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    When is this blunder going to be reversed?  I was shocked to discover that I couldn't delete an event without sending an email.  At the moment I despearyely want to delete the event.  If I have to take drastic action it won't be disconnecting the network it will be deleteing iCalendar.

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    With Mountain Lion, I can delete the notification without sending an email.  But I shouldn't need to in the first place.  iCal should integrate with exchange server better.  When I accepted/decliend the invitation from one computer, outlook fro all other machines remove the notification.  iCal should do the same.

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    So let me get this straight.  I have a security breach on my calendar as something was added from somewhere by someone I do not know.  And I am forced to compromise my security by sending a notification to someone who could be downright dangerous? 


    And Apple has known about this and won't fix it?  Are they all off working on


    Can you say lawyers and liabilities?  I thought they were good at lawyers and liability management.  This is not an annoyance.  This is serious. Someone could get hurt.  Front page news stuff.  I can't believe they are that dumb.   

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    That was fixed in Mavericks.  It works the same way Outlook works.  It asks if you want to delete with or without sending a notification.

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    Really? I cannot find the way to do it. When I try to delete my unwanted invitation, a popup window just warns me that I am actually declining the invitation, and the organizer will be notified. No way out, apart from cancelling the deletion and keeping the invitaiton pending.

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    Appreciate the replies.  I am using Mavericks, and in the Calendar program, I get no such graphical choices.


    My two choices are:

    1) Decline

    2) Join Calendar


    No other options exist.  Not using Outlook. 


    What menu options did you execute to get the choices such as above (it was not photoshop was it ).  Seriously, what menu options did you use? Thanks

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    I did not get the nice option "delete and don't notify". I guess this might be a permission problem. However, I found a trivial workaround: I opened the event info, changed the calendar (upper right corner) to my personal calendar, and after this I could delete the event without notifying anyone.

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    Thank you Paolo-q!  Moving it to a different calendar then deleting it worked for me!  I originally had it in my iCloud calendar.  I moved it to my "On My Mac" calendar and was able to delete without notifying!

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    Dang, this worked for me too - forget that app, just do this.  STILL, needs to be adressed for my iCloud cal...


    Apple - if I'm going to abandon Microsoft, you need to get some of the annoyances fixed BEFORE you release new stuff (don't be like those other guys!)

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    I found a solution that works for me on Exchange based calendars, and I see no reason it shouldn't work on almost any other calendar if other methods offered are unavailable.  First key is delete the mail message that created the invite.


    This procedure requires comfort at the command line.  If you don't understand the command line instructions (deliberately not copy/paste level), sorry.  If you are terrified of making changes to files that are part of an application, don't do it.  But it might inspire someone to write a little shell script to do it.  Worked well enough for me and I could do it on the fly.


    First key is delete the mail message that created the invite.


    Look at the invite, find words that are unique to that invite.


    Quit Calendar


    Open a terminal, cd to ~/Library/Calendars


    First, you need to find the actual event.  Do a recursive grep (-ri) for the keyword you found from all files in the above directory.


    Then cat the ICS file in question.  (Don't cat out the Calendar Cache file.)  As long as there are no attachments, it'll be fairly human readable.  If that is the invite you want gone, remove it.


    Now for the key step.  Move the ~/Library/Calendars/Calendar\ Cache file to the side.  This is in case you removed something else.


    Restart Calendar.  It will say it is redownloading your calendar.   But the invite is no longer in the cache.  You have to remove both because if the ICS file is in the cache but not on disk, it recreates the ICS file.

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    Just want to let you know that I did some testing with this by sending an invite from my personal email to my work email, which I manage in iCal.  Although moving the invite to an "On My Computer" calendar allowed that menu to pop up, when I choose "Delete and don't notify" it still sent a notification (!!!).  So it appears that this is a security issue and a bug.  I joined just to bring this issue to everyone's attention: "long time listener, first time caller"

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    The problem for me, and as I understand it, for the OP is not that I can't delete an event without sending a notification but that I can't remove an invitation notification from the inbox without sending an email even if the event is long since passed. I have quite a few old invitations in the inbox for old events, for the inbox to make sense I need to empty it of all passed or already replied to events but without spamming the senders.


    Translations for non Swedish speakers:

    Kanske = maybe
    Tacka nej = Deny

    Tacka ja = Accept


    Skärmavbild 2014-05-07 kl. 13.53.04.png

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    This wouldn't work for me with OSX 10.9 and a calendar backed by google calendars.   If I delete the cache containing the string, iCal will crash when launched.   I also don't get a "delete and don't notify" option if I try to delete from the calendar view -- just "cancel" or "notify".  


    I have multiple machines and this comes up fairly regularly.   The worst issue for me is when the event is already past, this can cause confusion for the sender.   If the sender is  good friend I can muddle through it, but for business this is a big deal.   

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    Problem: Events created while on earlier versions of OSX don't appear to give you the Delete and Don't Notify option even when using the latest Calendar.


    Complication: One of the "solutions" proposed here was to move the event to another, local calendar. This did not work for me. Calendar threatened to send Notificaitons to the Invotees if I even moved the event to another calendar :-(.


    Possible Solution: This may not work for everyone. I am not totally sure it worked for me, but it appeared to.  It is simple enough...


    Here it is: First, delete the Invitees. Calendar seems to allow that without notification. Then, once the invitees are all deleted, delete the event. Seems to work without sending notifications. Seems simple enough, but YMMV.


    Let us know how this works for you.