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I have a 13" MacBook Air and a 27" iMac that I just did the combo update to 10.7.3.  Since I have updated, I am missing the mobile documents folder.  If I upload a pages document to on my iMac and then go to on my MacBook Air, it show's the file, however, it's the default pages icon, and it doesn't give me the opportunity to download it. 


Because of this, I thought I'd look in the "Mobile Documents" folder and see if I can access it from there.  However not that folder is missing.  I have tried many different ways to get it to show up but I've been unable to. 


I'm curious if Apple realized some people were using this folder as a "Dropbox" and disabled or further hid the folder so people can't sync files back and forth.  More importantly, why doesn't work for me as it used to?


Anyone have this happen to them?


Anyone know of any tricks to get the Mobile Documents folder to show up in 10.7.3?


Please help!

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