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  • boboatpoint Level 1 (0 points)

    Really, if you hate Apple and its way to calaulate the products' capacity this much, why don't you march in to a , say, Samsung store, and buy a giant-screen phone and see how much usable capacity percentage you can get from its storage? This is really not that hard to understand the different storage capacity calaulating scales, you don't expect any OS saying there is 1 TB sharp avaliable out of a 1 TB hard drive. And, the way you talk to people is disrespectful.

  • Koliw Level 1 (0 points)

    I actually enjoyed reading all the comments LOL...I'm not good in IT nor CS but I actually know why/where the missing memory these guys are looking for.




    Freshly installed iOS Firmware:


    I actually did this to my own iPhone 4 16gb just to make the computations



    16gb (The Total of the built-in memory of the iphone 16gb)


    -  2.3gb (Firmware/iOS files, System Files, Pre-installed iOS apps from Apple)


    = 13.7gb ; Total memory with the default iOS apps from Apple and the actual Firmware/System Files for the iOS



    iPhone 4, 16gb

    iOS: 6.0.1 (10A523)



    This is as simple as it gets but if people still don't get it. THEN I don't know what planet I'm in anymore.

  • raymond73 Level 4 (1,535 points)

    pagel wrote:


    i have worked in I.T. for 20years i am not stupid u r the one who needs an education.

    Twenty years one time is markedly different than one year 20 times.


    If you truly have worked in IT 20 years, have not learned how storage space is calculated in decimal vs binary, have no concept that ANY OS will need to use some space for it's own storage, then I seriously doubt your claim.

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    Can't believe this is still open.

    But it seems people still not getting the point. The issue is not with how space is Calculated or if something is taking up some of it. It's marketing. If I'm selling you 5 apples you are expecting to get 5 eatable apples not 4 and 1 rotten 1. So if you marketing a device as 16gb that should be 16gb of issuable space. Not because it's become common place for devices to use some of it for essential software means its not ill marketing. The other issue is inconsistency. As one of the respondent stated his son iPod displayed the full capacity as did my iPhone 3GS why the was this done for some devices and not all. So there is no reason to go on disputing someone work history or understanding when it seems most people are just not grasping the issue that is being argued.

  • raymond73 Level 4 (1,535 points)

    DreadedRas wrote:


    If I'm selling you 5 apples you are expecting to get 5 eatable apples not 4 and 1 rotten 1. So if you marketing a device as 16gb that should be 16gb of issuable space.

    The device does indeed have 16 gig of memory measured in decimal, not binary. However, part of that memory must be used by the OS and application files. There is no mystery or marketing mistake. Hard drives have been measured this way for years, decimal not binary, and there is overhead for directory structures when you format a drive. There is no mystery.


    Taking your example with the apples. Say you bought 5 pounds of apples as advertised on the bag. You weigh the bag and sure enough it weighs 5 pounds. But you now have some waste in the core, the seeds and the stem. You did not get 5 pounds of edible material unless you happen to like to eat cores, seeds and stems. Remove the cores, seeds and stems and weigh the bag. You now have 4.5 pounds of edible material. False marketing? Nope. Just reality as that is how apples are sold.


    The box or marketing materials never said "16 gig available to the user". The box or marketing never said there was 16 gig of usable space. The 16 gig is indeed there, you just cannot get to it using IOS. There is no mystery or deception. That is how Apple products are sold.


    If you want to write your own OS, figure out how to install it, you will have 16 gig available for your OS. Until then you live with what the OS leaves for use by the user.

  • boboatpoint Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes! That's exactly what I was trying to say.

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    Has anyone posted a real answer here?  I see a lot of ******** non-answers blaming you the user for asking a valid question but no real answers.


    The standard storage device manufacturer overstating the storage capacity scam only accounts for 1.174 GB gigabytes of the capcity.  Where is the rest of it going?



    The operating system takes 1.8 GB?  For a cell phone?  And the other 670 megabytes of usage that is out the window in stock configuration?  The App usage only shows a few megabytes.




    A normal device shows the total formatted capacity and then amount of the OS as used.  Not formatted capacity less the OS as the total capacity and then with some phantom usage.  My macbook pro with an advertised 256 GB shows 250 GB formatted available space and the OS shows as part of the used space.

  • Koliw Level 1 (0 points)

    smh...seeing my last post seems like wasn't enough for their logic to get it...I AM NOT on earth anymore

  • brsm1990 Level 1 (35 points)

    Let me help the math challenged.


    16 GB with the billion bytes scam is 16,000,000,000 bytes.  This is actually only 14.9 GB in the real world.  16 billion / 1,073,741,824 = 14.9.


    So the OS takes up 1.9 GB?  Really?  So much?  And unlike most all other IT devices it doesn't show as used space it just doesn't appear at all?   So then we're down to to 13 GB and that's all the space that's ever available?  Yet with nothing installed it shows 670 MB of that space used even though when broken down to individual apps the usage only shows ~15 megabytes?


    How does that work?

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    brsm1990 wrote:





    That link explains all of it very well, as did Kollw's post.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,018 points)

    That is not a scam. You are the one who is math challenged. It is YOU who don't understand that 14.9 GB base 2 IS THE SAME AMOUNT OF MEMORY AS 16 GB base 10. So you really have 16 GB of unformatted memory. But the phone expresses it in Base 2 so it doesn't have to waste processing converting to base 10 every time you look it up.


    From the link that YOU POSTED you must have missed all of the other things that take up memory in addition to iOS, and that don't show up in the memory display:


    • EFI Partition
    • Restore Partition
    • Wear-leveling blocks
    • Write-buffer area
    • Metadata
    • Spare blocks
    • Grown bad blocks
    • Factory bad blocks
  • brsm1990 Level 1 (35 points)

    Of coures it's a scam.  Computers operate in binary.  A computer kilobyte, megatbyte, etc. is always slightly more than 1000, 1,000,000, etc.  That's the actual  usaable space.  This is like a car manufacturing selling a car with 400 horsepower but the fine print says you only actually get 300 "useable horsepower".


    So all of this garbage takes up 25% of your space?   Pretty serious bloatware.  And the 670 where the break down only totalys 15?

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,721 points)

    Take it up with Apple at



  • Takeitasumay Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow wow wow

    At last someone with the common sense approach.

    When I go the shop to buy 3 apples, I want 3 apples. Not 2 and a half and the missing half for good luck to the supermarket.


    It's capitalisation all over again that get into the heads of the apple fanatics. People it's 16gb and I want 16gb. Simples!!!! How you make the 16 up is up to apple.


    Let's not forget that they CAN GIVE 16gb but they chose to rob us the consumer.

    End of!!

  • boboatpoint Level 1 (0 points)

    Rob you? It's not like they don't put a statement that after format , you will receive less actual storage space, mind you, prior you purchase your iPhone. True it might be improved but it is definitely over-the-top to they they robbed you. If you really have a problem with apple maybe you should speak with an apple official , rather than getting mad at this user's forum. The most we can do is probably laugh and close the browser tab.

    In your way of sense, you also CAN just get over with this.

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