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My friend and I are looking into producing a ski film (a.k.a indie film) this year and we have a couple questions, we didn't really know where to post them so we figured since we use most of apples programs to edit our films we would start here. Some of the specifications about our film are that it will probably be no longer than 45 minutes, it will consist of both nordic skiing and alpine skiing, All of the footage will be shot in HD and edited in Final Cut Pro 7, we would only like to print 100 dvds, and we will sell the dvds online from our online store. Below are all of our questions.


1.) Where is a good place to get dvd's printed? we would like to print 100 dvds with custom artwork on the discs and cases along with shrink wrap over all the cases.

2.) What dvd burning program is somewhat cheap but also has plenty of templates to choose from or is idvd professional enough to create the master of your film? We do not have DVD Studio Pro but if thats what most people use when creating films on a mac then we could invest.

3.) Do you have to lincense your music in your film if so how do you go about this? We have done a bit of research on this topic but havn't found any solid post anywhere explaining exactly what you have to go through or if you even have to go through anything seeing that it will not be a film hitting the big screens.





Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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