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  • Jeff Cairns Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    My second ACD has been misbehaving for about a year - if the mini display port was disconnected, it would often take several repeated reconnections to get the ACD to display anything. It would usually wake up from sleep though with no issue. Last week that changed and computer had restarted at night due to some unknown issue. The ACD would never come on after that.


    I took the ACD into the local Apple Store (under AppleCare) and they said it was a power supply issue. I expect to get it back later this week - shall advise if they did finally determine that it was a PS problem.

  • Kevin808 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Please do, thanks.

  • Jeff Cairns Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I got my ACD back from Apple Service today. It's a darned good thing that I decided to purchase the AppleCare for it, because the repair bill was $1060! (A brand new ACD on the Apple (Canada) store is $999).


    They were originally only going to replace the Power Supply - but they ended up replacing the Power Supply, the SVC All in one cable and the 27" LED panel.


    I was told that after the power supply was replaced, there were issues with some wiring on the LED panel and they needed to replace the entire panel in order to fix it. Not sure why they needed to replace the wiring cable (the harness that connects from the display to the computer - but that is new too.


    So far - so good - the ACD now works like new. I suppose that makes sense, since apart from the enclosure it is all new.

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    Same issue here with model # A1316.  I've been following this post, any updates from Kevin808, or anyone else?  I'm leaning towards it being a PS issue, but would love to hear about results if anyone swapped out their PS. 



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    Haven't had a chance to repair it yet, sorry.  The monitor actually hasn't acted up lately, so I have been avoiding either trying to replace capacitors, or replacing the power supply itself.  Oddly enough the problem stopped happening when I went from 2 LCD Cinema Displays to 1.  (I had to return one back to work).  I'll definitly post results when I can here about what I end up doing and how successful it is.  This is a bit off-topic, but I also noticed a repetitive discoloring pattern at the bottom of the LCD screen.  That is what I get for buying the cheapest one I can find off ebay.  /:(


    Also, I had to use a Kanex adapter because I'm running it off an unsupported card that does not have mini DV (same problem with supported cards), and in the kanex reviews people are complaining that the adapter is malfunctioning... but now I think they might be falsely blaming the adapter.  Just a thought.

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    Yea the issue is intermittent with my display.  I guess the stagnation on this thread suggests that people have figured ways to  deal with it. 

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    I for one have also had intermittent problems with the Cinema display but each time, based on inferences I draw from other posts here, I find a way to settle things down, but I don't think the problem is solved because something else happens.  None of the things I find here are the precise solution, but taking them into consideration and tinkering with my setup, I get the problem to go away for the time being. 


    I have no idea why the things I try work but they do - typical trial and error methodology.  I view myself as an advanced amateur so that makes it more difficult for me to understand or even explain.


    Bottom line, it looks like this remains mysterious.  It seems to me I hang on to this monitor for as long as I can correct problems and when it finally dies move on to a new one.  Given the investment it it, not a happy result.

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    I find that my display now has no problems connecting cables in the wrong order, but if I put it into sleep mode for too long the display goes to sleep.  It seems to never happen if I left music playing, but leave it sleeping for about 6 hours and the display shuts off completely.  I don't think this is a power supply issue either.  This still seems like another bug in the display firmware.

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    My Display from July 2011 just started to have the same issues. This is poor quality.

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    We just bought a 27" LED cinema display (2560px X 1440px). We tried to use it on a  mid-2010 MacPro 5,1 with an ATI Radeon HD 5770 video card (and on an early 2008 MacPro 3,1 with an ATI Radeon HD 4870 512 M video card) and it won't turn on though power cables work because USB slots are powered. Tried resetting PRAM to no avail.


    Never had this happen with an Apple product before! What's going on?

  • Malcolm J. Rayfield Level 5 Level 5 (5,420 points)

    Is the Mini DisplayPort plug pushed in all the way (no metal showing)?

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    1/ I have been having these problems with my displays. Especially when I have a long render and I want to put the monitors to sleep while the the computer renders and I get to sleep too! When I return it is impossible to wake the monitors so I am forced to reboot machine. Now I always use the dimmer controls rather than the power switch.


    2/ Yesterday I disconnected my computer and monitors but left the adaptors connected to the mains supply. On my return one of the adapters fails to work!!! I had one placed on top of the other to make my desk look neat. Has some kind of induction ocurred between the two units causing one to fail. Is there a risk of fire placing these units close to each other?

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    Oh, have I got a story for you guys.


    Long story short:


    Almost three years ago, I replaced my 2 ~8 year old 23" CCFL LCD's with 2x 24" LED LCD's (connected to 6-Core Mac Pro5,1 ATI Radeon 5770 HD). For ~three years, their power supplies and LCD panels were replaced 2-3 times each, one was swapped for a new model. In May, 1 display wouldn't turn on. As the AppleCare on each was due to exp. in Oct., given how out of pocket expenses if the displays continued to malfunction, I called Apple Tech. To my surprise, within 24 hours they approved 2 new 27" models and refunded my AppleCare. All was good, until...


    Working last night, 1 of the displays shut down. I performed all the required tests to determine the cause. I reset my Mac Pro's NVRAM and SMC, plugged it into another surge protector (main is a APC SMART-UPS 1500 workstation “sine wave” for Mac Pro's), connected it to my new MacBook Air, 2012 Mac Mini, let it sit unplugged over night and it will not turn on. I connected the working display to the second input on my Mac Pro and it functioned properly. My Mac Pro does not recognize the second display when it is connected.


    I researched APC SMART-UPS systems in case the UPS was at fault, nothing; if it were my other display and Mac would definitely be effected. I did read a lot of threads on the same issues with Apple's LED displays. I wrote the Apple rep. who approved the replacements, but I'm concerned this will keep happening, impeding my workflow. I'm very disappointed, the previous 23" CCFL LCD's lasted ~8 years each. This is unacceptable.


    I'm hoping anyone with knowledge and experience might shed light onto this matter, ruling out any possibilty the cause may be related to my setup.


    Here's the link to my post, hoping there's a reasonable solution I must be missing.

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    Earlier this year my display started to turn on intermittently. I found that repeat plugins eventually gave me display. I also found that when the display turned on it stayed on.


    In an attempt to resolve this issue, I replaced the PS, USB/HDMI/P cable, and logic board. However, the problem still persists...this potentially leaves the LED as the culprit.

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    Randy209: Apple replaced the new 27" defective Cinema Display with another new display. Both are working well so far (knock on wood). I have AppleCare for both and I highly recommend purchasing AppleCare with any display purchase.


    Apple has amazingly surpassed my expectations in replacing the previous 24” models, however the last Apple representative I spoke with made a veiled “warning” that should this happen again they may not be so apt in replacing the display. That did not sit well with me.


    The LED LCD’s introduced in October, 2008 seem to be plagued with with quality issues. The 24" model replaced the [amazing] 20"/23"/30" CCFL LCD's as they were the exact same panels used in the 24" iMac's, followed by 27" panels from the new 27" iMac in 2010.


    I’m disappointed in Apple’s decision on removing three anti-glare CCFL LCD’s displays as they were excellent IPS panels that lasted me ~8 years and many professionals swore by them. I hope a display refresh is announced alongside the official Mac Pro launch.


    Quick question, you mention HDMI inputs, I don't recall the Thunderbolt or Cinema Displays having an HDMI connection.