (incomplete) and the other part to complete them are in the iTunes store! I'd love to redownload these 700+ songs that I've purchased so I can listen to them to their completion. I'll try a few more things while I look for a helpful solution.

  • Mike Connelly Level 4 Level 4

    I started running into this with songs I matched then "upgraded" by deleting and downloading.


    Songs cut off on iPod.  They also cut off in iTunes.  I've deleted and downloaded again, stops in the exact same place.  Same thing streaming or downloading from another computer (although one song played in full once, I think it was while streaming).


    Now what's really weird is on the second machine the songs cut off early in iTunes but when I download them and go to the finder and play them in preview, they play to the end.  So the full file is there with no problems but iTunes consistently stops them early even though the full song is there.  I wonder if iTunes stores some sort of song lengths and that info got corrupted and it's following wrong info in a database instead of the file itself.


    For you guys, are the songs still cut off in other apps (preview in the finder, quicktime player, whatever)?

  • edwardfrommoseley Level 1 Level 1

    I am still having the same problem as my original post.  Happens on my iphone, ipad and imac and windows7 running on imac.  No solutions that I have seen so far here.  It appears, based on what i have listened to, it only is chopping off songs purchased from apple. all my mp3s previously ripped are fine.  even the mp3s that apple put onto my ipad via icloud/imatch.g

  • Mike Connelly Level 4 Level 4

    Same problem with iTunes 10.5.2 (and in my case the files seem to be fine, they just cut off in iTunes and on iPod).

  • e5c4p3artist Level 1 Level 1

    I am having this problem with only one album that I know of and it was one that was ripped from a CD and "matched" by iTunes.


    I have tried many, many things and have not been able to solve the problem yet.  I have turned off/on iTunes Match.  I have deleted that one album from iTunes/iCloud and re-added.  I have completely deleted the actual MP3 files from iTunes/iCloud/my hard drive and re-ripped the CD.  I actually did the re-rip twice.  Once normally and the second time I re-ripped with the Tag info wrong - I changed the artist name and album name.  Interestingly enough, the songs still "matched."  Annoyingly enough, they still cut off 26 seconds early.


    The album I am having problems with is "Love's Still Changing Hearts" by The Imperials.  Fortunately it's not that great of an album so I rarely listen to it.  Unfortunately I'm the only one in the world who has this album so no one else can experiment with me.


    One thing I have noticed because I saw it mentioned somewhere else on the net, my counter for the "now playing song" continues to show the song that was cut off and continues to count down from 26 second to zero even though the next song has already started playing.


    I'll keep testing as I have time to see if I can isolate the cause of this issue...

  • edwardfrommoseley Level 1 Level 1

    How is apple with returns and imatch?  At this point it makes sense to turn off imatch, wipe off all my devices and reinstall original music from backed up (prior to imatch) library and manually put music onto portable devices.  I cloud was working fine until imatch which has been a disaster for me. Has anyone tried this?


    Fortunately I am not a music nut where i need to listen to every song every day, but i am starting to get ****** that that most of the purchased stuff is screwed.


    Has anyone gotten a refund on match or heard if a quick update was in the works??


  • Mike Connelly Level 4 Level 4

    Do the files play back OK in other apps (quicktime, finder preview)?  In the case of the album I have, the audio seems to be there since it plays back fine outside of iTunes, seems like the app is just confused about the length and stops early.

  • edwardfrommoseley Level 1 Level 1

    Have not tried w another app yet.  On business trip so when home for holidays will have time to dig deeper.  Stinks my iPad/iPhone on the road disappoint. 

  • laserone Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list of people having the same problem. But I don't know what "match" is, so I doubt that is what is the problem on my end.  This is very frustrating.  It cuts off when I play it in itunes on the MacBook and on the iPhone.  But when I open the songs in QuickTime they play fine.  I wish Apple would hurry up and give us a fix!


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  • pdandbd Level 1 Level 1

    Spent 2 hrs on this yesterday.  Many songs (dosn't matter whether impoted from CD or directly bought through Apple) cut off at the 4 min mark.  This started happening after I had had to copy my library of music etc from my backup drive to my computer drive after my computer crashed (for non apple reasons) 



    Anyway, to solve this type of issue, you just need to do a few simple steps.

    1.  make sure your itunes is the latest update (same with your ipod if you have one)

    2.  Once you verify your entire music library is still safely loaded on your backup drive, then delete all your itunes music from your computer drive (otherwise you have to inidvidually figure out which of your songs are messed up and delete them which can take hours)

    3.  Then, using the itunes import function (found under the Itunes file tab), pick the "Import File FOLDER."

    4.  Go to "Browse" and find your music folders on your backup drive, highlight them all, and import them.  Please note that this will keep the original music files on your backup drive.  (If you wish, you can copy the files to your actual computer drive first, and then find there and select them from there; your call.)

    5.  You will see itunes importing them and note that, after the original import of each song file, I noticed that it then says something like "checking for gaps in playback" and it goes through all the music files again and eliminates any gaps it detects in a song.  After it has done that, you should not have anymore problems of itunes stopping at various points in song playback and moving onto the next song.


    I am not an software guy or anything like that, just a frustrated user who found a way to solve a problem.  The problem was caused when I directly copied the song files to the file location where Itunes typically will store your music files.  I needed to use the actual "IMPORT" feature. 


    Hope it helps


    Message was edited by: pdandbd One more thing, once I had fixed the playback problem on Itunes on my computer, I then deleted all my IPOD music and re-synced it to Itunes.  No more problems on my IPOD either.

  • davem174 Level 1 Level 1

    Where is apple support for updates to this issue?

  • Mike Connelly Level 4 Level 4

    It's good to know that reimporting files fixes things, but since that loses all ratings and playlists that's not a practical option for many users.


    Apple just needs to fix this, hopefully it will be resolved in the next iTunes update.

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