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  • Jgl022001 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think he's trying to say that regardless of how much apps/OS/etc. take up, the phone should say "CAPACITY: 16gb, AVAILABLE: 12.whatever" or like someone mentioned...14.9 gb cuz it is true that even if u buy a brand spanking new hard drive, both Apple and Windows OS will show less than the full capacity. But the iphone 4s is only showing 13.6 capacity in my case. Those of us who have dabbled with computers should by now realize that yes an OS IS GONNA TAKE away some GB without having anything installed on it but its still relatively close to the advertised amount. Apple is advertising 16gb when our phones are showing 13.9/etc. capacity and in my case, availability is 12.1 which means that my apps/OS/videos/pictures/etc. are taking up 1.5gb of space.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,916 points)

    The OS takes away some, but it is really a question of measurements. The phone has 16 GB. You have 16GB to start with, minus the OS, which you correctly pointed out. But the 16 GB is measured in base 10 where 1K = 1,000 bytes. An operating computer uses base 2. In base 2 1K =1,024 bytes. So your 13.9 GB measured in base 2 is still 16,000,000,000 bytes. the whole issue would go away if Apple would convert the base 2 measurement back to decimal when displaying it in Settings/About. This would not increase the amount of memory on the phone, but would put an end to this ridiculous thread.

  • karleenfromca Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple should not count the pre-loaded stuff as part of the memory you PAY for.  They're already expensive enough, just give us some extra stuff.


    Also, on my iPhone, it said that originally it had 6.3 on it and now has 5.8 without any apps or music.  Why did that happen???

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,916 points)

    I guess you didn't read the thread. 16 GB base 10 = 13.6 GB base 2. So the phone really does have 16 GB. Just different measurement systems.

  • killhippie Level 3 (765 points)

    You used it and data builds up in caches messages, emails calls etc. Be thankful the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 gave the user about 8GB because of all the preinstalled stuff and the Operating system. Learn about your phone, see what setings it has on, do you have it set to send diagnostics to Apple? All these things take up space.

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    Pagel is right. This is stupid. What a rip off. Apple said it was 16 GB, not 13.6GB. What a bait and switch. I've been an apple consumer since grade school in the 80's, and in the past, when they say it's a certain about of HD, they mean it. The future of Apple is looking very shady indeed.

  • tonefox Level 6 (9,150 points)

    Good grief. Read the rest of the thread rather than just the first post. Use a search engine to explore the question. Examine closely any memory devices you have in the house. Here's an easy one: format a 16GB USB drive and see what you get. Try to learn something today.

  • TeslaFanApple Level 1 (0 points)

    You are a victim of group think. Go ahead. Think it's awesome. I PAID for 16GB for MY use. I don't CARE how much space the machine, the OS, whatever needs to operate. After all is said and done, I EXPECT 16GB. It's a total bait and switch. What, I'm supposed to freaking GUESS or comb the internet for the ACTUAL free space in every product in the future because Apple isn't honetst enough to just freaking tell me up front? In ALL THE YEARS PAST that I've owned Macs, this has been the policy, until I bought this Iphone 4S. Apple is going downhill since the departure of Steve Jobs.

  • stedman1 Level 9 (69,652 points)

    Talk to the mathematicians of the world. They are the reason for the discrepancy.

  • tonefox Level 6 (9,150 points)

    TeslaFanApple wrote:


    You are a victim of group think.


    I'm actually the victim of having been using computers since 1968.

  • Brandon2184 Level 4 (1,610 points)

    Unbelievable that this thread is still alive. It would be one thing if somebody that had never bought a computer before was here complaining, but these are people that claim to have knowledge about computers and the way storage systems work. Amazing.

  • Michael Black Level 7 (20,377 points)

    Brandon2184 wrote:


    but these are people that claim to have knowledge about computers and the way storage systems work. Amazing.

    the power of the internet - anyone can claim anything they want, and it is immediately inherently true.  It must be - it's on the internet!


    (remember the theory that human intelligence is actually finite and always distributed amongst the living - the number of people on the planet is growing exponentially - do the extrapolation - it ain't pretty)

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,916 points)

    TeslaFanApple wrote:


    You are a victim of group think. Go ahead. Think it's awesome. I PAID for 16GB for MY use.

    And you got 16 GB. You must have been texting during math class, because you are incapable of understanding the fact that the iPhone reports memory in base 2, and the marketing literature calculates it in base 10. If Apple changed the way it was reported and showed the capacity as 16 GB (base 10) on the phone you would not have one byte more of memory, but you would shut up.

  • Soriano86 Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh my GOD, the he-ll with this people, get a life, buy a shi-tty phone or a regular celphone and you won't have this problem, but stop complaining about this, I can't believe this thread is still up....

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    This whole thread is next-level bonkers, does anybody here know anything about storage technology? There is no magic bait and switch, theres a note on every storage related page that says "1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.". iOS and all it's default apps takes space and the formatting has an effect, and that varies from device to device and os version. In 2013, in a world ruled by technology, is Apple-nay any hardware manufacturer really asking so much of somebodyto know such basic things? This has not changed in anyway since Jobs passed, quite frankly I think it's distasteful to toss his name around so callously simply because you can't comprehend basic computing concepts.

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