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I bought an Android phone tonight, replacing my iPhone.  I also ported my number to the new phone.  However, now, anytime someone with an iPhone tries to SMS me, their phone automatically sends it as an iMessage, which I can't receive, since I no longer use my iPhone.  How do I deactivate my phone number with iMessage so that I can start receiving text messages from my iOS-using friends again?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
  • modular747 Level 6 (18,730 points)

    Did you wipe all data from your iPhone?  There is a known bug that even if you did, the iPhone will still be found and receive your iMessages.  Until Apple fixes this, your friends will have to disable iMessage on their iPhones in order to SMS to you.

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    I did try wiping all my data.  Now, I can't get any messages sent to my number, since after the wipe, my old phone is no longer associated with the number (it was getting them when connected to wi-fi).  So now, I will never receive any message sent to me by anyone with an iPhone?  Surely Apple couldn't have missed that huge of a design flaw?


    If it's true, I may have to go into my new carrier tomorrow and see if they can switch my phone number.  It doesn't seem reasonable for all my friends to turn off iMessage in order to contact me, but I can't not have access to text messages.

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    I've been experimenting with iMessage after reading your post.


    This is a serious problem. If you disable iMessage, when others who have iMessage enabled try to text you it just won't get to you. If you switch to a phone that does not have iOS 5, same thing happens. The only way that iOS 5 users can text a phone number that has been associated with an Apple ID for iMessage purposes is to disable iMessage. Of course, if they disable iMessage then they have the problem of people not being able to text them!!



    Apple, please fix this!

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    I'm having the exact same problem. Its very very annoying. All of my friends use iPhones, with iOS5. And now I cant recieve messages from them.


    And my mother is using my old iPhone and she can't send me texts either. It's so stupid.

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    Found a workaroundfor this--still a pain, but it works:


    Any friends that are currently using iMessage must deactivate their iMessage via the settings app, and send you a message via sms. After they have successfully sent a message to you via sms, they are able to re-activate iMessage. From that point on, they are able to send messages to you via sms--don't know how it works, but I can confirm 3 different users so far.


    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn't work.  I had a friend try just now. The message went through while iMessage was turned off, but as soon as it was on again, it was sending iMessages again.  This is absolutely insane - it's like Apple is stealing my private communication.  Has anyone called Apple about this and seen if they could manually de-link the number from the iMessage service?  I may have to give them a call later today.

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    I called Apple about this very issue today. Last week I bought a new Android phone and got my old iphone 4 ready to be sold but now can't receive texts from anyone who I used to iMessage with.  All their texts try to go through as iMessages which I obviously no longer use.


    Apple said they are unable to de-link the number from the iMessage service.  They had me run through many options....changing apple ID, reseting my old iphone, turning off imessage....blah, blah.  Yet I still cannot receive texts from anyone with an iphone because of this silly iMessage issue.  They told me it may take 24 hours fro the system to release its hold on the number. We'll see what happens.


    They did say they are aware of the issue and a fix is "probably in the works." So for now, I just won't communicate with anyone that has an iphone through text messaging.  Unfortunate situation.

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    AHHHH After lots of tinkering I've solved the issue!


    I really hope this helps everyone!


    Okay. Heres what to do:


    1. Go to:
    2. Log in if not already logged in.
    3. Click on "edit products"
    4. Click on the "x" to the right of the product.
    5. Click "unregister"


    Within seconds of doing this I was able to receive SMS messages from iMessage users!


    Hopefully this helps everyone, and Merry Christmas!

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    Oh my goodness, you have delivered a Christmas miracle.  I can't for the life of me understand why THIS is the thing that fixed it, but it's certainly seemed to do so. Crazy that Apple doesn't even seem to know this works - hopefully they read this and put up a help file or something (or better yet, make it more intuitive).


    Thanks again and a Merry Christmas to you too!

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    I recently upgraded my iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4s and since then had been unable to receive iMessages. The instructions in this thread to unregister (my old iPhone 4) helped restore iMessage service to my new iPhone 4s.

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    Surely the answer to this issue is in the address book field a mobile number is posted to?  Want to send a message to an iPhone - put the number in the iPhone field.  Want to send an SMS to a non-iPhone? Put the number in the mobile field.  Is it this simple?

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    PuririDowns - those labels are purely decorative and have nothing to do with the function of the phone.  It's like labelling a number "work" versus "home" - it's only for your benefit, the phone treats them exactly the same.

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    That is the answer, CNet's reporting on this is very confusing. Many servcies now attach the service to a hardware device or an app that runs on the device. (Twitter, Google Voice, iTunes, Google Dual Auth all be examples.


    With certain services such as iMessage, Google's Voice, Google two phase authentication you link the device with the service. Even in Twitter you allow certain Applications which are device specific Access to your account. Users have to and are expected to based on when they sign up for these services to manage the access.


    So now would be a good time for any users reading this to review all te authorized devices and applications for various services they use day to day. You may want to visit the vendors or providers site to find out how to do this.




    This not being a Google or Andriod fourm you may want to search the Web for answer on how to manage many of the services on that platform, call Google Support, your provider support or there store.



    iMessage service has to be managed and if you change devices you need to act accordingly and change device.


    CNet reporting it as a bug is strange. You need to manage your accounts, the services and the hardware authorized to access and use services.

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