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  • mracole Level 4 Level 4

    Given the nature of the service outtage these results are to be expected.


    As the infrastructure load eases, it will encourage many to immediately try to match new Songs.


    We should anticipate several days of apparently intermittent service.


    That said, my library and iTunes Match continues to operate without issue!

  • mhowell720 Level 1 Level 1

    How is it that we never hear from "Apple Support" on here?  I just purchaced itunes Match and it freezes 25% into step one.  I've been reading posts going back to November about this issue and I'm baffled as to why there has been no offical responce from Apple about this problem.


    25% into step one and it stops, then my entire Mac Book Pro freezes one program at a time.  I have to restart the computer everytime.  I'm so ****** about this.  Why release something that has problems and then never respond to how to resolve it.

  • DrEvil5501 Level 1 Level 1

    Totally agree. this has completely tken the shine off my new ipad!

  • worshipthe1 Level 1 Level 1

    welcome to the "post Jobs" era where "I can't get no satisfaction"...


    having constant problems in Step 2 here for 24 hours... now really second guessing my use of $25 for a service that is clearly still in BETA, with a company that is in denial and has serious software and customer service issues!

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