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    I'm glad I found this thread. I have a Windows 7 PC and just purchased a 64 GB iPhone 4S. I'm trying to upload 24,668 songs to iTunes Match. It stalls at 14, 288 songs. The first time it stalled I got the message, "The iTunes file library can't be saved. You do not have enough access priviledges for this operation." I spoke to several Apple Level 2 technical support people and was told it's a Microsoft issue. Microsoft wants to charge me $59 to troubleshoot the problem. I did some checking on my own and figured out how to give all the "users" on my laptop full access permission. However, that didn't solve the problem. Now I'm reading on this and several other threads that the stalling is an Apple server issue.


    I'm very dissapointed because I was looking forward to uploading my music to the iCloud. My upload stalled the first time at Step 3 and now it stalls at Step 1. Any additional guidance is appreciated.

  • ateringcateringcat Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    good grief! it's just added 8 songs that have been waiting there for days.


    i wonder if it'll do some more?

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    Let´s do #itunesmatch and #itunesmatchdown TT in twitter. 3 days down and no information!!

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    I've been waiting fo two days and a half for Match to go past 1297 of 8658. 15 minutes ago I bought 1 track fom an album in the iTunes store and hey....presto..... the matching is now on 4005.

    Just for what it's worth.

    By the way, I live in the Netherlands.

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    After almost 3 days mine has suddenly started working again!  Fingers crossed it's finally getting sorted.

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    Mine looks like it's started again too.

  • KeithJenner Level 4 Level 4 (1,020 points)

    And stopped again...


    From what I can tell, mine just matched around 150 songs in a couple of minutes, but has now frozen again. However it is progress at least.

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    iTunes Match service is currently severely overloaded - there are signs that the situation is easing but it would be wise to wait a few more days before trying the service.  The service does work very well with Windows 7 and post the current Apple Infrastructure challenge it should prove worthwhile.


    There are though a number of recognised challenges with the service - worth continuing to scan the iTunes Match area for guidance on resolution - it is possible to follow back the links from this thread and cover most with working solutions where they exist.

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    It is great to see that the iTunes Match service is slowly showing signs of life.  This may simply indicate that the inevitable 'uploading' and 'matching' bottlenecks following the addition of 19 countries is beginning to ease.


    It is probably wise to give the service a few more days to recover.

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    I'm glad to find this thread and see that I'm not the only one having problems. iTunes Match has been mostly trouble-free for me, until three days ago, when I opened iTunes for the first time in about two weeks. iTunes Match ran automatically on launch as it typically does, but got stuck on step two, even though I hadn't even added any new songs since the last time it ran. So I removed the 11 or so tracks that it was attempting to match (each had been marked with "Error" under iCloud Status for some time), and the process would complete. But when I tried to add five new songs that I had just purchased elsewhere, it would get stuck on step 1 or step 2.


    Hopefully as others have suggested, it's no more than an issue of Apple's servers being very strained after the recent launch of iTunes Match in multiple countries, and things will be back to normal in a few days. I'm still pretty disappointed that the service I am paying for will not allow me to get all my music to the cloud.

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    It has started to work for me too... i am from Australia


    495 to 1686 in 30 minutes, and still working.... fingers crossed

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    iTunes Match service is now fully restored for my library!


    The Apple Infrastructure is clearly now starting to cope well following the last 4 days of effective 'service outtage' due to the load caused by adding so many countries at once.


    Thank you to all who have posted here - it is a huge relief to see the service once again working well.

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    Not for me! Adding a single song is impossible!

    The Applecare support does not help at all and the status of iCloud indicates that "Everything is fine Houston"...


    Man, I'm really disappointed with AppleCare.

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    was working. i got 2 albums matched, but it's stalled again now.

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    ateringcateringcat wrote:


    was working. i got 2 albums matched, but it's stalled again now.

    Same.  For about 15 minutes it was looking really good and I Matched over 100 songs.  But now I'm dead in the water again.


    I saw this in December, after the last rollout.   Periods where it speeds along, and then periods where it stalls.  I'm guessing that we are over the hump but that this won't be stable for another few days.  Again, just a guess here.


    In the meantime, I've uploaded over 1600 songs to Amazon as I was sleeping.   They are working fine.     Not bringing that up to be a shill, but only to remind Apple that they do have competition in this space (at least in the US) and they really need to make this more of a priority.