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I have tried everything to stop my fingertips from having a burning, raw sensation when using a trackpad, including:


-using lotion

-putting a screen protector over the pad

-adjusting the pad preferences to tap instead of clicking

-switch to another laptop


If I attach a mouse, I don't have pain, but as soon as I switch back to the trackpad,  I feel the raw burning sensation on my fingertips and thumb.  Since the whole point of owning a laptop is to *not* use a mouse, I'd prefer to be able to work on my *lap*


I feel like I need a protector, like gloves on my fingertips -- but the trackpad won't work with gloves on

Mac OS X (10.3)
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    is the battery very hot too?  It might be xferring the heat from the battery, which is directly under the trackpad.  Also, MacBook's were never shipped with 10.3, which is the version of OS X listed in your profile.  Do you have an older model notebook or is the o/s just not updated from a prior mac?

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    I just wanted to let you know that I have this exact same problem. You are not crazy, you are not alone. I cannot touch mac track pads. I have to use a mouse. I have researched this before and many people online have laughed at me or called me crazy or thought there was something wrong with my computer, etc. I have this problem with all mac track pads. The pain is real and intense, especially if I use a trackpad for longer than 30 seconds.


    I now use a mouse and it *****. I've heard some people use those film covers for cellphones but I'm afraid to try that until I learn more about it. What did you end up doing?

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    I SOLVED IT!!!


    I bought these touchscreen gloves (for people who need to use cell phones in cold weather) and cut off all the fingers except the thumb and first finger.  PROBLEM solved.  I have 4 pairs of these all over the house.  Hurrah!!!  Also, since you only need to use one glove, you can just buy 2 pair for $10 and get 4 gloves.  There are other ones on Amazon too.  I think the official name are "touchscreen gloves"


    Life has changed for me.  Now I can work all day.

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    Thanks. I will have to try this. I might look a bit silly in cafes, but oh well! Thanks again.

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    You won't look silly in cafes.  You will be the new hipster with groovin gloves. Honestly, I use my computer in cafes a lot and no one ever looks twice or has ever asked me hoot.

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    If I may ask, kidquotes and, which particular models of MacBook are you using? If you don't know, you can find out by entering your serial number in the Search Tech Specs field on this page.

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    I have this same problem! Been using my MacBook Air for four months and now my fingertips hurt when using the trackpad - doesn't matter if it is plugged in or running off battery. It is a sensation I feel only when using the track pad. Almost feels like my fingerprints are getting rubbed off!


    I love using the trackpad and don't want to have to resort to using gloves or a mouse.


    Just wondering if the trackpad needs to be cleaned and what should be used to clean it.

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    Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I meant to get on here much ealier. I have a macbook air 11 inch. Is that what you mean?

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    Whether the mac is new or old, clean or dirty, it will make my fingers burn. I used laptops before my mac and they didn't make my fingers burn. My ibook didn't make my fingers burn, only the macbook. Either I developed the intolerance or what they put in the track pads changed. My new air is the worst out of all of them. I should have played around with it more before buying it. I have already been through two mouses because I have to lug them around everywhere with me. It's annoying, but.....I can't think of anything else to do.

  • kidquotes Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)  you really should try the gloves.  Trust me, I've been working on this problem for a year and this is the only thing that makes a difference.  Make sure you put them on the fingers that hurt -- so it's not so bulky.

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    I hope you guys are stil active on this, I have been extensively researching this since January.  I believe it is an allergy to the nickel or another substance used to coat the aluminum alloy on apple products.  Right now I am typing on my iPad mini and the back is slightly burning the tips of my fingers.  Apparently the allergy develops after prolonged exposure to the metal mixing with small amounts of sweat. 


    If you use other apple products like iPhone etc, after your fingers hurt from your comp, try holding the unprotected edge of your iPhone and you will start to feel the burn.


    I started using a mouse at work, but my company gave me an apple mouse that has the aluminum on the underside, haha' but it is still better than the trackpad. 


    I also ordered some "protective" layers for the palm rests and trackpad.  Just the protection is for me rather than the computer it was intended for.


    Can anybody confirm my iPhone hypothesis?


    Thanks :)

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    Thank you HB315!


    I figured it had to be an allergy.


    I remember way back when I was just starting out in the business world and the Selectric typewriter keys gave me a weird rash - supposedly and allergy.


    I'll try the protective layer thing and the trick with my iPhone too and let you know how it goes.


    Thanks again for your extensive research!

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    I have this problem as well. I've been using a macbook a132 for about 2 years now before it started having an effect. I feel a burning sensation on the tips of my fingers, especially my index finger. I feel a lot of heat radiating from the trackpad, so I figure I'll start with that. I am going to try using a fan for now, just point it directly at the trackpad. Touchscreen gloves seem like a sound idea though. I wish there was a definite explanation for this problem, but everyone says something different.

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    I am going to ask a new question on this Apple Support Communities regarding you situation, I have the same problem with the same point that I have been using my MacBook Pro for two years.  I don't have the issue with "[feeling] a lot of heat radiating from trackpad" But I think it could be a problem that a coating of some sort has worn off over the years that we have been using it.  It could be a coating that helps reduce friction and with that worn off the "burning sensation" is just that, burning, because of more friction.  I know there is some situations posted here where they have only been using the track bad for months.  But a lot of the problems might be because of an increase of friction between fingers and track pad. 


    I even gave it a few weeks for my fingers to heal, because it started after using it for a long time one day, but my fingers get the burning feeling right away now. 

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