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Hello everyone,


My macbook pro has been updated to the 10.7.3 software.


I have had my mac for quite a while and over time my USB ports have slowly stopped working.


I have tried deleting junk, updating everything, and nothing is working.


My Mac has been updated to the new lion and everything (I bought it online for $30, because it did not include it when i first recieved the mac)


I tried resetting my computer, shutting it down and what not. I have looked at other forums about this and nothing I do works.


The mouse I have is not recognizeable along with my Droid phone, printer, and iPod.


I took my macbook to the nearest computer lab (I am a college student on campus) and power was being drawn from the farthest port but none from the closest. They did not know how to fix it, except recommending I update lion. I did and well, nothing happened.


If anyone can please help me out, I am not sure if it is the hardware or what, but nothing is working and it has become very frustrating.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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