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  • omgraj Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey guys. I had the same exact problem for about 6 months now.  I did everything you can think of or find online. My answer was the alcohol cleaning of the docking area of the phone. Make sure you get top and bottom of the inside of the dock connector.  Let it dry for 5 minutes and it should work. I should add, that my issue was the same exact issue depicted in the original post for this thread.  Good luck everyone!

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    Took earlier advice and got a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. Pulled the tip out a little bit and soaked in alcohol, then rubbed the sensor on charging port until clean. Plugged into charger then BOOM! Thanks to whomever gave that response!

  • kukakeane Level 1 (0 points)

    Yup--Alcohol worked for me too.  My phone would not ring or play music.  No sound from the speaker on calls either.  Cleaned off the charging port and now no problem!

  • Rajesh3299 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had faced similar problem.My phone was on charging through USB.After the charging was done the ringer went off.Only vibrate would work if any call comes.


    I used perfume and cotton to clean the charging point and it worked.As of now its working absolutely fine.



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    I have the answer to everyone's problem with this! Some say to clean your charging port with a cotton swab and some alcohol which is good for routine cleaning but its not going to fix this problem. The problem is in the headphone jack. Over time, dust and dirt builds up inside the little hole and your phone thinks there is something in there so it shuts down the external speakers. Its extremely easy to clean and you shouldn't have this problem until the pocket dust builds back up. Just like cleaning your charging port, take a small toothpick (or something of relative size) and put a little bit of cotton or paper towel on the end with a drop of rubbing alcohol. Very gently shove the cotton down the headphone jack, twist once or twice, then pull it back out. Be sure to get all of the cotton or paper towel out. Blow gently on the jack to ensure it evaporates what's left of the alcohol and this should immediately solve your problem.


    Good luck!!!!

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    Yesterday my iPhone's ringer stopped working properly. Nothing with iTunes or any video, my speakers would not work except for once in a while when using the keyboard. I tried the alchool w/ q.tip, nothing. I was finally able to make it work, using a piece of paper in the charging port, kind of moving the paper in and out while my iTunes would play. Voila it worked for me, it was probably just dusty. Good luck.

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    Hi guys,


    Facing same issue as shown in original post, i tried using hair dryer and it did work but for only 10 days. still facing same issue. What is the permant solution for this issue?

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    harronhkhan---I had the same issue. Cleaned charging port and headphone jack w/ alcohol and also blow dryer and it worked temporarily (about 10 days as well).  However, it stopped working permanantly and I brought it to the Apple store.  They couldn't fix it, and said the speaker probably went.  I was still under waranty, so they replaced my phone for no charge.  Sorry, I don't have better news for you. 

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    Also make sure your bluetooth didn't somehow turn on.  Thats what happend to mine Problem fixed. 

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    Hi, faced the same problems like the ringer not showing and music not playing out loud
    the most effective methods were:

    1) using the hoover
    2) using achole
    it worked so far and have had NO problems
    and it seems like a hardwear problem 

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    thank you so much! 

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    I had the same issue- today the ringer just stopped working. After reading several posts I tried blowing in the base of the phone. It took a few tries & restarting it but it did work!



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    My screen looked the same, speaker icon with no bars showing up.  Also no video or game volume. I used a small q tip and 70% rubbing alcohol.  I had to bite down on the qtip to flatten it enough (before I dipped in the alcohol) to fit in to the charging port.  Worked like a champ, instant fix.  I couldn't believe how dirty that qtip was!

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    PLease kilomot canyoutell me how you solved your iPhone problem, I'm having exactly the same problem and don't know what to do.thank you

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    Thanks to you I will not be making a trip to an Apple store. You think you felt foolish, I must have had my husband call me 15 times trying to get the ringer to work. Thanks again.