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  • Glenn Ferguson Level 1 Level 1

    I don't get it. I deleted the local copy that was on my computer. I re-downloaded it and it plays fine on my PC, PC using match on the cloud as well. The only thing that doesn't work is my iPhone. I have deleted all music from that And turned off match. Rebooted. Turned on match again. Still cut off. Now what?  These are apple store files that are corrupt, not songs I ripped.

  • Glenn Ferguson Level 1 Level 1

    I am absolutely at the end of my rope! These are all of songs that are downloaded from the iTunes store. I have turned off iTunes on my iPhone, I have deleted all music, I have rebooted the phone, I have re-enabled iTunes match on my phone, they still cut off. On my laptop I have deleted the files from my laptop on the local storage, I have redownloaded from The cloud, I have played them on my laptop both from the local file that was downloaded from the cloud and from the cloud, they both sound perfect. What do I do now?

  • Glenn Ferguson Level 1 Level 1

    Johnny Appleseed wrote:


    Glenn, they're not exactly the same file - you've downloaded a separate copy to each of your devices, so one of them is corrupt.

    Meaning?  The copy on my laptop, from the cloud, plays fine.  I use match on my iPhone, and that is the offending file.  I have turned off match, deleted all music, rebooted, turned match on, still cuts off.  When played from the cloud on ATV is fine, other laptops from the cloud are fine.  Jusy my iPhone 5.

  • Glenn Ferguson Level 1 Level 1

    I have now spiked with Apple 2x about this.  They want me to restore my iPhone as new.  That's not going to help!  Why add another problem for me?


    This is highly frustrating, does anyone have any sort of solution?  I have erased all music, truned off match and all on my iPhone, rebooted and turned match back on.


    Still no good, still cuts off iTunes store music from 7-8 years ago.

  • blue_heron Level 1 Level 1

    At least I found one consistent reason for songs being cut off:


    All my songs that have the cloud status "Waiting" (dotted cloud icon) are cut off, some sooner, some later.


    You can easily check if that applies to your songs by:


    - display the list of titles

    - right-mouse-button (Mac: CTRL-click?) in the labels of the columns and check "iCloud Download" to on (a cloud icon appears in the column titles)

    - click on the cloud column icon to sort your songs by iCloud Download status

    - scroll all the way up or down to see the songs that have a dotted cloud icon

    - select one and play

    - in the play progress bar (top middle of the iTunes window) click to advance playback to the middle or near the end

    --> if the song is broken iTunes will just jump to the next one

    - try with the next songs

    - try to find a song that doesn´t have the dotted cloud and is also broken


    The songs are cut off in the file (I checked with the Windows media player).


    What is that "Waiting" status?

    How can I fix that?

  • Glenn Ferguson Level 1 Level 1

    I don't have that issue. Only three items not uploaded/match, all videos.  I called apple 2x and no help. I am highly ****** as I not only paid for the service but the songs and well that I can't listen to.

  • wilsonwu Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having exact same issue. It only happens on my iPhone. Tried download, delete, re-download, still same. Never have this issue when I use iTunes on my Macs. Unbelievable after so long time Apple is not doing anything on it. iOS is really becoming crap now.

  • Glenn Ferguson Level 1 Level 1

    Yup, Live U.S. operator both times, kicked up to a "senior support person", same answer, reset your phone.  Obviously the songs were fine prior to me using match.  Obviusly the files are good in the cloud because I can play them fine.  Obviously there is an issue with match, iPhones, and some songs, in my case quite a few, that I PAID FOR!!!


    Meaning, I am ****** that thy have no answer for something that obviously affects people other than just me!

  • wilsonwu Level 1 Level 1

    It's pretty clear that it's caused by iTunes Match.


    I just disabled iTunes match and used iTunes to transfer songs from Mac to iPhone, everything is fine. After re-enable iTunes match, those songs been chopped off again. I quite agree that might be an issue with their so-called gapless play.

  • Glenn Ferguson Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, but the gap I get is 30+ seconds!  ;-)


    What can we do to get them to fix it?


    Anyone else here been able to overcome this obstacle?  I can identify the songs easily, that is not the issue.  the issue is to get them to play on my iPhone.

  • jr_NJ Level 1 Level 1

    I spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone with Apple Support regarding this problem (and I don't have and never have had iTunes match). The problem recently ocurred when I had to re-synch my iPad with iTunes. I have problems on my iPad 4 and iPhone 4 but the songs are fine on iTunes. Apple refuses to admit there is a problem and they just keep making us reset our phones and spend hours re-downloading our music and most of the time that doesn't fix the problem. I'm so sorry I purchased my iPad-4 this year because my iPhone contract is up in July and I'm really thinking about switching to either Windows or Android as Apple's attitude has become tiresome when there are now equal or better choices out there.

  • coxar Level 1 Level 1

    Something I have just discovered.


    Most of the problems I have are with cutting off are with Amazon MP3 purchases which I try to use with iMatch on my iOS devices. They routinely stop at 2:23 and then go silent - or play bits of other songs. ITune bought songs are not a problem.


    If you download the Amazon cloudplayer app and use it to play the songs downloaded via iMatch to your iOS device THEY WORK!


    Doen't this indicate some sort of problem with iOS? (I have two iphones and 2 iPads which have exactly the same problem, and this works with all of them - I don't have the same problem with my Apple TV or iMatch downloads to my other computer).


    Despite this fix, It is still highly annoying. I would prefer to use the native iOS music app.


    APPLE sort it out!

  • PlasmodiumVivax88 Level 1 Level 1

                                                 So I too am experiencing my Iphone5 cutting off the end of songs and jumping to the next one.  However they are songs I've ripped from my home CD collection.  I've done  all the things mentioned in these threads to no  avail.  In addition  however I downloaded the music off the phone back to a PC using Sharepod 3.9 and the broken songs that were cutting off  played fine on the  PC.  So  clearly the files aren't corrupted.  If I rerip them from  CD back  up  to the phone, they work once again, but I fear a new set of songs takes the place of the broken  ones.  But with 911  songs  it's  hard to tell.  I am using Apple  Lossless  format on a 32gb Iphone5 and fear it's not  happy with the  lossless format.  Seems like a software (IOS6.02) issue or bad sector issue to me.  Very maddening.  IOS6.1  should be out anyday.  Maybe  they'll fix things?  One  can dream can't they?  CD to lossless is so much  better than CD to AAC to this blind user to whom sound is very important.  All input on this matter                                                             is  welcome.                                                                                                                                                                      

  • hogstrom Level 1 Level 1

    I've been having this problem for a while.  I've seen lots of attempts but no solid success.  I tried this and it's working for me on about 3 albums I tried.


    I'm using an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1 and iTunes 11.0.1.  The problem predated these versions but still existed until...


    I noticed on the Summary page in iTunes for my iPhone that I had checked "Convert higher bit rate songs to [128 kbps] AAC".  I unchecked the box, resynced my library (which did grow by the way) and now everything is playing correctly.


    I'll update this post in case things change ... so far so good (fingers crossed).


    Message was edited by: hogstrom I was able to go through the most of the other posts and did see references to turning this on, editin XML, etc.  For me this was a one-click fix.  If it stays working.

  • janet1103 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem with my ipod classic 160GB.  I didn't notice the problem because I hardly use it.  I did notice that it only happened on several albums.


    I just converted songs on the album to AAC format.  This format is more compatible with iTunes.  For some reason  the codes on some CD's or downloads are not compatible.

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