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my inbox keeps trying to retreve messages but never stops,  the moment i turn airport off and back on, the emails go.  What is going on?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), aol account
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    If it's trying to retrieve messages, what's in these messages? Or is it trying to recover one or more messages you sent previously with attachments that exceed the size limit?


    From what little information you've given, I'm inclined to think you sent a message with an attachment that's too large, so it wasn't sent, and every time you turn on your Airport connection, it tries to send it again, which causes it to try to sync that same message with what's in your All Mail folder in Mail.


    If that's the case, you first have to quit Mail, then login to your AOL account on the web and delete any instance of that message in there; then you need to  restart Mail and with any luck, that message with the large attachment will get deleted when Mail syncs with AOL.

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    I'm facing the same problem, but don't have a solution.


    See: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3709834

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    Hey Kurt188 was on the money with his reply.  I tried to send an email with an attacment that was too large.

    Thanks Kurt.