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Hi All,

I am investigating using the iPad as the core of an EPOS system. I see that companies like Revell ( cator for the US markets but do we have anything like this in the UK. I am a business owner opening a new bar and am looking for better, newer and cost effective solutions to our till needs. We already have two iPads so it would be good not to have to spend on costly touch screen pc's when we have half the hardware already!


Any thoughs would be great



iPad, iOS 4.3.2
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    Hi Phil


    I am looking for the same products as you describe, so far I've found if it helps;


    however both have monthly subscription fee's, does anyone know of a similiar product that has a single one off payment that would suit me better?


    Thanks in advance



  • Phillshaw Level 1 (0 points)

    Thats looking ok!

    The trouble is the 'Established' plan (Erply), which is what we'll need if we want more than 2 staff!, is pricey. It'll be around £2000+vat per year which is 'ok' but I cannot seem to find any information at hardware?! We'll need static tills with drawers and printers and PDQ's and it looks as though these guys cant provide that.


    It appears the same for Vend. The pricing is much better but again I cannot see any solution to provide complete till setups (minus iPad),


    The hunt goes on!

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    Apple offer a POS package but it's limited to a desktop unit! es It's a shame there isnt an ipad alternative

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    I'm looking into bluetooth/wireless compatible printers and cash drawers-but as you say Im not sure if they are compatible with Erply or Vend.


    We're going to Spring Fair at the NEC to meet with our suppliers in the begining of Feb and also with the intention to see if there are any Ipad based POS venders- I know there wasnt anything at the Autumn Fair but I'll post if I find anthing.

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    I've seen the Mamut POS solution before - but like you say it requires a desktop Mac -so isnt suitable for our needs whereas an Ipad version would be ideal-come an Apple-get it sorted!!!!!!!!

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    If you find anything suitable and post your findings that'd be great. I am pretty much at a dead end now


    I have just had a helpful chat with a rep from Squirrel Sollutions:


    me: We're looking for a POS till system that uses android tablets as the till interface, can you provide the hardware for this? Minus the actual tablet,

    Just a moment...

    Aaron: yes, thats how it works

    me: great, at the moment we have been led to other providers that can supply, till drawers, printers etc for till systems that use tablets as the workhorse.

    Aaron: if you like i can forward your info to our local reseller in the UK

    me: specifically we're opening a bar and would need three tills (so three iPads or Androids) and the accompanying hardware.

    that'd be great!

    we already have the tablets,

    Aaron: ok we would be glad to provide a quotation and a demo if necessary

    what is your contact info?

    me: well we're based in the UK and are in the planning/construction stage of the venture. Do you have a brochure etc?

    details of the british reseller would be great!

    Aaron: yes i do, i can email to you right away

    me: brilliant, the email address is at the top of this box, but its*****.com

    Aaron: the reseller will contact you as soon as possible. what is your name?

    me: Phil

    in the meantime could you email me a brochure across?

    Aaron: ok Phil, i will send the brochure right away

    me: great stuff! Thanks a lot.

    Thanks for your help!


    When the info comes through i'll update the thread here. Just to clarify they offer iPad solutions not just Android.


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    Here is an excerpt of what I was sent, looks promising. Screen Shot 2012-01-05 at 18.44.43.jpg

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    Hey Phill-


    Try POS Lavu.. Gordon Ramsay really like them.

    here is the link:

    Hope it helps!

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    Go to we do this and have a great application, no monthly fees etc, our price comes with 1 years free support, all installation programming etc. Just click on the general enquiry box and somebody will come back to you fairly quickly.




    I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.


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    For in Europe, you can try POSIOS.

    POSIOS is a company in Belgium and is specialized in POS solutions for the European market.


    iPAD Cash Register Restaurant Butler

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    Hi There


    I’ve come across your thread and would like to tell you about our Halo software company based in Lincolnshire. We already have our software installed into one of Lincoln’s top restaurants and have received excellent feedback.


    As part of our Halo software we have a system called Halo for Restaurants which uses an iPad EPOS app. Waiting staff are able to quickly and easily allocate customers to tables, recording the number of covers, restaurant area (inside/outside/room), table name/number and the option to add any additional notes i.e. Rush table, Birthday Party.


    Customisable menus and wine lists can be uploaded and categorised to your requirements onto your iPad and taking orders can now be done quickly and easily at the touch of a button and orders sent directly to the kitchen/bar printer to begin preparing before you’ve even left your table. The iPad is also linked to the restaurant till to automatically print your bills and take secure payments.


    The system also allows you to gain a complete overview of your dinner service including the status of tables (orders taken, mains delivered etc.), time of arrival, waiting times, waiting staff assigned to tables and more, giving you complete confidence in managing your dinner service.


    Not only that but everything you need to manage your business is there including accounting, sales, staff performance reports, stock control, CRM and even updating menus on the company website all in one place. This integrated system receives real time data from the table service app and sends it through to your laptop/PC which means your system updates all accounting, sales and performance is automatically updated without you having to lift a finger!


    To learn more visit us at or feel free to contact us at for more information or to arrange a demo.


    Kind Regards,


  • RevelHELPER Level 1 (0 points) has bluetooth printers and accessiores for iPad POS.   Revel has mobile bluetooth printers also with a whole mobile system or stantionary system.  Check them out at or call 415-413-0305.   If you need a feature Revel has it.  If you need support Revel has it.  If you want a free system go somewhere else   If you want the best Call REVEL!

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    I've come across this thread, thought I would let you know about a UK based Ipad Epos system that we are partly helping to develop. It's called I-pos to be released soon for testing. If interested, sign up to the mailing list for an update when we launch. This app is going to have inbuilt feature requesting so kiss goodbye to a traditional till system and welcome in a system that will evolve with you. This system will be compatible with a printer and cash drawer as well as chip and pin devices. It will come bundled with our very own custom developed ipad security stand. We designed the stand to cut costs, it retails at just £89 and can be found at soon as well. The overall cost of the system per month will be less expensive than traditional, and as we all know, the hardware setup will be significatly less thanks to apple's ipad!


    Hope that helps!

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    Hey guys and Phillsahw I wanted to metion it is a company that has done very well. It has won many gastronomy awards and has expanded to more than 600 restaurants and cafes in Germany. Now they are in the UK! The monthly fee is optional and you can do everyhting you want from the iPad. It also comes at at very competitive prices. If you are intersted just reply to this thread!


    Just front page.jpg

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