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I have a 13" MacBook Air and a 27" iMac that I just did the combo update to 10.7.3.  Since I have updated, I am missing the mobile documents folder.  If I upload a pages document to on my iMac and then go to on my MacBook Air, it show's the file, however, it's the default pages icon, and it doesn't give me the opportunity to download it. 


Because of this, I thought I'd look in the "Mobile Documents" folder and see if I can access it from there.  However not that folder is missing.  I have tried many different ways to get it to show up but I've been unable to. 


I'm curious if Apple realized some people were using this folder as a "Dropbox" and disabled or further hid the folder so people can't sync files back and forth.  More importantly, why doesn't work for me as it used to?


Anyone have this happen to them?


Anyone know of any tricks to get the Mobile Documents folder to show up in 10.7.3?


Please help!

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10 (84,600 points)

    I haven't updated to 7.3 yet so I can't really comment on the Mobile Documents folder, except that several 3rd party apps use that folder for iCloud compatability and I'd have to wonder how that leaves them if your case isn't just a glitch in your particular update process.


    However on the issue of not being able to download a document on a mac that was uploaded from a mac, you never have been able to, you have always needed to open them on an iOS device first.

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    Winston, thanks!  I wasn't 100% sure on the Mac to Mac, so thank you for clearing that up.  Do you know any free apps that use iCloud to sync?  I will run them on my ipad and iphone and see  if that will trigger the folder to be created.

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10 (84,600 points)

    I can't recall if they are free or not, but there is Air Doc and Video Stream. Have you checked whether system preferences > iCloud > documents & data is switched on or not.

  • childs12111 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have turned it on and off a few times, trying different tricks that I've found on misc. forumns, and can't get anything to work. 


    Air Doc and Video Stream both cost some coin, so I'll just search online for apps that use icloud.  Thanks again for your response.

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10 (84,600 points)

    I'm installing 7.3 now, I'll let you know if the folder has disappeared for me as soon as I know.

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10 (84,600 points)

    I still have my Mobile Documents folder.

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    It's still not showing up for me and I've tried everything.  Here is a list of what I've tried...


    1.  Creating the folder myself and restarting computer.  (It stays but doesn't sync)

    2.  Downloaded a Pages document, however the "Apple Folders" from that document don't show up because it doesn't create the Mobile Document folder.

    3.  Downloaded the "Trailers" app on my ipod touch and ipad.  Favorites sync between the 2 but nothing shows on my mac.



    Anyone anywhere have any other suggestions?

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10 (84,600 points)

    Did you check that Document and data syncing was enabled in system preferences > iCloud.

    Did you try turning Document and data syncing off and on again.

  • childs12111 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry, I have tried that multiple times as well!

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    I can add a very related problem about this folder, after Lion 10.7.3 update.


    I have a Goodreader app on my iPad and I used to use ~/Mobile Documents/.../Documents folder to transfer files

    between my Mac and iPad.


    After I updated my Mac to Lion 10.7.3, this method no longer works. Changes I make on my Mac's 

    ~/Mobile Documents/.../Documents folder are no longer sent to the iCloud server and hence not pushed to my iPad. On the other hand, changes made on my iPad's Goodreader app continue to show up on the iCloud server, but they don't get pushed to my Mac.


    So I confirm that this update causes problems.

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    I updated to Lion through Software Update (rather than using the combo update). My Mobile Documents folder is still there, but no longer pushes things to Goodreader on my iPad and iPhone. Changes I make in Goodreader still sync between devices, but not back to my Mac. So Apple did something with 10.7.3 to remove that "unauthorized" functionality - it seems that the combo updater removes the folder entirely, while people who do a standard update will still see the Mobile Documents folder, but it won't work the same. It's too bad really! Guess I'll have to use Dropbox from now on.

  • Bruce Stewart Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    I just did a full install of Lion 10.7.3 straight from the app store on a blank partition.

    The ~/Library/Mobile Documents folder does not exist.

    My guess is Apple has removed it for this version.

  • Gerard van der Vlies Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I seem to have the same problem.

    I did a combo update a few days ago.

    Everything in iCloud still works: calendar, mail, photostream... you name it.

    The iCloud pref.pane even says there is 4GB of data stored in my cloud.

    But the folder does not come back.

    Hope someone finds a sollution.

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    Im having the same problem, i even use third party apps with icloud and they work fine, i just cant get documents from my mac and phone to sync without manually doing it myself, ive searched all over my library and cant find it, hidden things and on and off and nothing has worked so far. i have a question as to how you guys are operating though, i upgraded to lion from snow leopard as opposed to buying a machine with it installed on.  could that possibly make a difference and i may need to do a fresh install of lion that wasnt an upgrade?

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