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Ray Allen Level 2 Level 2

Have some basic questions:


On day one I created a "Free Books Account" and that was straight forward. Done.



In the future I want to sell my books so of course I will need a "Paid Books Account" so my questions are:


1. It seems you need to create a second account for the paid book, I assume no way to convert you current free account, can I use teh same Apple ID to set up the paid account?


2. Do you pay Apple an anuall fee to have a paid books account like you do if your an iPhone APP developer (it look like you do not but I'm unsure)




I'm in Canada and after looking at the "Requirements" for the Paid Books I'm again unsure how this all works.


Technical Requirements, of course that is fine. Done.


Content Requirements, it asks for ISBNs and EPUB formats, how is this done and I thought the idea was you use "iBooks Author" and that is it to get your book into the iTunes Book Store. So do I need ISBN and EPUB before I'm alowed to sell a book, do you pay for this ?


Financial Requirements, A US TAX ID, I assume I can apply for that OK being in Canada?


Once this is all set up, if someone buys a book I get my cut of the money from Apple how does it work with regards to Canadian TAXs, anyone know?