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    I've recorded the issue at (#10882567). Suggest the same to everyone affected by the problem.

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    larrycz - How do I find that article at it asks me to log in and shows me my bug reports not yours.

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    Actually I don't think you can see other people's bug reports.


    I've attached my bug description below.


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------



    Title: Wifi doesn't reconnect on wake up from sleep using Bluetooth keyboard.



    17-Feb-2012 05:43 AM Ladislav Snizek:

    Summary: Wifi doesn't reconnect on wake up from sleep using Bluetooth keyboard.



    Steps to Reproduce: Configure a wifi connection to a known network SSID and password. Put the machine to sleep (e.g. Apple -> Sleep). Then press a key on the aluminium Bluetooth keyboard to wake up.



    Expected Results: Wifi reconnects to the known SSID.



    Actual Results: Wifi fails to reconnect. The known SSID is displayed in the list, but has to be manually selected in order to connect.



    Regression: Reconnection works fine when switching the wifi off and on again using the wifi icon in the top right corner.



    Regression: This issue does not affect USB keyboards.



    Regression: This issue does not affect wake up by pressing the power button.






    17-Feb-2012 05:49 AM Ladislav Snizek:

    Notes: Many people ran into the issue after upgrading to 10.7.3. See

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    I HAD  the same problem on my Ibook air that updated to 10.7.3 .  nothing works for connecting to internet.

    WIFI wouldn't connect neither UBS Ethernet.  I would think this is the program issue.  10.7.3.

      Nothing seems work on So, I siwtch back to 10.7.2   now no problem on Ibook Air i-5 with WIFI and Ethernet.



    I also updated my 24 incvh summer 2008 iMac 24inch. There seems no effect

    on any problem using wireless pad  except would not recognaize Airport station and would only connect the Verizon base router.


    (i am using Verizon and adding Apple Extream on N-network with 5G.  24inch would not reconginse this base station. only my Ibookair...would load the base station.  ?????


    I am very confused and wondering what Apple will gonna do about this mess.

    Waiting for a new updater?  Meanwhile go back to 10.7.2 is seemsa good choice.

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    Bought my first personal MacBookPro (2011 13" i5) this week. It came with 10.7.2 by default, I upgraded it to 10.7.3 (because I wanted xcode) and have been disappointed with the network bug and other weird sounds since applying the combo update.


    As a Windows/Linux user, did not expect this so soon after trying to switch to Apple. With the mountain Lion announcement, now am getting more worried about my decision. Hopefully, Apple would come out with a patch for these issues soon.

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    You and me both. I have been extremely disappointed with Apple. All the hype about how wonderful we are and how we want to help is yet to materialise. Why can't they admit there's a problem publically and be up front and honest about the whole thing. I hope Apple are reading these forums because if they are not careful they are going to start losing lots of customers.

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    I've been scratching my head on this one the past three days. Everything worked fine until updating to 10.7.3.  Since that time, waking from sleep would not automatically reconnect to my preferred wifi connection.  After trying every solution I could find, nothing seemed to work until I manually downloaded and installed the client combo 10.7.3 update.  I don't know why the automatic update from the software update didn't work, but I'm happy to have the annoyance of continually having to manually reconnect to my wifi router after wakeup now gone.  The .dmg update is available on Apple's website at  Hope this helps!

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    Grrr..  Worked great for a few sleep wake cycles and now wifi is back to remaining unconnected upon wakeup. Let me know if someone cracks this one....

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    Just got off the phone wth Apple support who indicate they are aware of the problem and it is a result of 10.7.3.  He said the work-around is to wake the computer up with the power button on the back of the iMac as others have mentioned in this forum.  No word on how long until an update is released.  As always, they were very polite and helpful, but I wish they could have fixed my problem.

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    hey nwagner,  I used that link you posted and updated with that update and so far I have been able to wake the computer with the mouse OR keyboard and have had a stabilized wireless connection..... this was not happening before the update and I HAD TO WAKE with the power button to have a sustained internet connection.  I will keep everyone updated as to how this update works.. HOPEFULLY, this continues to work.  I advise people out there to try it and post back here with your results.

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    Good news so far as I woke my iMac with the mouse and it took a second to connect, but did connect.. My mac was fully asleep so maybe this "combo update" will help some people.. Ill update with a status update when I get back from the office to see if its still connecting.

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    If you have issues with 10.7.3 wifi connectivity, at the latest, we will have to wait for mountain lion like you guys did with snow leppard.


    I heard that leppard was really bad. Although I cannot confirm it, cause I just bought an IMac, when snow leppard was around.


    Before I had an IMac, I had a G3 tower with Mac OS 9. And, I had switched away to Windows XP. When I switched back, you guys were in snow leppard, and all was well. Then, I installed lion. I started having mainly wifi issues from 10.7.0 to 10.7.3. There was only one update that was good for me which was 10.7.2 in regards to wifi.


    Apple tends to release OS software named after animals, and it's the second animal that has the same name as the first that always has no flaws. For example leppard and snow leppard and lion and mountain lion.


    what you guys think

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    Ok, guys try this. Go to Bluetooth menu and delete your Bluetooth Keyboard. Know reconnect again (Number Password will be aked), It seems, that this fix the Problem. I am testing here ...


    ok forget it ... dont run ....

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    larrycz wrote:


    I've recorded the issue at (#10882567). Suggest the same to everyone affected by the problem.


    Apple Developer Support replied and confirmed it's a known issue, originally recorded as #10815192.

    Perlbo76 wrote:


    Go to Bluetooth menu and delete your Bluetooth Keyboard. Know reconnect again (Number Password will be aked), It seems, that this fix the Problem. I am testing here ...

    This one doesn't seem to fix the problem for me.