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Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,525 points)

Just finish the updates of 7.6.1. and the aiport utility 6.


Every Macbook Pro (3 pieces) and iPads (one and two) are all running fine. Except two iPhone 4GS running so slow on the wifi.


I have reboot the airport extreme and iphones few times but do not help.


Anyone has this problem?

  • Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,525 points)

    Have just tested few iPhone 4 and 4GS, all having the same problem.


    The download speed reduced to below 1 mb from previous of over 15.


    The iPad 2 and Macbook Pro are getting over 30mp


    Therefore I believe the firmware 7.6.1 killed the 2.4 G channel of my airport extreme which is the latest model.

  • Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,525 points)

    Problem solved, by changing the radio channel from auto of 11 to manual of 9.

  • David Bendau Level 1 (30 points)

    The latest update improved the wi-fi range on my iPhone 4S greatly.  I can be two floors down and still get excellent streaming video so I must be getting very good download speed. The radio mode setting on my Airport Extreme is 802.11n only (5GHz) - 802.11n only (2.4GHz).  Both channel modes are set to automatic.

  • sthlm Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree, slowed everything down with 7.6.1. Downgraded Airport Extreme back to 7.6 and all fine again.

  • Daryn Sharp Level 1 (25 points)

    Yes, 7.6.1 also murdered my network 5Ghz wide channel network.  I had 20% packet loss and ~3500ms ping times.  My laptops and two other base stations dropped to the 6Mbps which happens to be the multicast rate of the main basestation.   Reverted to 7.6.0 and my problems are gone...

  • pgoodwin Level 1 (130 points)

    My iPad and iMac are really screaming after the update. My iPhone 4 is running more slowly. What's odd is that even with it right next to the AEBS it's running slow. The iPhone 4 is listed as 802.11 b/g/n in Airport Utility in the Advanced/Wireless Clients window. When it was running slow, the signal level was OK (actually good-about the same level as the iMac) but the noise was high so the signal to noise ratio was only between 12 and 20 dB. Also the rate was at 5 and staying there 9 (not sure what the rate number is but it was much smaller than all the others clients).


    I turned WiFi OFF on the phone then back on again. When it came back, the signal to noise ratio was better (went to about 30-40 dB, and the rate went up to 58. Then after a few minutes, the signal to noise ratio went back to about 20 and the rate number dropped to 5 again.


    I'm not sure what this all telling me exactly, but I agree the iPhone seems a bit slower. It's running quite a bit below my 60 day average for download and uplaod speeds - especially a ways away from the AEBS (new 5th gen). The other devices (iMac and iPad are performing as good and even a little better than their 60 day averages.

  • pgoodwin Level 1 (130 points)

    curiously, this is the first day in a couple of years (prior access via an Airport Express) that my wife's work computer, a Dell laptop several years old that is an 802.11a device is running good today

  • pgoodwin Level 1 (130 points)

    Mitch 751 - I'd like to know how you decided which channel to pick. Mine's set to Auto, ch 6

  • pgoodwin Level 1 (130 points)

    ch 6 on 2.4 GHz. 149 on 5 GHz

  • pgoodwin Level 1 (130 points)

    I changed mine to ch 11 and the phone started running 10 times faster.

  • pgoodwin Level 1 (130 points)

    and when I set it back to Automatic ch select, it went back to channel 6 - and it ran slow again


    I put it back on channel 11 and at 36 feet away through one wall, it was running 10 times faster than it was on ch 6 sitting right next to the AEBS. Strange.

  • Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,525 points)

    After few days on searching I believe the followings are what I found.


    1. Nothing wrong with the update in fact for N 5G there is a big improvement, since iPad and mac are using 5GN the speeds are improved.


    2. However, iPhone is using b/g/n 2.4 G which are normally over crowned with the other same channels from the neighboure. During the updated if ur previous setting was auto, the previous channel would be takenby others, and if someone sharing the channel will overcome yours, causing the problem


    3. Not until I installed the wifi radar, mine was 11 but someone using the same one was more powerful than mine, therefore I forced to pick a channel that no one using


    4. U can try to start from 1 to 13 and manually pick the best one

  • Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,525 points)

    I am using iStumbler, which is a good software scanning all the wifi channels around the area

  • pgoodwin Level 1 (130 points)

    thanks a lot. I do have several other networks in the neighborhood that show up on the list, so yes, perhaps they were on ch 6 and that's why the signal level was high but the signal to noise ratio crappy. Interestingly, when I set it to ch 11, the signal level got lower (went from about -37 to -70 ) but the signal to noise ratio is more stable at about 20 dB


    Thanks for the help

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