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I regularly talk to my Dad overseas via Facetime.  He has a macbook air previous gen. running snow leopard with latest facetime version installed from the app store.  I typically use my iPad, but at times use my iMac/Macbook.  It seems to be happening on a regular basis now that after talking with him for maybe 30 minutes I will suddenly not be able to hear him although he can still hear me.  The solution is I tell him to quit his facetime and reopen it and call me back and it works again.  On my end I'm running the latest software/OS on all my devices.  Any idea what this issue can be?  Thanks,



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    I am loosing audio after 20 secs.

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    I called Apple... they say to unplug your computer and run a full hardware diagnostic. They claim they have never had anyone else ever call in about the issue.


    Well I can tell you there is a definite issue with the on any Apple computer. Very consistant intermitant drop of the voice only to one party. Could there be a buffer issue in the software logic???


    Not a firewall issue, not a setting with the ambient noice filter, does not matter the mic situation.


    All comes back to the APP. There is a bug or conflict with the FaceTime.App interfacing with the input signal on all Apple computers.


    Closing the App seems to consistently fix the issue until at a random interval the input voice with the person on the computer drops voice.


    PLEASE if your experiencing this issue take a moment to call Apple and let them know there is a real issue and if they could document the call in. MAYBE if enough of us call in they can take the appropriate steps to research and fix the issue.

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    I have a similiar experience. Audio is fine for a few minutes and then begins to deteriorate with a "fuzz" in the sound growing till there is no audio. Quit app and then re-launch and call back and it is fine for a few minutes and then it starts all over again. Lion on a mac mini with isight and Facetime 1.1.1

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    Unfortunately Apple is starting to become more and more like Microsoft. This issue, I was told has been a common one but you cannot get support for it without paying. No one wil respond on the Forum to the issue.

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    me and the other person im calling are both having the same problem. we both experience intermittent voice/sound drops on both sides. either i can't hear them or they can't hear me. sometimes the entire call gets dropped too.


    crappy solution is to close my facetime app and wait for them to call me OR i initiate the call, OR they quit face then call me OR i call them. its a continuous trial and error. really annoying and ***** big time.


    my version: 10.6.8/MacBookPro8,1/13" macbook pro

    other party: 10.6.8/MacBookPro7,1/13" macbook pro

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    I am experiencing the same on both iPad to iPad and iPad to Mac Laptop

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    did any of you guys got a positive response from apple regarding this? kindly post the solution here. thanks

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    Same problem with one party losing audio but being able to hear other.  Always will switch which user and happens with all of the following combinations.


    iphone 4 - iphone 4

    iphone 4 - mac book (2007)

    iphone 4 - macbookpro (2011)

    mac book (2007) - macbookpro (2011)

    imac (2009) - iphone 4


    Super frustrating as both connections are on Fiber with 100MB upload and Download rates.

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    Well I have this problem and the first time I was helped (asked to do a few things on the macbook to try and resolve the issue) but the second time I called, all I was told is that I need to pay for support since my macbook cover is expired. The Apple woman did understand my problem that I did not want to pay for support since it is their own application that is faulty but she expressed regret that it is procedure.


    I think that it is entirely nonsensical and will be trying to get a refund for the application since it does not work as it should on the macbook.

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    I have the same problem when I connect my headphones, and after uninstalling Soundflower it resolves, hope that it can do the same to you!!

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    I have Audio Hijack Pro 2.10.3 but no evidence of Soundflower.


    I've been experienceing the audio dropouts mentioned for months

    and chalked it up to network issues - when this happens we just

    go over to Skype and forget the aggro.

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    Try to uninstall that.

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    do you mean AHP itself?

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    Same here and similar to what Ariggs20 is experiencing: "one party losing audio but being able to hear other."


    It's been going on since Facetime first came out.


    I wasn't sure if it was a router issue on someone's side...until I tried Skype video with the same person. And guess audio issue!!



    So......I say it's a Facetime version 1.0 software issue.



    P.S. Apple, are you reading this forum thread??

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