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Has anyone else had this issue? I've searched on here but can't see any mention of it.


I have recently uploaded several albums from my pc into iTunes Match and some of the songs were 'matched' and some 'uploaded'. However, when I try to download these songs to my iPhone, only the matched ones download. The uploaded ones give the following error...


This item cannot be downloaded

The item you have requested is not available for download



The status for these songs in itunes on my pc says Uploaded (no errors) and they are all in Apple Lossless format. I am wondering if the Apple servers need to convert them to 256kps format before they are available for download? But these songs were uploaded a couple of days ago and still won't download. I uploaded some other Lossless songs last week and they were available for download on my iphone almost immediately.


Any help most appreciated!



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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