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  • firstbornbikes Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with kaulabhishek, you missed the point and began a defensive rant.


    There are obvious merits for the bluetooth technology, hence the original question


    Let me give you an example (the reason I googled this query in the first place):


       I'm in another country, vacationing with my girlfriend.  We have internet access on my laptop, but dont want to use the expensive roaming capabilities of her phone, which has been our camera for this trip.  Bluetoothing her photos to my MacBook would be extremely convenient - don't you agree?  We dont care about the transfer speed either.

       I've got a cheap "dumphone" which can bluetooth - it seems strange that Apple would exclude that capability from their iPhone, doesn't it?

       In any case, no one on this forum seemed to take personal offense to any comments in this thread except you.  Perhaps taking a deep breath before responding in the future will help separate your helpful info from emotions .

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 (48,980 points)

    This thread has been dormant since July. The original question has long since be answered. Why don't you just let the thread rest in peace? If you have a technical support question of your own, you would probably get better answers if you started a new thread free from this one's rancerous history.


    Best of luck.

  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    The original question was answered NINE months ago, with a "No" answer. Nothing has changed since. For me, connecting a USB cable and transferring all photos in one go, quickly, would be far more convenient than sitting around watching a slow Bluetooth connection transfer many megabytes of data while vacationing.


    Perhaps reading the dates on posts before responding in future will help seperate your pointless commentary from dead topics .

  • MarcSant Level 1 (0 points)

    I've owned an iPhone4. Nice hardware, nice OS, and a tons of apps. But, the fact that I can't send a file (photo, music, whatever) if really anoing.


    So, after 7 years using Apple devices (iPod, then iPhone) I switched to Android platform. They have their flaws, but, it is a mature platform, not so stable as iOS, but usable and convinient for me.


    I can send files over wifi, bluetooth to any device that I need, and I use this feature very often.


    Instead Apple hear user's simple desires, they force them to jailbreak their devices to run 'alternate' apps from 'underground' sources.


    It's very sad this behaviour in present days. So, if you are not fully happy with your iDevice, switch to another platform / brand, or live with these restrictions.


    I hope when a significant number of users start going to another platform, maybe Apple start to hear the users complains, but I guess even in that case this will not gonna happen in this century...

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    I've just come up against this problem at work where an Iphone won't log on to the internal wi-fi, there's no signal, we have an android device which has logged on, but we can't bluetooth some images through to it due to this policy.  The work PCs will encrypt or kick out USB devices so direct transfer isn't an option.


    Sometimes bluetooth is the fastest option, just one more reason that iPhones are great for personal use but expensive and limited for business

  • dunnbrog Level 1 (0 points)

    To transfer photos from iPhone 4 to non apple devices, connect the Android device to a computer via USB cable. Ensure Mass Storage mode is selected to mount the device and memory card to the computer.Create a new folder on your computer to move files to it.From the PC, browse to the Android device memory via My Computer.Copy any media files from the Android device or microSD card memory to the new folder on your computer.Connect your iPhone to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Synchronize your iPhone with iTunes app.

  • Nick1432 Level 1 (0 points)

    bwhahahah even apple uses bluetooth on their keyboards and mouses. wonder why cant they get anything "faster" hahahha

  • Jockexxxz Level 1 (0 points)

    If your luxury Mercedes didn't come with air-conditioning, no other alternative is provided by the manufacturer for keeping you cool. The iPhone has many (faster) alternative methods for sharing photos. Bluetooth is slow. It's far quicker to share a photo via multiple methods (email, file sharing apps, facebook etc.) over the internet, especially given the file size of average iPhone photos these days.


    >> BT works at 24megabits/second that is quite fast. since you will be working in close range you are likley to get higher speed than over the internet. Also, using BT is more secure, you may not want to share everything with the world.


    In the time you've shared just one photo, with one person within 10 metres of you, over Bluetooth, I could've shared half a dozen photos with an unlimited number of people, located anywhere in the world.


    >>Valid point, even if BT will provide a close range link that is only open to the onces you want, more security.


    I guess you're happy using 15 year old methods of file transfer. You'll be asking for a dial-up connection to the internet next!!


    >> you should be, BT is in develoment so it stays fresh. All internet tech is old. Ethernet was developed in the 80´s (you cable is most likley ethernet or older) and ip was developed in 1981.


    Why do you troll the internet, if you dont intend to help in the matter at hand, make us alll a favor and stay out!

  • TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 (7,320 points)

    All of that is irrelevant.  Bluetooth data transfer is not supported on the iPhone.  Speculation or discussion of Apple policies is prohibited on this forum.  The only 'solution' is to contact Apple directly at and request this feature to be added.

  • gv77 Level 1 (0 points)

    and you believe that enabling wifi on the phone , just to share a single file is logical???

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 (48,980 points)

    gv77 wrote:


    and you believe that enabling wifi on the phone , just to share a single file is logical???

    As it makes sense to keep WiFi on, it's not really an issue. Leaving WiFi on improves location accuracy, ensures that you switch over to WiFi when in proximity to a known network (thus helping to prevent using up one's data allowance) and doesn't have a significant effect on battery life. Even if you turned it off, turning it on is hardly onerous: swipe up to invoke the Control Center. Tap WiFi.

  • R-Line Level 1 (0 points)

    I have always loved android operating system and Always loved iphone build quality. Iphone 6 came out and it was my time to shop for the new phone, since Samsung Galaxy didn't offer metal case shell i switch to Iphone just to try it. Hate it my first week, got used to it until i need to use things lie BT. Switching back to Samsung 6 as soon as it out. Switching from android to iphone is like going in reverse technology and like being in jail - you can't do this, you can't do that!  Apple needs to relax and give people what we want and not what apple think is cool for us to have. BT is what i want and it's not there, you know what else is not there? my money spent towards iphone-7, iphone-8, iphone-15, because they all be the same. 

  • Tonymq Level 1 (0 points)

    It's utterly pathetic that Apple have deliberately prevented file transfer over bluetooth. Whether it's slow or fast has absolutely nothing to do with Apple's deliberate technology constraint. Airdrop is less reliable than Bluetooth- I might be struck by lightning for saying this!!


    The Apple fanboys on this forum will always aggressively defend any irrational, unreasonable or illogical reason for Apple controlling what we can and can't do with standards based ubiquitous technology.


    I came here for the same reason this thread was updated a while ago- I simply needed to get photos off my son's Android phone onto my Macbook or iphone. A simple task that nearly twenty years ago was normal- and still is on non-apple kit!


    I was hoping Apple would have seen sense and simply allow us Apple customers choose our own file transfer method. So the answer is still NO.


    I am an Apple Customer - not an Apple 'Fanboy':


    2 Macbook Pros

    4 x iPads

    3 x iphones


    .... and we still can't use the built-in bluetooth to transfer files- but of course, if I'm wrong, then perhaps someone can show me how I can buetooth photos from Android phone to my Mac device?

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 (48,980 points)

    Tonymq wrote:



    .... and we still can't use the built-in bluetooth to transfer files- but of course, if I'm wrong, then perhaps someone can show me how I can buetooth photos from Android phone to my Mac device?

    Your question was answered three years ago. Nothing has changed.

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