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Anyone know how to delete albums that were synced from my computer?


I have deleted them before, so know it's possible, but for some reason, since the iOS5 upgrade, it's been made nigh on impossible. What am I doing wrong? I've followed everyone's advice in the support groups, but it's just not happening for me.....



iPhone 4, iOS 5
Reply by Peter Chuang on Jul 11, 2012 2:00 PM Helpful
(0) Create an empty folder (1) connect iphone to computer and launch iTune (2) in the photos tab, check "sync photos from", select "choose folder", select the empty folder in step 0).(3) Click Sync (4) iTune will show an warning that photos on the iphone will be replaced with this new library but pictures taken by phone won't be affected.(5) When syncing is done, those zombie albums will be  gone. (6) in iTune uncheck " sync photos from folder", and sync again.

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