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I would love to shoot tethered with my Nikon D3 and have images go directly into Aperture.  I realize Aperture has a tethering feature, but my clients have become spoiled by Live View and being able to see small changes on the screen before pressing the button.  So is there any way to shoot with Nikon Camera Control Pro and direct files to a folder where Aperture would automatically import them?  I just read instructions on setting it up for LightRoom w/ auto import, but I don't use Light Room ;-)

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I don't use a Nikon (though that D800E has certainly sharpened my earlobes).  It is easy to create a Folder Action on a Mac that will take any file put in the folder and make Aperture import it.  This is how I shoot tethered with my Sony (which is not supported by Aperture for tethered shooting).  My Sony software saves the RAW captures to a Finder folder I designate, and then the Folder Action makes Aperture import it.  Note that this works only with recorded exposures.  It is not "Live view".

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    Thanks Kirby, I think you are on to something  here.  Note that Live View is really irrelavant except for the fact that I use it and my clients like it, otherwise it is the same as any tethering software.


    Nikon CCPro2 will transfer files to a prescribed folder the same as the Sony software.


    Once in that folder I have to figure out how to make the Action as you describe.  You mention "easy to create an Action", but having never done it, I don't know where to start.  Now that I know that this can be done, can you lead me to the next step?  I don't mind researching and following directions, but let me know if you can share any tips, tricks or caveats. It is the one part of my workflow that has been missing and I'm excited to give this a try.  Thanks again.

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    Fairly simple.  Open Automator select Folder Action from the list of templates add the action Import Photos.


    Screen Shot 2012-02-17 at 02-17 09.26.19.png

    You can either have the action ask for the folder each time or you can use the same folder each time by entering it in the top line.


    You can et the Aperture values here or by selecting the Show this action when the workflow runs you can enter the values when you run the action.


    You need to play around with it and set it up to suite you.

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    Adding to Frank's spot-on instructions:  I settled on having a dedicated Finder folder on my system drive, and a dedicated Project in Aperture.  This should give you a base to vary to your needs.  The Finder folder is named "To Hot Upload to Aperture". It can be anywhere on your system.  The Project is "_Hot Uploads".  (The underscore forces it to the top of an alpha-sorted list.)  My Sony software retains the setting of which Finder folder to put the images in.  I set the Folder Action to delete the originals.


    I take a picture.  Camera sends image file to Sony software→Sony software puts file in "To Hot Upload to Aperture"→Folder Action forces Aperture to import file into Project "_Hot Uploads".  In use I put the Sony software on one monitor and Aperture on another, with "_Hot Uploads" selected.


    NB:  Because you are importing this way, no metadata presets are applied.


    When the session is over, I move all the Images into a newly created Project (I always put each Shoot in its own Project) and I run "Metadata→Batch Change" to apply my standard metadata preset (copyright and so forth).  That leave both "To Hot Upload to Aperture" and "_Hot Uploads" empty, and ready for the next session.


    Screenshot of Automator:



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    I would start working on it right now, but I have an assignment this morning.  It will be my project for the weekend though and I hope to be back here to report on my success or perhaps ask another question.  It all makes perfect sense though and I can't wait to give it a try.  Thanks for the great help!

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    I jumped into Automator tonight with the intention of just looking around, but I ended up setting it up just the same way that Kirby described. 

    Nikon software delivered the file to the folder and Automator has that folder targeted to automatically run the Action and have Aperture import it into a named folder ( I named it _hot uploads as well). 


    I clicked over to Aperture and nothing was imported.


    After going through all the settings in Automator it seemed odd that I was not asked to save the action somewhere.  So do I have to have Automator running in the background?  Do I do something to save it to my system? Am I supposed to click one of those buttons on top that look like Record, Step or Run?  I feel like I'm not completing the setup.  I feel that I'm close, but I am missing a step somewhere.

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    You named and saved the Automator action you created?  Did Aperture start?


    Here is an Automator action I just created that works as advertised:

    Screen Shot 2012-02-17 at 22.11.42.png



    If you right click on the folder you designated you will this menuScreen Shot 2012-02-17 at 22.13.49.png

    Select Folder Action setup in the services item. You'll see this:


    Screen Shot 2012-02-17 at 22.14.03.png

    The folder is on the left the action is on the right. Is your folder and action listed and joined?

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    No, that is where the problem seems to be.  When I get to that last screen "Folder Action Setup", it is empty.

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    Sorry, but you said "name and save the action".  I cannot find that...!  I filled out everything just as your screen shot, but where do you save it?  Sorry again, but I'm sure it is very obvious and I'm missing it.  It has been a long day...

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    ....under the File menu, of course.  Back to my testing.

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    You selected Folder Action from the Automator templates when you created the script? You named and saved the script before testing it?


    Post a screenshot of Automator


    Good I think once you save it it should work.

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    Works like a charm.  Thanks a million for all the help and paitience.  I'm in workflow nirvana !

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    Glad to help, have fun, be careful Automator can be addictive and its a gateway language. Soon you'll find things you want to do but can't in Automatior so you'll need to learn Applescript and then its just a short trip to  cocoa!

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    LOL, yes you got me curious to what else I can cook up now that I'm an expert w/ Automator.  Thanks again.

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