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    Finally, one good answer!!! Can not this forum give you the answer with the most likes first?? like many other webs already do...

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    So the only solution is to use my computer to delete the photos?  Not cool.


    Thanks for this answer- much appreciated - but you used to be able to delete photos off your phone (to gain space when you suddenly have too much on there) without this issue.  Now I have to wait until I get home?  Weird.

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    quirkee wrote:


    So the only solution is to use my computer to delete the photos?



    Open the Camera Roll.

    Tap the arrow at top right.

    Tap the photos you want to delete then tap Delete.


    You cannot delete a photo in the Camera Roll or Photo Library and keep it in an album.

    Photos in an album are simply a link to the photo in the Camera Roll (or in the Photo Library).

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    Thank you for your response.  I suppose what confuses me is that it sounds like it could be erasing it from albums on Facebook and other places maybe?  I never create albums to use on my phone.  Instagram created one on it's own.  Iphones just come with Camera Roll....which I rarely use - I always go directly through the camera.  I used to be able to delete from within the camera section - with no problems.  I suppose if I don't care whether it is saved in my camera section - that is the same as not caring if it is saved in the Camera Roll album.  Is that Instagram album just on the phone?  If you take a pic on Instagram and it posts to Instagram already --- later - if you delete and it removes it from "all albums" thus - the Instagram album on your iphone - it can't come down from the Instagram site right?  I think this is what confuses us - well, me anyway!  Suddenly it all sounds really final and we don't want to screw anything up - we likely are just trying to create some space.


    Thanks again for clarity!

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    GWeith I have the same concern,


    This is what I can tell: the "albums" I believe the prompt is referring to are the "albums" in your phone. For example in my phone I have 5 albums: camera roll, hipstaprints, snapseed, instagram, diptic. If you delete a photo from your camera roll which also appears in one of those other albums, it deletes it from all of said albums - no other option (which I also dislike).


    Now my question is this - when it says "delete everywhere" does it also delete the image from your photostream ( different issue altogether it seems to me because on the latest update photostream doesn't appear in the 'albums' list)? My concern in this area is that if I haven't downloaded the image on my MacBook Pro or iMac from the photostream into iPhoto or some other storage device, then presumably it's lost forever if I agree to "delete everywhere".


    In reading the comments, I feel like I haven't seen a valid answer to your original question - am I right? If not, what satisfactory answer did you receive and what are you doing moving forward in this situation?


    Thanks from someone who needs to free up space in her own camera roll for new shots,



    PS This does not delete images sent via iMessage or on facebook etc as far as I can tell.

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    I also tried making folders to organize my pictures on my iPhone and came across the delete everywhere selection. What is the point of being able to make folders if you can't delete the pics from the camera roll?


    Also, if you download the Dropbox you can access it from your computer or any device and store photos there and if you delete them from your camera roll they are still in your drop box... This is one way I freed up space on my phone.

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    The big difference being, as complicated as English is, it actually makes sense whereas the only way picture management on a iOS device could possibly be made worse would require, at a minimum, a half-eaten orange and a ferret.


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    Nice way to respond to a year old post...

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    I know....Don't you hate that?  Someone's going to come up with a word for it, soon.  Once in a while I'll open an email to find someone's replied to some nonsense I was spewing 12 years ago on a forum I don't even remember.  Then you have to figure out your username/password and apologize or explain yourself.


    And it only gets worse.  The internet's pretty young.  It's going to be really annoying when the posts are from 40 or 50 years ago.

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    If you have 1000 photos like I do, deleting each individual photo will take too much time.  After exhaustively searching the net for the answer since Apple can't provide us with a simple DELETE ALL function, was to plug in my iphone to my PC, click on My Computer, double click on your Iphone Icon, double click on the folders until you get to your images - delete all your images from there . BAM. gone.

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    Thanks!  You should also be able to do this through:


    1. Settings > General > Photos & Camera Roll

    2. Swipe right on Camera Roll to display Delete button

    3. Press Delete


    But I had over 5 GB worth of photos that wouldn't go away until I saw your post.

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    Lokeswari thanks for this but despite getting the delete button up and pressing it it does not delete. I have apparently 4.3GB in my roll despite that I have deleted all photos via iPhoto. I have even tried Iexplore but still cannot get rid of the phantom photos - any suggestions?

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    I had the same problem, and had to follow the steps outlined by SmartAlicks:


    1. Connect your apple device to your Mac
    2. Open the app 'Image capture'
    3. Select your device
    4. press keys 'Command + A' (to select all photos on your camera roll)
    5. Select the delete button
    6. Voila (add accent)...The photos have been deleted from your device's camera roll in mass


    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you so much for this post. VERY helpful, SmartAlicks.

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    my phone was recently stolen .. so i cancelled service and asked for it to be block. I'm more worried about the pictures that are on the phone (old iphone)...once i do this i figure that person will have to recent the whole phone in order to see my does that mean my picture and everything will be wiped??? because thats exactly what i wanted to do but cancelling my service...i hope someone can help me with this. thank you